Adeje’s healthy finances


Investment in a roundabout for Armeñime and footpaths for Las Rosas earmarked

At a press conference in advance of the monthly council meeting the mayor of Adeje, Jose Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, told press that, thanks to the success of the tourism sector among other factors, Adeje has been able to meet the economic crisis with relative ease, and continues to be an attractive investment destination too.

The mayor, along with the councillor for finance Epifanio Díaz Hernández and the councillor for works and services, Gonzalo Delgado Diaz, announced that due to the financial health of the borough the council would be investing in a number of important projects, including the long awaited roundabout in Armeñime, and footpaths in Los Menores, improvements “which will improve the living conditions of our residents and the borough’s infrastructures”, the mayor said.

The financial report from 2013 shows a surplus of almost €8 million “which, if added to the remaining budget gives us an important cushion which we can use for works and to meet the needs of families in the borough”, remarked Rodríguez Fraga.

The good economic results will also allow Adeje council to repay a loan granted to repay suppliers by central government. Adeje has now paid off the loan eight years ahead of the closing date. “This means, in effect, a saving of €1.5 million in interest alone….in summary, we are able to state that the council and municipal bodies are in a healthy financial state”.

The mayor added that these excellent results have been achieved without any “financial pressure on our residents, and in fact many local taxes have been frozen or reduced”.


The work on the new roundabout in Armeñime, which will improve traffic connections to El Puertito and Playa Paraíso, will see an investment of up to €1 million, and will be jointly financed by the Cabildo and the Council, and is scheduled to begin in the coming months. In Los Menores work will also begint on foot paths in the Las Rosas section, at a cost of €150,000. Both projects are, said the mayor, “very important for the mobility of our residents and traffic through Adeje”