Romería to mark the end of the Fiestas



Traditional activities mark the end of the 2016 Adeje Patron Fiestas. On Saturday October 15th at 9pm the XXXII Adeje Folklore Festival takes place, organised by the Adeje Municipal Folklore School. This year the running theme is the link between popular music and traditional, and this year will also feature the relationship between the music of the Canarias and America.

Also taking part in the Folklore Festival are Ignoce de Araya, Chajoigo de Barranco Hondo and Achamán and at the end of the folklore performances the Sabrosa orchestra will end the night with a street party in the Plaza.


The traditional Romería will put the finishing touches to the Fiestas. Activities begin at 10am on Sunday October 16th with the Farm Fair in the small plaza just behind the Hacienda offices and the main post office. At 11 Mass will be sung by the Adeje Municipal Folklore Group followed by the offering of farm products to the church patrons.

The Romería itself will begin at 1pm, leaving from the Adeje Health Centre and moving up the Calle Grande to the Santa Úrsula Churh with 13 carts taking place and bringing gifts to teh Virgin of the Incarnation, Santa Úrsula and San Sebastián, the patrons of the borough.

Anyone who wishes to take part in the Romería itself should come along in traditional Canarian dress. Please do respect the security orders of the local police. çromeria-adeje-3

Sports, concerts and youth activities take centre stage this week




The Adeje Fiestas continue this week with youth-related activities in the Factory of Art, celebrating 10 years in the Adeje Youth Centre. The Centre, in the Avenido de los Ventos, is a meeting place, a place for study, experiment, rehearsal, music, and much more for the town’s younger members. The Factory of Art group will perform in the Plaza de España on Tuesday March 11th from 10pm, with a wide selection of artists gracing the stage.

Also on the bill are professional artists including Flipy, a humourist and part of the Paramount Comedy Real Strong Crew hip-hop troupe. New Age Duet, a string ensemble formed by the young violinist Marta Darias with cellist David Morena, both from the Adeje School of Music, and Luna Bo, a promising young singer, perform and the Dixie band will also be on stage to keep the party going.


Wednesday October 12th is a national holiday, and from 9am that morning Adeje hosts the Cross Popular sporting competition. At midday there will be a musical offering from Mesturao and that evening from 8pm in the Plaza de España the public are invited to a concert with the Adeje Orchestra of Modern Music.

Children have another special date on October 13th from 6pm, with Aladdin taking over the Plaza de España in a show for all the family. And on Friday October 14th it’s the turn of Miss Sur contestants with the contest followed by a party in the Plaza with music from Kimbara.

First full fiesta weekend


Music, dance, parades, and traditions mark the first weekend of Adeje’s fiestas

Loyal to a promise more than 300 years old, the borough of Adeje celebrates the Patronal Festival in honour of the Virgin of the Incarnation, Santa Úrsula, and San Sebastián. This year too the celebrations are a real reflection of the modern and cosmopolitan centre the town has become in recent years. Mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga: “We are 121 nationalities living side by side in peace, respect and in solidarity.

“Adeje has evolved, in particular in recent decades, into a growing but united community. Our most valuable resource – the people – have helped us move in the right direction and today we are both a modern and historic tourist destination”.

The programme of events starts in full this weekend with the Adeje Siglo XX! (21st Century Adeje) on Friday at 10pm with the participation of the seven representatives of the Adeje borough neighbourhoods (Adeje doesn’t elect a local ‘queen’ – instead all the representatives are feted as equal). They are Milagros Bragado, from Las Nieves, María Azul Frachia Villaurreta from Los Olivos, representing Armeñime is Noelia Toledo López, from La Caleta, Naomi Negreen Galindo, Jocelin Ramos Mesa from Tijoco-La Hoya, Rosario Ana Fernández from Fañabé and Andrea Rochina González, representing Adeje Casco.


This year the gala will feature distinct aspects of life in modern Adeje, culture, conviviality, sport, the business community, and women. There will be a nod to the innovation and progress in the borough as well as an audio-visual presentation all in a futuristic setting, with music to follow from Toque Latino.

On Saturday October 8th activities begin at 1.30pm in the Calle Grande Adeje with a patronal music concert, with the band of the Canarian Command and the Military Brass Band Nº2 Brylcan XVI. At 8.30pm that evening the traditional parade with floats from the different neighbourhoods of the borough. Following the parade there will be a street party in the Plaza de España with music from the Maracaibo and Maquinaria bands.



Sunday is when the borough celebrates the Virgin of the Incarnation, with the raising of the borough flag, a mass at 6.30pm, a procession through the main street of the town with local authorities and a light and sound show. From 10pm there will be a performance by Isabel González, ‘Así soy yo’.

Monday is a local fiesta day, with schools and banks and some businesses closed and lots for the kids to do during the day. At the Adeje municipal sports pavilion (opposite the football ground) there will be a children’s play zone with bouncy castles, workshops and different events as well as a conviviality zone from 11am. At 12 midday there is a concert by the El Cardón group in the Calle Grande.

That afternoon at 6.30 mass in the Santa Úrsula church will be sung by the parish choir with a procession afterwards followed by a fireworks display. The evening ends with a one man show by Canarian comedian Manolo Vieira.

Adeje’s local fiestas begin


The finishing touch to the month-long Lustrales celebrations

fiestas patronales

The Adeje Patronal festivals are the finishing touch to the month-long Lustrales celebrations, and will open with a Gala show this Saturday with “Obladí Obladá” and a concert by Fito and Fitipaldis.

