Pilgrim weekend in Adeje

The pilgrim walk leaves from the Santa Úrsula church at 9am on Sunday

This Sunday, April 15th, the traditional Rogation, with the patron of the borough, the
Virgen de la Encarnación takes place. This is a pilgrim walk honouring a promise made over 300 years ago in return for divine intervention to save the local populace from a plague of locusts.

The tradition began in the XVI century when Pedro de Ponte decided to carry the statue of Our Lady to the Santa Úrsula church to protect her from pirate robbers. The residents of Adeje were not convinced that this was a good idea, and promised to bring her back to San Sebastian once a year. They also prayed to her for protection from plagues, illnesses and famines. Much of this is detailed in the ‘Libro de Milagros de Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación’ (Book of miracles of Our Lady of the Incarnation) in the parish archive in Adeje.

The Adeje council advises those taking part in the traditional pilgrim to make sure they are wearing comfortable clothing and shoes appropriate for the walk, bring water and fruit, ideally wear a hat or cap of some sort to protect from the sun, and make sure they are wearing sun cream.

There will be stops and personnel on hand to attend anyone with a problem along the way.

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‘The Passion’ draws a record-breaking audience


The Adeje Good Friday street theatre ‘La Pasión/The Passion’ has become a cultural reference point not just at local level, but on regional, national and international platforms. This year the staging in Adeje of the last days and crucifixion of Jesus Christ was watched by over 200,000 people.

According to figures received by the Adeje council, the average television audience for the event was 137,000, with over 200,000 tuning at peak times. That audience is a combination of those who followed the theatre on the regional TV Canarias station and those who were tuned in to 13TV nationally.

Following the success of last year’s link the representation was also broadcast on Facebook live reaching over 7,000 people, with over one thousand shares and thousands of comments. From the data available people were watching from many parts of the world too, New York, Lima, Santo Domingo, England, Buenos Aires, etc. The local municipal station, Radio Sur Adeje 107.9FM also broadcast the street performance live.

This year the Adeje communications department added more live and recorded videos to the council’s social media platforms, something which was of huge interest to the public, in particular the broadcasts of the new additions to the Easter programme, such as the Children’s Parade.




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The Adeje Lenten Tapas route runs until April 1st



Interested members of the public can follow the route online through the ‘El Puntasso’ application

The Lenten Tapas Route is in its third year, and is organised by the council’s department of local development and employment, under councillor Manuel Luis Méndez Martín. The initiative works to promote the local gastronomy as the backbone of the restaurants and café sector as well as linking culture, tradition and gastronomy.

This year the tapas on offer have taken on the philosophy of traditional Easter cooking, using fish and shellfish and other produce. All tapas are made using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Thirteen restaurants and cafes are taking part, and the public must make sure they have the special form stamped if they wish to enter the competition for a cruise for two or an overnight stay in a Tenerife hotel.

All the restaurants involved are listed on the www.adeje.es page, and here below with the name of their special tapa in brackets
Restaurante La Rambla (Placeres santos),
Oliva Café Deli (Mediterranean mezze),
Hotel Fonda Central (Cher-net cronch,
Taberna Amores (Croquetas amores),
Tasca Lorens (La croqueta de mi abuela de Semana Santa),
Tasca Italiana (Delicia de pascua),
La Favorita (Velero de Merluza),
Tasca Bar La Salud (Vegetal especial),
La Rosa Rosa (Primavera),
Tasca El Cañón (Ceviche de Cuaresma),
Le Table D´Helene (Delicias de quesos),
León de Venezia (El viaje de Marco Polo)
La Trattoria (Tapa la Trattoría).


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Live The Passion, this Good Friday in Adeje

Representacion de la Pasion, Calle grande, Adeje.14 Abril 2017 ©Phil Crean

The Good Friday street theatre will be broadcast live on Television Canaria and 13TV nationally
The Adeje Council, under the direction of the cultural department and councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, presents ‘La Pasíon’, the last days and death of Jesus Christ, from 12 midday on Good Friday, March 30th.
The performance, on the Calle Grande in the town, will be broadcast (TDT) on TV Canarias, and online on TvCanariaNet as well as nationally on 13TV.  It will also be streamed live on the Adeje Ayuntamiento facebook page and the Adeje Town Hall page.  Radio Sur Adeje will be broadcasting from the Plaza España throughout the performance.
“The Passion is one of the most eagerly awaited cultural events of the year in Adeje, with an important level of local participation from those who live here.  This is very much their staging, and something they feel very committed to year after year”, commented the mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga.

