112 App in the Canaries

Captura web 1-1-2 CanariasSome Apps are more uselful than others, and this one could save your life!
The Canarian
Ministry of Economy, Finance and Security, and FRESS Foundation, have signed a collaboration agreement by which, the Canary Government improves the access to the European emergency number 1-1-2 by implementing FRESS.

FRESS is the Social Network for Emergency Response designed exclusively by the Foundation FRESS (Free Emergency Services) for emergency management.

FRESS provides a software application that creates a communications platform allowing individuals to seek emergency assistance through an easy to use smart phone app. through voice, real-time texting, sharing photos and data. and optimizing the location of the caller.
The system also translates text messages into Spanish automatically, which is an advantage for the millions of tourists who visit the Canary Islands.

With this initiative 1-1-2 CANARIAS wants to move forward and join the project of Next Generation Emergency Services, providing attention to all the individuals in our community, connecting users with different abilities, languages and nationalities with the European emergency number 1-1-2.
Advantages of FRESS 1-1-2

Using FRESS112 for the location and positioning by the terminal location via GPS is more accurate than the one submitted by phone antennas

The application works with 3G network FRESS, ie you must have enabled data line in the terminal for the use of advanced options such as sending pictures. Your download is free and the user of this service must have installed on their mobile device this app with all desired personal and health information in order to improve response times by emergency services

FRESS112 has been developed by the International Foundation FRESS and has already been tested in the emergency services in Virginia, USA (911), Mexico (Control Center), currently in operation, and Krakow in Poland, and has now been integrated in the Canary 1-1-2 technological system

The purpose of the Foundation is to connect FRESS users to the nearest emergency center via voice, text, images or video communication, from anywhere in the world they are.

FRESS Foundation is dedicated to develop technology and activities of general interest, specifically intended to encourage, assist, promote, encourage, and disseminate information and technological tools to improve the safety and emergency conditions of people at risk of exclusion for physical reasons. It also tries to promote and disseminate the development of information, scientific research and technological development in our society.