Organisers pleased with feminine hygiene product campaign



Wingate School and Diamond Resorts International among the groups who helped during the campaign

In recent days the Adeje municipal ‘Help’ bank has been in receipt of a multitude of feminine hygiene products, the result of a campaign to encourage people to donate products to women suffering economic hardship. The campaign was led by the Adeje department of equality politics overseen by councillor Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro.
According to the councillor, for too many people, “these products are not considered to be part of a person’s ‘basic needs’, but here in Adeje we recognise that they are, and that all women from about the age of 13 to the age of 55 will need to use these products once a month. This constitutes an important economic cost for a family, in particular a family in economic difficulties”, she sad.

She continued, “There continues to be too many inequalities regarding women – these products are not low cost, and for many it’s a real problem. So now our help bank will have available these products as we know they part of every woman’s basic needs”.

Also attending the press event to announce the end of the campaign were the Adeje councillors for health protection, Amada Trujillo Bencomo and for social welfare, Isabel Fernández González, and representatives of others who helped in the collection of items including Wingate School, Diamond Resorts International, the San Sebastián cooperative, Solidarios Canarios, Asgote, the Callao Salvaje Pharmacy, Sercaigua Canarias, the local libraries network and the Adeje cultural centres, the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA), and the Centro de Atención a la Diversidad Funcional Los Olivos, han sumado esfuerzos para que esta primera recaudación contara con el mayor de los apoyos.

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Hospiten helps Adeje families in need

adeje-doancion alimetnos hospiten (1)

The Adeje councillor for social welfare, Amada Trujillo Bencomo, has personally thanked the social service that has been carried out by the staff at Hospiten who have organised a campaign to collect non-perishable goods which will be distributed to families in need by the Adeje and Arona social welfare offices. The initiative began on June 23rd and runs until July 4th.

According to councillor Trujillo Bencomo “any help that we can give to those persons who need it most is more than welcome; it is fundamental that our residents, people who care, continue to assist and help to reduce social inequalities.”

She continued, “the council is working to ensure that they continue to work along a number of different lines of assistance to ensure the quality of life of those suffering is improved, and of course we are extremely grateful to all of those who contribute”.

Those interested in donating can bring items such as dry foods, cereals, food in cans and jars, personal hygiene products, baby foods and nappies, etc, to the stand which is located at the main reception in Hospiten. All the goods collected, along with extra items bought by Hospiten, will be distributed by both councils in the Adeje and Arona boroughs.

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‘Fusión entre Culturas’ funds donated


adeje-donación fusion entre culturas (1)
The Tenerife South Indian community and the intercultural association, El Patio de las Culturas de Tenerife presented over €1,500 to the Adeje council, the Cruz Roja and the Sonrisas Canarias charity. The money was raised during the day-long multicultural festival on June 1st in Adeje, “Fusión entre Culturas”. The festival was an event which saw many diverse cultures and people coming together to celebrate their harmonious co-existence and mutual respect. The funds will be used for families in need and the food bank.

Adeje councillors for culture and welfare, Nayra Medina Bethencourt and Amada Trujillo Bencomo said “these kind of events show perfectly the interest the council has in facilitating this kind of cultural exchange among Adeje’s peoples and allows us get to know the many different cultures which co-exist in our borough and have done so for many years”.

During the day a host of different activities were undertaken, with gastronomy offerings from many parts of the world, dance and music from Tibet, an intercultural flash mob, roundtable discussions on tolerance and co-existence, exhibitions, international storytelling, a language exchange stall and much much more.

Participating associations
Among the groups who participated were the Asociación intercultural El Patio de las Culturas de Tenerife, Asociación Mercedes Machado, Asociación Hindú Tenerife Sur, Unión Indígena Nigerianos en Tenerife, Asociación Uruguayos en Tenerife, Asociación de Chilenos en Canarias, Casa Argentina en Tenerife, Asociación Anchieta, Sonrisas Canarias, Cruz Roja, Amigos del Tibet Ghe Pel Lin, Tango, Asociación Musulmana Al ihasan y Justicia y Paz, Asociación Comunidad Dzogchen International Dzamling Gar, Jóvenes por la Diversidad, Taller de empleo Actívate.