Representacion de la Pasion, Calle grande, Adeje.14 Abril 2017 ©Phil Crean

The mayor continued, “this is a council run event with a  huge personal investment from the staff of the town hall, with  all those involved working to ensure everything is perfect, down to the last detail.  Every year people come forward with new ideas and suggestions, each one adding to this singular cultural occasion, which brings together hundreds of people onto the streets, and followed by millions on television and online.  From the construction of the many stages (along the main street), to the design and sewing of costumes for over 300 people, rehearsals, and much more – none of this would be possible without the workers from the council who are dedicated to ensuring that the staging and performance is as good as it can possibly be”.
This is the 6th year that the final scene, the crucifixion, takes place in the Plaza de España. The change in the location of this most emotive scene has added to the dramatic weight of the final moments of the presentation, with the incredible natural backdrop of the Barranco del Infierno flanked by the Convento and the Parish church, and much more space for the public in attendance. It has also meant a general increase in safety.

Representacion de la Pasion, Calle grande, Adeje.14 Abril 2017 ©Phil Crean

“’La Pasión’ is a hugely important event from a cultural and tourist point of view and the people of Adeje feel very much that it is ‘their’ contribution. This year, yet again, we have more than 300 people taking part in what is a unique event”, the cultural councillor  Adolfo Alonso Ferrera commented.  As well as the involvement of the public there will also be performances from professional actors Balthazar Isla, Nacho Almenar, Ballet Beanky, the Adeje School of Music and Dance and the Librea de Valle Guerra.
This year there have been improvements to the Pilate stage and some costume changes for Mary Magdalene, Claudia, Herod and the temple guards.   Salvador Ortega Jiménez will also be singing during the performance.   The entirety of the Calle Grande, from the Plaza del Cruz del Llano to the Plaza de España will be transformed for the morning with a market place, various stages, and even animals including goats, donkeys, falcons, horses, snakes, etc.
The council is using a number of hashtags to increase visibility via social networks – #pasionadeje2018, #semanasantaadeje2018, #easterweekadeje2018.  Please use one or more if you would like to link your photos of the event to ours.

Representacion de la Pasion, Calle grande, Adeje.14 Abril 2017 ©Phil Crean

RecommendationsThe Adeje council asks that those who are planning to attend the event observe the following recommendations:• Wear appropriate clothing and shoes – comfort is important• Apply high factor sun creams and make sure you have sufficient water• Make sure you have personal identification on you including information regarding your blood group and any allergies to medicines.• Arrive in plenty of time to avoid delays• Don’t push while in the crowd• Respect the security signals and barriers in place as well as following any instructions of the security and council personnel• Don’t climb up on walls, railings, flower pots, stages, etc.• In the event of an accident find the nearest health assistant and ask them to help you find a family member or companion. • In the case of an emergency remain calm and respect those who are nearby. Leave the danger zone and a follow the directions of the security personnel. Don’t run or scream.• When the event is over wait a few minutes for the crowds to diminish before leaving the centre of town.


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Religion and public fervour

Procesión del abandono y tortura del señor


This is a week full of religious processions in Adeje, and the public are turning out to support and participate in the events.

Last night (Monday), one of the most solemn evenings of the annual procession calendar, saw five of the Adeje parish’s statues carried through the streets of La Postura from the La Viña chapel, accompanied by the Adeje Municipal Patron band and the Nº2 Army Band (Brylcan XVI). Local religious and civil leaders walked in the procession with many members of the local public, whose respect for these traditions hasn’t waned over time.

Participating associations included the volunteer fire-fighters, the civil protection brigade, various religious brotherhoods and sisterhoods, the San José scouts, residents association and the local police.

Procesión del abandono y tortura del señor

Religious acts continue this evening all over the parish. Mass in Tijoco is at 5pm, in Los Olivos and 7pm and in Adeje’s parish church, Santa Úrsula, mass is at 6.30pm followed by the procession of the sacred meeting, with Jesus the Nazarene and John the Baptist going from the Santa Úrsula church and the statue of Our Lady of Consolation from La Viña to Adeje where they meet in the Calle Grande.

