Adeje’s El Beril beach reopens

The Playa del Duque Norte beach in El Beril, Costa Adeje, reopened today after an extensive reformation project costing in the region of two million euros, paid for by CIO, the Compania de las Islas Occidentals. The new beach has a longitude of 400 metres of brown sand, sea access for bathers with special mobility needs and new shower and shade zones. Alongside the existing beach area this strand now stretches for 1.3 kilometres.

The new beach concession is held by Sociedad Urbanizadora El Beril S.A. The inauguration of the new beach area was attended by the provincial government sub-delegate Guillermo Díaz Guerra, the Tenerife Cabildo president Carlos Alonso, the regional deputy minister for tourism, Cristóbal de la Rosa, the provincial coasts department head José Manuel Fojo Barroso, the Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, Adeje councillor for urbanism Ermitas Moreira, Uberto Rodríguez, urban technician, and the president of CIO, Francisco Javier Zamorano.

Guillermo Díaz Guerra welcomed the “effort made by the CIP” on this important part of the zone, one that also creates jobs locally. Cabildo president Carlos Alonso said, “The opening of the Bahía del Duque marked a change in the focus of development of the tourism model here in Tenerife. The Adeje council have also worked to consolidate the tourism development model which we see the fruit of today, with a new beach and hotels undergoing renovation, allowing the destination to remain competitive thanks to the quality on offer, which in turns works to reinforce client loyalty, all done within sustainable criteria”.

Cristóbal De la Rosa assured that “this kind of initiative improves the quality of the tourism offer as much for visitors as residents. And thanks to the cooperation between private and public bodies we can ensure that this part of the coast is also more accessible to more people”.

The Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga explained that “we have incorporated new infrastructures during a process of renovation and reinvestment to work to maintain our position as a leading destination and improve the beach for the residents of Adeje as well as our visitors. The success of the project shows, yet again, what can be achieved when public and private bodies work together”.

According to Zamorano, “the Playa del Duque Norte meets the needs of the residents and visitors for a larger beach with excellent services and comfort levels. The new beach contributes to the improving destination and gives added value to the zone and Adeje in general. For CIO this is another chapter in our commitment to continue to invest in the development of a top quality tourism resort. Furthermore the fact that this is happening when we are also celebrating the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Hotel Bahía del Duque is a great source of pride”.

The reformation project followed lines of sustainable development and environmental protection taking care to reserve the dikes that continue to protect the zone. There are now also three distinct access lines to the beach for special needs beach visitors and bathers with pathways connecting to the sea. A series of palm trees have also been planted to add extra natural shade to parts of the beach.

Showers and foot rinse zones are now installed at each beach entrance/exit point, there are wooden walkways and recycling rubbish bins. There is also a sun bathing zone with shade and showers for those with mobility challenges. The beach has a lifeguard service, sunbeds and parasols..



Costa Adeje catwalk!

On October 26th Tenerife Fashion Beach Costa Adeje is happening on the El Duque beach from 7pm, when 18 different beachwear labels will be taking to the catwalk, courtesy of a host of international models, promoting their products as well as Costa Adeje.

The initiative has the backing of the Adeje council and the Cabildo, and will see a 25 metre long catwalk by the beach, with seating, backstage, etc, and 40 models taking to the stage among them Carolina González, Davinia Pelegri, Evelin Yánez, Nicole White and Kristel Kamp with model Nieves Álvarez presenting the event.  It is seen as an excellent opportunity to integrate the promotion of the destination with the textile and other local industries as well as underlying the excellence of Costa Adeje as a beach destination all year around.

National and international labels will be on show, including Melissa Odabash and Shan (showing for the first time in Spain), Arena Negra, The Knot Company, Noemí Felipe, Javier Aguilar and Lava (from Tenerife Moda), Aurelia Gil (Gran Canaria), Elyte and Kalisy.  Accessory firms Nok, By Loleiro, Roselinde, Néstor Rodríguez, Juan Gil Hammerhoj Desing, Maharani and Abraham Zambrana will complement the swimwear.

At the launch of event details Adeje mayor Jose Miguel Rodríguez Fraga said it was vital to establish synergies between the tourism and fashion sectors and create feedback, both being areas that generate and share economic benefits.
An international press corps will be in attendance prior to and during the event and the organisers will be organising events to promote the island and ensure that reports show off the destination in a positive light.

• Social media connections: Facebook:• Instagram:@tenerifefashionbeach,• Twitter:@tenerifefbca,• Youtube: Tenerife Fashion Beach Costa Adeje,


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Costa Adeje Noise Map created

The borough is generally within normal legal limits

Today Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga presented the results of a study creating a ‘Noise Map’ for Costa Adeje. The map was created over a year-long period by the AAC Acústica + Lumínica company, specialists in this area, and the results indicate “in general we are meeting the quality acoustic objectives”. The mayor, accompanied by the tourism councillor Ermitas Moreira García, explained that this “radio-graph of the acoustic reality of the borough will be a fundamental tool in future urban planning, the organisation of events, activities, etc”.