Council welcomes Holi dontations


Recently Prakash Udhwani and Margaret and Mike Marshall, all members of the Tenerife Sur Lions Club, visited the Adeje Council offices to hand over two cheques to the Asociación San Jose and the Los Olivos Centre for Special Needs.
The councillor with responsibility for the elderly and people with special needs, Carmen Rosa González Cabrera, and social welfare councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo said they were very grateful for the donation and congratulated the work of the association.
The money was raised during the very colourful and fun-filled Holi Mela Hindu event that was held in the Fañabe Plaza. This celebration of Indian culture was also a fund raiser, with the guests invited to pay for a plate of paella and a soft drink.
Prakash Undhwani thanked those who worked to make the event a success, including the Havana Chic Lounge Club, Gourmetland, the Association Hindu Tenerife South and the Tenerife Sur Lions.
Councillor Carmen Rosa said it was wonderful to see the level of involvement by the Lions and the Hindu community, adding “I would like to thank them and congratulate the associations involved for the solidarity they are demonstrating for people who are seriously in need during these difficult times”. She also invited the Lions representatives to visit the two centres to see the excellent work they do and see how their donations are being used .

Schoolbag Donation

The Adeje council recently donated backpacks to 80 local school children in infants, primary and secondary school . Inside the bags was school materials for the start of the academic year.
The presentation was made by the social welfare councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo and education councillor Andrés Pérez Ramos with members of the Red Cross who worked with other bodies to raise funds for the students in need. The councillors said this was “an important aid for families who need it most…we have made a commitment to offer equality of opportunities, including our young boys and girls who now have the school materials they need to begin their courses”:
Education, they councillors said, continued to be a vital tool in helping young people overcome difficulties and iron out differences in their daily lives now and in the future. “No young person in Adeje will be without the basic learning and study tools”, they promised.
The students in receipt of the kits have been chosen by the social welfare and education departments based on applications made by families in the borough. Inside the backpack are materials adapted to each of the school levels

Helping Hands

adeje helping hands
Oasis restaurant, Hauche cafeteria and Optica Downes are three local Adeje companies who have actively worked with Social Services to help families in need in the borough.
The mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and the councillor for welfare, Amada Trujillo Bencomo, recently met with representatives from the three businesses in the council offices.
Optica Downes have been ready and willing to help people with discounts for those who need glasses but maybe cannot afford full price. Another plus here is that the optician speaks fluent English, so no need to worry about having to do an eye test in Spanish, or explain your particular problem.
Both the Hauche cafeteria and the Oasis Restaurant have been busy donating meals to families in need once a week.
According to councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo, these companies are actively helping to improve our society and work for a common good, helping those close at hand as well as institutions and organisations in the borough. This is one way of getting help directly to those who need it most.
For the mayor, this level of local assistance, “by which local businessmen and women in Adeje are working to help families most in need enriches our society; people helping people. Gestures of these kind make Adeje great”, he said, with people understanding the difficult times in which we live and the need for help at local level.
“I offer my sincere gratitude for this help and invite other companies to participate in this project, because helping others has its own rewards”, the mayor added.
Representatives of the three companies in question were unanimous in stating that they were delight to help, and to work towards a better society for all.


Over 3,500 Kilos Collected

Well done to all who organised and took part in the 1 Kilo – 1 Pincho event in the Adeje Firefighters park last Sunday.
The event was organised by the Adeje voluntary firefighters, CIT Sur, AzulónEvents & Pablo Pastor and surpassed the target of 1,500 of food stuffs to be distributed among families most in need through the Adeje department of social services. In fact the public turned up with over 3,500 kilos.
It was a great afternoon out, particularly for the kids who were able to hop in and out of the fire trucks as well as flying across the roof of the firehouse on specially rigged harnesses. There was food and drink on offer in exchange for the food brought and many also bought hats, t-shirsts and mugs from the firefighters who work entirely on a voluntary basis.
Well done to all involved.