On Wednesday it is the turn of the procession of Our Lord of Humility and Patience with a stop in the church of San José in Los Olivos before returning to La Viña.

On Maundy Thursday mass will be said in all parishes, many marking the celebration of the Last Supper. In the Santa Úrsula church the feet of many of the faithful will washed by the priest, and then the host will be carried to the altar where the faithful can spend time in quiet prayer.

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Adeje ‘proclaims’ the beginning of Easter Week.


Over 200 people attended the official proclamation of the start of Easter Week in Adeje yesterday in the Convento de San Francisco. Two addresses were made, representing two important facets of the borough, one by Fr. Ismael Martín and the other by the director general of GF Hotels, María Victoria López.

Fr Martín, who was the parish priest in the town during the 1990s, is remembered with immense fondness by thousands of parishioners, saying mass, playing the guitar, and residents were delighted that he was invited to address them on this occasion. María Victoria López is a well-respected businessperson, someone who has paved the way for other women to advance in the tourism industry locally and beyond.

Ismael Martín spoke of the significance of Easter Week, referring to love, faith, belief and truth, and remembering with great affection his years in the Adeje parish and the many thousands of friends he made. Victoria López centred her presentation on the links between tourism, faith, religion and history in a borough such as Adeje. “Tourism and traditions do exist side by side” she said, and encouraged businesses to “adopt plans and strategies in sustainable tourism and which take account of our historical heritage and culture so that our visitors can enjoy local customs and events, such as Easter Week in Adeje”.

Also taking part were the Adeje Municipal Patron Band accompanied by sopranos María Candelaria González and Margarita Díaz, tenor Jorge Cordero and baritone Borja M. Molina. The evening also marked the opening of the exhibition, “Devoción y patrimonio: Instantáneas de la Pasión y Semana Santa de Adeje” (Devotion and history. Moments from the Good Friday Passion Play and Easter Week in Adeje).

The Adeje mayor presented the full Easter Week programme which includes some new events, including the Children’s Procession on Saturday March 24th at 5pm from Los Olivos to the Santa Úrsula church and invited all the children of the borough to take part. The town also has a new statue this year, Ntra. Sra. del Consuelo, which was blessed on Friday March 16th and will take part in a number of processions during Easter Week. The mayor said he hoped the new additions to the Easter Week calendar would help strengthen the town’s traditions and ensure that the next generation of Adeje’s residents would continue to respect and feel involved in what was important to the borough. He added, “Easter Week transcends religion, it is also something that enriches us and our attraction as a place to visit, promoting Adeje as a borough that respects universal beauty and spirituality”.

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Tradition and innovation, Easter programme


The Adeje council will launch their Easter programme on Saturday, March 17th with addresses by the Rev. Ismael Martín and the Director General of the Fedola Group, Maria Victoria López. Mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga commented, “We are changing the presentation somewhat and asking two individuals with very distinct and different social roles, one traditional and one business based, reflecting both sides of our community, both of huge benefit, to speak. So this year Fr. Ismael will represent our traditions and Ms Lopez our international tourism side”

The Adeje municipal patron band will also perform at the event, which will mark the official presentation of the Adeje Easter programme which has some new additions this year. The event will also mark the opening of a special exhibition of photographs detailing the “devotion and history of Easter Week in Adeje”.

On March 16th a new statue will be introduced into the Adeje religious ‘family’, ‘María Santísima del Consuelo’ a work by Francisco Zafra. The statue will be blessed and brought in procession along the Calle Castillo to the Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza hermitage until the Monday March 26th procession.

“Easter week in Adeje is now recognised nationally and internationally as an important event both for the artistic and historic relevance reflected in the different processions and for the Good Friday street theatre, ‘La Pasión’. This year we are adding new elements too to underline the importance of the celebrations”, said the Adeje mayor.

The Adeje council have also, as in last year, organised a gastronomy event linked to Easter Week with the Lenten Tapas Route. Many bars and restaurants have already signed up to take part, most of them located along the route of the most popular Easter processions in the town. There are also prizes for the public who can enter by having the special leaflet, available in participating establishments, stamped and once completed (with four stamps) posted in the special boxes in the Adeje cultural centre, the youth centre or the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA). The competition closes on April 1st.





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