The Costa Adeje Noise Map, as well as determining whether the acoustic levels are generally within the limits permitted by law, also focuses on two key issues. The first of those is the need to bring the 1994 municipal regulation into line as it is currently “obsolete, and needs be adapted to meet current state and European norms”. The study recommends that a new ordinance “would establish the limits and indicate clearly that measurement of noise and decibel levels needs to be carried out in the buildings where the noise is being heard”.

Furthermore, in the conclusions it is recommended that the new municipal law would identify zones of areas which are designated for leisure and where exceptions can be permitted, such as, for instance, during local annual patronal festivals. At the same time the new ordinance will include the definition of Saturated Acoustic Zones, and the preventative measures needed to be taken.

Tourism councillor Ermitas Moreira commented, “With this information we in the council can now work to draw up the new ordinance the meet the current situation. In parallel we are working via a mayoral pact on the issue of mobility (traffic) to reduce the noise impact in the borough”.

Areas where the noise exceeds limits

The Noise Map did show that noise levels some areas in Costa Adeje are breaking the accepted limits, in many cases due to excess traffic noise. This situation will require the council to create an action plan to improve the situation in these identified zones.

Certain zones are affected by traffic from the TF-1 motorway and urban street traffic. Therefore the study is recommending, among other measures, some work from the regional government (who has responsibility for motorways for instance) to meet their requirements in noise-reduction measures in the areas beside the motorway. Regarding urban thoroughfares, the council is already working under a Costa Adeje ‘traffic and sustainable urban development plan’ to reduce traffic and speed in these zones.

The specific areas were limits were breached included CC Pueblo Canario, points close to the CC Torviscas and the Terraza del Mar, however as the nearest buildings were deemed far enough away from the epicentre of the noise, they were agreed to be within acceptable limits.

In other areas, there was a noticeable increase in noise during weekend nights created by bars or other leisure-related activities but overall the readings are averaged out so there was now general breach of the limits as laid down.

The development of the Noise Map

A year ago the Adeje council, through the tourism promotion department, requested a study to determine the impact to noise in Costa Adeje, the objective being to know the true state of affairs and design a plan of action to improve the quality of the destination. The study was carried out, based on national legal requirements using European standards, to determine noise levels inside and outside buildings.
In line with the national laws, there are three time blocks when noise is to be measured ; from 7am – 7pm, from 7pm – 11m, and from 11pm – 7am (this division did conflict with previous borough practises which divided the 24 hour period into only two blocks, 8am – 10.30pm and 10.30pm – 8am). There are also different kinds of areas for acoustic purposes – health care, educational and cultural, residential, service, recreational and show zones, industrial infrastructures. Measurements were taken over different durations – shorter and longer, up to 15 days in 18 different points – to create the map and suggest recommendations.

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Mayor visits works at GF Victoria hotel


The Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga led a team from the Adeje council on a visit to see work in progress at the GF Victoria hotel site. The director of the GF hotel chain, Victoria López, was on hand, with other executives, to show the visitors around and emphasis how the hotel would add to the prestige of the Costa Adeje destination.

According to López the hotel will offer a different kind of experience where, she said, “clients can discover new ways to enjoy their leisure time”. And it is hoped that the hotel will be open to those clients by the end of this year.

The hotel is promising an excellent family stay with zones designed very specifically with children in mind. But the hotel has also made sure it has areas for young people of different ages and interests from crèche options to tree houses, underground caves, and zip-line adventures in store for young visitors. The idea is, says López, that there are particular activities for different groups, but all in the one hotel, with adult needs also catered for with spas and detox diets on the menu. There are even surf lessons for those who wish to learn the art of the wave without having to leave the hotel.

The GF Victoria will have 242 luxury suites, the smallest including a bedroom with bathroom en suite, a living room, also with bathroom and a mini kitchen, and all suites will have terraces with sea views. There will also be an adults-only section offering extra peace and privacy, with a spa, nudist zone and more.

One of the other attractions for adults will be a pool seven floors up, hanging outside the building and with glass walls and bottom. López explained that the clients “will feel like that are hanging in the air and experiencing an incredible view of Las Américas beach and beyond to La Gomera”.

The other hotels in the GF chain in Tenerife are the GF Gran Costa Adeje, the GF Isabel, the GF Fañabe and the GF Noelia in Puerto de la Cruz.
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Work on the Calle Valencia begins

ADEJE_Obras calle valencia-2 copiaAvenid
Work on the Calle Valencia, in Costa Adeje, has begun and will be on-going throughout the year, according to Adeje councillor for Works and Services, Carmen Rosa González Cabrera. She said that the council have had a number of “meetings with the local businesses in the zone to outline the project details and address any questions or doubts they may have. In general the response has been very positive and we are dealing with an area that is quite old and needs attention to bring it up to the standards of a destination of the calibre of Costa Adeje”.

