10 years of ‘blue pixies’!

adeje escuela infantile 10 años (8)

The Adeje municipal crèche, “Duendecillo Azul” (blue pixie) is ten years old and has cared for over 900 children in that time

The Adeje municipal crèche, the Duendecillo Azul (blue pixie) is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Since opening its doors in 2004 this counci-operated creche has cared for 900 children from the borough. The councillor for education Andrés Pérez Ramos remarked, “in recent years crèches have become one of important resources for mothers and fathers working to build a family life”.

Congratulating the team from the Duendecillo Azul he said, “we are very pleased with the work that has been carried over the last ten years. During this time we have seen the social relevance that this school has in Adeje as a help to families. The council fully understand that to build a more equal future a number of basic pillars of society have to be in place, such as education, training and care for our young people”. He added that there have been many political initiatives which have underlined the importance of infants schools from the point of view of services and attention to young people, all of which have contributed to enhance the participation of women in the workplace.

“As well as assisting families, infant centres have also”, the councillor remarked”, played an increasingly important part in education. Today they are seen as much more than a helping hand for families and are now recognised as an active tool in promoting social equality. “ He said that many studies today emphasise the importance of access to pre-school care centres both for the development of the children as well as for the benefits those children will have when they enter the school system proper. • “Data shows that early schooling can improve academic performance. The principal determining factors continue to be social origins and the educational background the parents of each pupil. Taking into account the importance of this educative period, it would seem to be necessary to continue promoting the use of pre-schooling for all as a way of promoting and encouraging the entry of women into the workplace and the reduction of the existence of social distinctions”.

The idea to create a municipal crèche was first tabled in 1999 when the department of social services carried out a study on the need for a pre-school centre and a class was opened in Las Nieves (Los Olivos) to meet a growing demand from families. The council took the matter seriously and the next step was to open a full pre-school centre in the borough. The objective was to care for children between the ages of 0-3 months old and teach them. Since then the Duendecillo Azul has seen hundreds of local children pass through its doors.

The councillor praised the individuals who work in the centre. “From the beginning the people who work here have dedicated themselves to each and every child and it is a pleasure to see how they help and teach each individual. They are professionals and deserving of every respect for all they do”.

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