Adeje ‘proclaims’ the beginning of Easter Week.


Over 200 people attended the official proclamation of the start of Easter Week in Adeje yesterday in the Convento de San Francisco. Two addresses were made, representing two important facets of the borough, one by Fr. Ismael Martín and the other by the director general of GF Hotels, María Victoria López.

Fr Martín, who was the parish priest in the town during the 1990s, is remembered with immense fondness by thousands of parishioners, saying mass, playing the guitar, and residents were delighted that he was invited to address them on this occasion. María Victoria López is a well-respected businessperson, someone who has paved the way for other women to advance in the tourism industry locally and beyond.

Ismael Martín spoke of the significance of Easter Week, referring to love, faith, belief and truth, and remembering with great affection his years in the Adeje parish and the many thousands of friends he made. Victoria López centred her presentation on the links between tourism, faith, religion and history in a borough such as Adeje. “Tourism and traditions do exist side by side” she said, and encouraged businesses to “adopt plans and strategies in sustainable tourism and which take account of our historical heritage and culture so that our visitors can enjoy local customs and events, such as Easter Week in Adeje”.

Also taking part were the Adeje Municipal Patron Band accompanied by sopranos María Candelaria González and Margarita Díaz, tenor Jorge Cordero and baritone Borja M. Molina. The evening also marked the opening of the exhibition, “Devoción y patrimonio: Instantáneas de la Pasión y Semana Santa de Adeje” (Devotion and history. Moments from the Good Friday Passion Play and Easter Week in Adeje).

The Adeje mayor presented the full Easter Week programme which includes some new events, including the Children’s Procession on Saturday March 24th at 5pm from Los Olivos to the Santa Úrsula church and invited all the children of the borough to take part. The town also has a new statue this year, Ntra. Sra. del Consuelo, which was blessed on Friday March 16th and will take part in a number of processions during Easter Week. The mayor said he hoped the new additions to the Easter Week calendar would help strengthen the town’s traditions and ensure that the next generation of Adeje’s residents would continue to respect and feel involved in what was important to the borough. He added, “Easter Week transcends religion, it is also something that enriches us and our attraction as a place to visit, promoting Adeje as a borough that respects universal beauty and spirituality”.

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Tradition and innovation, Easter programme


The Adeje council will launch their Easter programme on Saturday, March 17th with addresses by the Rev. Ismael Martín and the Director General of the Fedola Group, Maria Victoria López. Mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga commented, “We are changing the presentation somewhat and asking two individuals with very distinct and different social roles, one traditional and one business based, reflecting both sides of our community, both of huge benefit, to speak. So this year Fr. Ismael will represent our traditions and Ms Lopez our international tourism side”

The Adeje municipal patron band will also perform at the event, which will mark the official presentation of the Adeje Easter programme which has some new additions this year. The event will also mark the opening of a special exhibition of photographs detailing the “devotion and history of Easter Week in Adeje”.

On March 16th a new statue will be introduced into the Adeje religious ‘family’, ‘María Santísima del Consuelo’ a work by Francisco Zafra. The statue will be blessed and brought in procession along the Calle Castillo to the Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza hermitage until the Monday March 26th procession.

“Easter week in Adeje is now recognised nationally and internationally as an important event both for the artistic and historic relevance reflected in the different processions and for the Good Friday street theatre, ‘La Pasión’. This year we are adding new elements too to underline the importance of the celebrations”, said the Adeje mayor.

The Adeje council have also, as in last year, organised a gastronomy event linked to Easter Week with the Lenten Tapas Route. Many bars and restaurants have already signed up to take part, most of them located along the route of the most popular Easter processions in the town. There are also prizes for the public who can enter by having the special leaflet, available in participating establishments, stamped and once completed (with four stamps) posted in the special boxes in the Adeje cultural centre, the youth centre or the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA). The competition closes on April 1st.





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