ADEJE_Obras calle valencia-8 copia
The work, co-financed by the Adeje council and the Tenerife Cabildo, is part of the covenant to regeneration tourism spaces, and will see a realigning of the street, with all the elements on one level, improvement of the green spaces, the renovation of street benches etc.
González Cabrera said that “experts agreed the zone has a number of problems which need to be addressed, in particular because access to the street from Avenida Ernesto Sarti is a bottleneck with large vehicles such as busses in the zone. Furthermore, the irregular parking along the road is adding to the poor image of this stretch of the urban block” She said the green areas were not well equipped and there were other issues to be addressed, such as the rubbish hut located there and the access to the Hotel Torviscas.
The plans include readjustments by the intersection of Calle Valencia and Calle Ernesto Sarti which will improve access for buses and service vehicles. This will improve traffic fluidity at the bottom of the road, and the roundabout will also be upgraded. There will also be a pathway along the planted space with plans to construct a playground. The existing rubbish hut will be demolished and in its place a circular building will be placed, with its back to the street and using odour extractors to avoid public discomfort. The commercial front will be expanded and separated from the path by a planted section which will also offer shade. And finally the streets will also have lighting, telecommunications, drainage and sewage networks etc, installed
In line with current legislation, the street will also incorporate access to those with special mobility needs.

ADEJE_Obras calle valencia-1 copia

@marmesis Costa Adeje Instagram winner

Winner marmesis

The 12 best photographs will feature in the promotional desk calendar for 2015

The winner of the Costa Adeje Instagram photography competition is @marmesis. The competition was hosted by the Adeje tourism department to promote the Costa Adeje destination and saw hundreds of photographs posted on Instagram. The winning picture was taken by Juan J. Martín Trujillo (@marmesis), who wins a Go Pro 4, with second and third place winners, Auxi Rodríguez (@auxi25)and J. Enrique M. (@kikemenlu) each win a weekend in the H10 Costa Adeje Palace and Jardín Tropical hotels.

The competition was launched last month and, according to the Adeje tourism councillor Rafael Dolado García, “it also gave a platform to our Instagram followers who upload hundreds of photographs to our page on a daily basis and are a very important part of the promotion of the destination”. He added that the competition had been a great success and over 560 photographs had been submitted with the jury ((Mark Fradley from Ten Diez, Nayra Rojas, from the Instagram @canariasgrafias account and members of the Adeje council). whittling that down to a final 12 all of which will feature in the 2015 Costa Adeje calendar.

The three winning photographs were chosen by Instagram users using the ‘like’ option combined with jury selection.

second auxi25 third-04 kikemenlu

San Eugenio works will improve pedestrian access


adeje_obras avda los pueblos2

The works should last up to 8 months

The Avenida de Los Pueblos, which is part of the Open Commercial Zone of Costa Adeje, Tenerife and the Canary Islands, is undergoing improvements. The work has already begun and should last up to 8 months. The company engaged to carry out the work is Acciona S. A. one of the main Spanish companies involved in the promotion and development of infrastructures and renewable energies.

The cost of the work will be in the region of eight hundred thousand euros, financed by the regional government (50%) the Cabildo and the Adeje council. The Adeje councilor for works, Gonzalo Delgado Diaz said, “This open commercial zone in Costa Adeje is in one of the most important tourist zones in South Tenerife. Based in a hugely important part of the tourist borough, what we want to do with these works is give preference to pedestrians over vehicles and offer residents and visitors a quality zone where they can enjoy themselves”.

The work will meet two basic needs, serve two important functions: one hand satisfy the needs of those who are on foot, which will help businesses, shops, etc. and on the other hand increase flexibility in the zone, allowing traffic through at the same time. “The main objective will be the redirection of traffic along the avenue, which in turn should improve the image of the zone as well as reducing the danger that has, in the past, been caused by speeding drivers”.

Given the relevance of the works, the council is also suggesting that the different locales, shops, etc. along the public thoroughfare, work to upgrade their façades. “We would like all the businesses in the zone to be part of the project. With public money being invested for their benefit, we would encourage some private investment too in improving the look of the shop fronts, and in that way we are all working together and everyone is bringing workable ideas to fruition for the benefit of all”.

The changes will include the widening of the pavement on the coast side of the road, and with this an improvement in the pedestrian zone as well as the creation of a large pedestrian/commercial axis, bringing together Avenidas Rafael Puig, Los Pueblos and Calle Ernesto Sarti, which will also see joining of commercial spaces in Costa Adeje and Las Américas (Arona). The design includes expansion of the pedestrian area in front of the CC San Eugenio as well as along the link to Calle Rafael Puig where you have an important concentration of shops, bars and restaurants in Costa Adeje.

