Council invests in cemetery upgrades



The cemeteries included in the renovations were in Fañabe, Armeñime, Tijoco Alto (Cultural Centre) cemetery, and Tijoco La Hoya.

The councillor with responsibility for the borough’s cemeteries, Esther Rivero Vargas, has given details of a number of improvements in recent months in the installations in Adeje.

The council has spent over €3,500 on the project. According to the councillor, “we are working, in the best way possible, to upgrade these areas that are used by people during very emotionally difficult times. For that reason we want to make these changes, and have bought new furniture and equipment (for the rooms used by the families in mourning before a funeral, etc.) as well as carrying out small repairs where necessary in each of the cemeteries.”

Among the work completed was the renovation of fire extinguishers, new kitchen fittings, modern and comfortable furniture, heating and air conditioning as well as other improvements. Each of the borough’s crypts has a small kitchen area, bathrooms and a room where family and friends will spend time together in the day and night before the funeral, often sitting with the coffin of the deceased.

The councillor commented, “The maintenance of these areas is hugely important because they offer an essential service during what can be very sensitive times for the affected families who are suffering the death of a loved one. Bearing that in mind we see it is very important that these areas are in the best possible condition to give people the comfort they need at this time”.

The cemeteries that were included in the renovations were in Fañabe, Armeñime, Tijoco Alto (Cultural Centre) cemetery, and Tijoco La Hoya.

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All Saints and All Souls Day preparations


Masses will be held in all the parishes

The Adeje council have been busy preparing the town cemetery for All Saints and All Souls day, November 1st and 2nd. As well as work to maintain the grounds in good condition, this year there has also been improvements in the garden and common access zones.


According to the councillor responsible, Esther Rivero Vargas, “these are important dates when we all remember those gone before us, and that’s why the council is always working to give the cemetery special attention in the lead up to the two feast days so that when people come to visit that find themselves in a place that is peaceful and harmonious”.

Included in the improvements are repainting, upgrades to the interior arches, and the planting of chrysanthemums in the patios as well as the addition of new decorative floral arrangements throughout the installation.


The parish churches in the borough will hold masses over the relevant days:
Friday October 31st: Tijoco La Hoya (5pm.), Fañabé (6pm.), Los Olivos (7pm), and San Sebastián (7.30pm)
Saturday, November 1st, All Saints Day: Cemetery chapel, Adeje, (9am), Armeñime (10am), Adeje parish church (11am), Callao Salvaje (12 noon) y Fañabé (12:30pm). Adeje parish church (6pm), Los Olivos (7pm) and the Cemetery chapel, (7.30pm)
Sunday November 2nd, All Souls Day: Morning times as on Saturday. Afternoon masses will be in Tijoco La Hoya (5pm.), San Sebastián (6pm) and Cemetery chapel (7pm).

Reconditioning of local playgrounds

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The work involved improvements, reforms, and in some cases changes

The councillor for parks and garden, Esther Rivero Vargas, has published details of work undertaken recently to recondition and improve parks and playgrounds in Adeje. “We are working to improve the public installations for children in Adeje”, she said.

The councillor said, “We reviewed the 34 public children’s playgrounds in the borough and noted what was needed in each case and are now working to meet the demands and needs of our younger residents, with approx €30 thousand Euro already spent in this area”.

Work already carried out has included repairs and painting as well as replacement of playground installations such as swings, slides, see-saws, etc. In many cases the surfacing was changed for one that is safer and more secure for children, and railings and safety barriers were also installed. Park benches and other urban furniture was also upgraded or replaced where deemed necessary.

Rivero Vargas added, “the work that was undertaken was as a result of deterioration due to public use in general, and was carried out by the local company, Adeje (E.M.S.A)”, keeping within budgetary and responsible spending guidelines. She added that the work was of top quality and the installations for children were more secure than previously.

Among the parks that had work carried out were those in La Caleta, Tijoco Alto, César Manrique and Los Olivos-Tierra Lavada and El Madroñal. All parks in the borough that were in need of attention were included in the reconditioning drive.
Finally councillor Esther Rivero Vargas noted that these parks are open to the public daily, are cleaned and kept in condition throughout the year. “This work is important for these leisure zones, hopefully meaning they will endure, and meet the demands of this very particular section of our public, our children”, she said.

Adeje’s public parks are open from 9am until 10pm daily.