From the farm to your table

10 years of excellence, Adeje Farmers Market

The Adeje department of the environment, presided over by Councillor Esther Rivero Vargas, is organising a series of activities this Sunday, December 9th, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the inauguration of the Adeje Farmers Market, which, every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, brings the best, “from the farm to your table”.

“Since the Farmers Market has been in operation the public has been able to enjoy quality local fresh produce, grown by people who live in or near the borough and we have seen how the Farmers Market has also become a tool for social and economic growth in the rural areas of Adeje, which is something to be proud of as the produce also meets all of the EU standards for quality and healthy eating”, said the councillor.

She continued, “Freshness, quality and an excellent choice along with accessible prices have been the standards set by this market over its ten years and all of our stall holders have played an important part in the evolution of the market. Today a lot of hotels and restaurants opt for local produce because they know it offers excellence in taste, texture and quality in preparing their menus”.

The produce on sale every week incudes fruit and vegetables, flowers, crafts, cakes and biscuits, honeys, cheeses, meats, and wines. And this Sunday the Adeje council is inviting everyone to join them in celebrating this special day. From 11am there will be show cooking with Pablo Pastor using produce from the market, followed by a tasting with live background music provided by Grupo Chabor. All of the stall holders will be receiving a small gift in appreciation of their work over the years, and there will be a photo-call opportunity for all those who drop in to shop during the morning. The market is open from 8am.










Adeje Farmers Market – change in Wednesday opening hours



From Wednesday November 2nd the Adeje Farmers Market will operate new Wednesday hours and open from 3pm to 7pm. The change, with full agreement of all the produce suppliers in the market, has been made to better meet the demands of the buying public.

According to the councillor with responsibility for the market, Esther Rivero Vargas, “we are working all the time to improve this service to the public which is one that is already highly valued, so we are happy to make adjustments to suit the needs of the customers. We realised that in fact when the market opened at 4pm on Wednesdays there were already people waiting outside, while there was a marked drop in visitors at the end of the day, from 7pm – 8pm”.


The Farmers Market opened its doors in 2008 with Saturday and Sunday morning openings and a year ago added the Wednesday afternoon opening, following requests from producers and a poll among the regular shoppers.

The market was an initiative of the Adeje council to work to promote and develop the borough’s primary sector. Every week the public can choose from the produce of many of the borough’s farmers and rural producers, with fruit and vegetables, cakes and biscuits, eggs, cheese, wines and honeys and well as craft goods for sale. With 35 stalls consumers have been delighted with the quality and affordability of the fresh local produce and the market has also become a meeting place for local residents and visitors.

Farmers market Wednesday opening


From yesterday, April 1st, the market is open on Wednesdays as well as the regular weekend opening hours

Yesterday, April 1st, the Adeje Farmers Market welcomed hundreds of visitors during its first weekday opening. From this date the market, which first opened to the public six years ago, will open every Wednesday, from 4pm – 8pm as well as continuing its regular weekend slots, 8am – 1.30pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

To mark the extra day, throughout the month of April the Adeje council have also organised a series of activities on Wednesdays in the market, with a jam making workshop yesterday. Other workshops during the month will feature tastings, a shopping basket raffle, flower arranging, cup-cake making, and healthy eating as well as bouncy castles for the younger visitors.


Since the market opened to the public it has been a success among the resident population as well as visitors, with an average of 2,500 people shopping there every weekend. Given the interest, the council carried out a questionnaire a number of months ago asking shoppers if they would be interested in a weekday opening. The positive response was overwhelming and was mirrored by those working in the restaurant sector that use the market to purchase their fresh fruit and vegetables to use in preparing their dishes, given the consistent high quality of the produce.

DSC_3019 DSC_3022

The council then consulted with sellers and suppliers who have stalls in the market to pick the weekday that would best suit them as well as the day on which they would have sufficient produce to sell to the public.

Today the Farmers Market has also expanded the kind of produce on sale, meeting the needs of the many different international communities living in Adeje, as well as stalls selling local wines, cheeses, eggs, ecological and conventional produce, flowers, honeys and some meat products, cakes and biscuits.

Furthermore, the council has approved a number of modifications to the orders regulating the market which is offered as a public service. Some of the changes will see a more efficient relationship between the council and those seeking to operate a stall in the market as well as improving the inspection service by the council and visits to the farms where products for sale are produced. The inspections will cover transport and sales operations to guarantee good practise and minimise the use of non-renewable energy sources.

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