The programme of events was presented yesterday by Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, the councillor for creative development, Adolfo Alonso and the Adeje parish priest, Honorio Campos.

“These are festivities for everyone”, said the mayor, adding that there were 14 local fiestas in the region but this one was universal as “it is the last in the festival calendar and is in celebration of our Patron”. He also referred to the series of visits as part of last month’s Lustral celebrations, saying they had been very positive “and residents from different communities and groups, who make up Adeje, today participated and came together under the mantle of Adeje’s iconic figure, the Virgin of the Incarnation”.
The mayor said that during the local festivals there would also be a coming together of other towns that have the Virgin of the Incarnation as their patron – La Victoria, Hermigua and Valle San Lorenzo in Arona, “celebrating the historic links with Adeje”. One of the other events that came in for particular mention was the 90th anniversary of the Adeje Patron band, who will celebrate a twinning with the Municipal Band of Agaete (Gran Canaria).

Councillor Alonso referred to the traditional Romería (pilgrim parade) which will take place on October 18th, and the 31st Festival of Folklore which will include invited groups Surco y Arado and Añate”. He added that the programme of events for the week “ensured activities for all the family”, and that this year the quality of events planned was even higher with concerts such as that by Fito y Fitipaldis, top Spanish comic Carlos Latre on stage and a musical for the kids, Los Payasos de la tele (The clowns from the telly). There will be street parties with different bands and orchestras, sports activities, the Spanish domino championships are taking place, and much more.

The first non-religious act will be the Gala Obladí Obladá with people from all over Adeje, taking place in the Plaza de España on Friday October 9th from 10pm (free show).

The church has also thanked the council for the work “carried out in developing this festival, and in particular this year following the Lustral visits”. Parish priest Honorio Campos added that of all the religious events and acts scheduled those on the 11th and 12th of October were of particular importance, with masses in honour of the Virgin of the Incarnation, as well as inviting the faithful to attend mass on October 18th, the day of the Romería.

IMG_2567 _MG_0586

Viva San Sebastián

Adeje was buzzing with over 20,000 pilgrims yesterday as the small town of La Caleta hosted one of the borough’s most popular feast-days, San Sebastián.
Residents from the borough’s multicultural hub mixed with tourists – though the confused group of German ramblers looking at the bus timetable just outside the Church in the San Sebastián plaza were in for a long wait –and many people also brought their pets down for the traditional blessing after midday mass.
San Sebastián is one of Adeje’s patron saints and each year his feast day is celebrated through mass, song, and the hugely popular riding of horses down to the at La Enramada beach for a bathe as the statue of the saint is also carried down to the water’s edge. San Sebastián is one of the oldest fiestas in Tenerife and certainly one of the most original, and this year didn’t disappoint the thousands who were there to capture the special moments.
Adeje’s councillor for culture, Nayra Medina Bethencourt, said she was delighted with the participation of people from all over the island and beyond, adding that there was noticeably more pets and horse riders than last year. “The feast of San Sebastián has been celebrated here since the 18th century and has always been a celebration of harmonious co-existence. Every year more and more people come to seek the blessing and protection of our Saint. This is, without doubt, one of the most enjoyed fiestas in South Tenerife, and we are always looking ahead to make sure that future generations continue to celebrate the tradition”.
After the trip to the sea, the statue returned to the plaza and the blessing of animals took place, with dogs, cats, turtles, hamsters, birds and goats among the recipients.
This year the council also organised a tapas/pinchos competition among the restaurants providing food and drink during the festival, with the public voting. There was a draw, with stalls from Fañabé and Taucho both delighting the public’s taste buds.
Other participants in the weekend event included many small local traditional singing groups, and the stand for the Adeje Clean and Healthy campaign was also a draw, with information leaflets on the ongoing campaign available to the public in English, Spanish, German and French as well as presentation dog collars and reusable shopping bags,
Mention also has to be made of the excellent work done by all the local security forces. The police kept the streets clear with good humour and friendliness, and the work of the local Civil Protection unit on the beach was perfectly firm but sympathetic to the many members of the public who were jostling for best position as the horses made their way to the water.
All in all another great day for people and animals, and already looking forward to next year.

Tourists Enjoy Adeje Romería

Adeje said Adios to the locals Fiestas yesterday with a colourful Romería enjoyed by thousands who lined the main street to see the floats and agricultural carriages pass by with hundreds of Adejeros and visiting participants in traditional dress.
Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga said it was a “splendid event with high levels of participation and a lot of foreign visitors and tourists which we value greatly as we welcome their participation”. He added, “this is a delightful fiesta and a day which is full of giving by the Adeje community, displaying Canarian hospitality at its best, sharing the produce of the land with everyone”.
The mayor of the Galician town of Riveira, which is twinned with Adeje, who was an invited guest to the event, said he was very pleased to be here taking part in a festival that was emblematic of the culture and traditions of the area, and was proud to take part in traditional Canarian attire.
The traditional parade of agricultural floats attended by different local groups, who offered passers by samples of local food and drink ended at the Santa Ursula church where there were musical and dance homage to the Virgen de la Encarnación, Santa Úrsula and San Sebastián.
A fitting end to a very successful and eventual two weeks of celebrating what is both traditional and modern about Adeje.