Other changes will see the relocation of some set down areas and bus stops. There will also be a small taxi-rank (3-4 cars) located in front of the CC San Eugenio with the rest of the taxis facilitated in a nearby parking zone. The plan also includes the replanting of a lot of the green zones and vegetation to increase the shade for pedestrians and in parallel the drainage and public lighting in the area will also be improved.

adeje_obras avda los pueblos adeje_avda los pueblos 3

Scientists in Costa Adeje: ENFC 2014

inauguracion enfc2014 (7) inauguracion enfc2014


Over 300 scientists from all over the world are attending the conference

The mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga opened the 11th ENFC, in the Hotel Dream Gran Tacande, Costa Adeje on Sunday September 7th. The mayor was joined at the top table by Jose Palacios from the University of Madrid, Rodrigo Trujillo González University of La Laguna vice rector for investigation and internationalisation, and Cabildo councillor for agriculture, farms and fisheries, José Joaquín Bethencourt.
This 11th biannual European Nitrogen Fixation Conference is taking place over three days with over 300 participants from the scientific world, who have come together to discuss the latest scientific news on nitrogen fixation and the molecular interaction between plants and symbiotic microorganisms.
Biological Nitrogen Fixation has enormous agronomical importance and its application in sustainable agricultural practises is widely recognised. Recently interest and funding in this field have been given a boost as illustrated by the financial support from the European Research Council and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Researchers from a number of laboratories funded by these organisations are presenting their results during the conference in Adeje, where organisers are hoping for “some major breakthroughs to be presented”.
Addressing the delegates the mayor welcomed them to Costa Adeje, “a destination that can be enjoyed throughout the year” and one which offers an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauties of Adeje as well as a wide range of leisure, sporting, and relaxation activities. “It is also a place for the exchange of ideas, where theories can be explored”, the mayor continued. “And while I am very aware of the importance of your work here and wish you every success I hope you also find the time to take a break and enjoy what Adeje has to offer the visitor”. He concluded by inviting the delegates to return to the island with friends and families in the future.

inauguracion enfc2014 (6) inauguracion enfc2014 (5) inauguracion enfc2014 (1)

Top scientists in Adeje this weekend


enfc logo

Organisers say Adeje offers a “wide selection of attractive locations which are hard to resist”

Adeje is the chosen location for an important scientific conference this weekend, which will see 300 experts in the field of nitrogen fixation from over 40 countries deliver and listen to 50 scientific talks and view 200 poster presentations. The main language of the conference will be English.

The 11th ENFC, in the Hotel Dream Gran Tacande, Costa Adeje, will start with a satellite meeting on “Genomics of Nitrogen-Fixing Microorganisms” followed by a keynote lecture. The opening key note address will be given by Ray Dixon of the John Innes Centre, UK and the closing address by Hauke Hennecke, from the Institute of Microbiology ETH Zürich, Switzerland.

Adeje council was glad to offer advice and back-up to the conference organisers. The inaugural act of this important international conference will be held at 5pm on September 7th with the Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga as well as representatives of the Cabildo, the University of La Laguna and the regional government.

According to the ENFC brochure, “these events will provide unique platforms to share and discuss the latest scientific news on nitrogen fixation and the molecular interaction between plants and symbiotic microorganisms.” And while the conference theme might be for the experts, on a general level it is good news for Adeje as it boosts the destination as an ideal conference as well as holiday destination.

According to one definition, “Nitrogen fixation is a process in which nitrogen in the atmosphere is converted into ammonium. Atmospheric nitrogen or molecular nitrogen is relatively inert: it does not easily react with other chemicals to form new compounds. The fixation process frees up the nitrogen atoms from their diatomic to be used in other ways.” Biological Nitrogen Fixation has enormous agronomical importance and its application in sustainable agricultural practises is widely recognised. Recently interest and funding in this field have been given a boost as illustrated by the financial support from the European Research Council and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Researchers from a number of laboratories funded by these organisations will present their results at this meeting. The organisers say, “this is a very exciting and flourishing area of research and we expect some major breakthroughs to be presented”.

The conference is held bi-annually, and organisers say they chose Adeje and Tenerife, because of the “wide selection of attractive locations which are hard to resist. The best and most modern conference centres, a vast network of hotel infrastructures, the highest quality technical and professional help and the best climate in Europe, especially suitable for outdoor activities, make up the extraordinary services at hand.” Participants will be given information about the destination, enjoy a performance by the Adeje municipal folklore group and at be treated to delicious samples of the some local produce such as honey, cheeses, wine and gofio during evening events.