San Sebastián, Adeje pays homage

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With Christmas and the Three Kings celebrations out of the way Adeje is now ready for the next annual fiesta –that of the town’s co-patron, San Sebastián.

This is one of the most popular and engaging fiestas in Tenerife, with the bathing of horses and other four-legged mounts at the La Enramada beach the highlight of the festivities. According to the councillor for culture, Nayra Medina Bethencourt, “San Sebastián is a perfect coming together of people who live in Adeje and those who are visiting the borough. The plaza de San Sebastián in La Caleta is the perfect stage for this celebration of harmonious co-existence on January 20th”. And this year too the borough begins to celebrate the 100th year of the presence of the statue of San Sebastián which is carried ceremoniously to the sea, brought to the parish in 1916 by the parish priest of the time, Eulogio Gutiérrez Estévez.

In fact the celebrations begin on Monday January 19th with a two-day open air exhibition of municipal photographs. The ‘pinchos’ competition also returns. Pinchos are small tapas on a cocktail stick, cheap and tasty, and ideal for eating on the street. You can vote for your favourite pincho from 7pm to midnight. Mass with the Santa Ana folklore group in honour of San Sebastián will be celebrated at 8pm followed by a procession with the Adeje Municipal Band, and fireworks.

From 7pm there will also be a ‘Parrandas’ evening, with small music groups playing in public, among them the Paranda Boleros de Armeñime, G. F. La Diata, A. C. Cultural Imoque, the Parranda El Mesturao and the Adeje Municipal Folklore group.

The 20th of January is the actual feast day of San Sebastián and events begin at 12 midday with mass in honour of the Saint sung by the Santa Úrsula de Adeje parochial choir. The procession with the image of the saint then moves outside and takes the pilgrims down to La Enramada beach where the crowds will be waiting to see the traditional bathing of the horses, and quite often a few donkeys and maybe a camel or two.

This is a fiesta stepped in local traditions and was first celebrated here in the 18th century. Over the years country people and local Adeje farmers and beyond continued with their devotions to the saint in a very particular and special way. Many have attributed miracles to the statue of San Sebastián, including cures and favours granted.

Given that up to 20,000 people take part in the celebrations every year, the council has made sure there will be more than adequate security cover, with personnel from the Policia Local, the Civil Protection Unit, the Sea Rescue service, ambulances and health professionals. Please take note of any access restrictions on the streets or on the beach in advance of the procession as they are there for the public’s security.

Some parking restrictions will be in place to facilitate free flow of traffic and allow people walk along the streets. There will also be a zone cordoned off for farm animals who are taking part in the festivities.

People are also reminded that they should come in time to park and walk, wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable, use sun cream (particularly with children) and bring water. If you are bringing you own pet/animal they must be on a lead and bring food and water for them too.

Traditional end to Adeje’s Fiestas


The Adeje Patronal Festival 2014, which this year has been based on ‘convivencia’, or togetherness, co-existence, will reach its conclusion this weekend, October 18th and 19th, with the Folklore Festival on Saturday and the Romería, on Sunday.

On Saturday October 18th the XXX Festival de Folklore Villa de Adeje will present “Un alma, una fe, un anhelo” (A soul, a faith, a yearning), with the group from the Adeje Municipal Folklore School, and the participation of the Lus Yerbatus Cultural Association from Bimenes in Austria. The show tells the story of a young man from an agricultural background who, in 1940, leaves these shores for the Americas in search of a better life. The wider theme of emigration is explored through the music of the continents, looking at the hopes and dreams of those who went and the pain of leaving family behind.
The evening’s events will begin at 9pm in the Plaza de España and be followed by a street party with music from the popular Sensación Gomera.

On Sunday October 19th, the last day of the Adeje Patronal Festivals, there will be a Cattle Fair in the Plaza del Cerco (beside the main post office) from 10am to 12 midday. At 11am there will be a special mass in the parish church in the Calle Grande and the offering of locally grown produce to the ‘patrons’ of the borough, Our Lady of the Incarnation, Saint Ursula and Saint Sebastian.


This year the Adeje ‘romería’ or pilgrim march will see 12 floats pulled by harnessed animals. Folk groups from different parts of the island are taking part as are local associations from Adeje and neighbouring boroughs. And all those who do take part must be dressed in traditional costume. The Adeje cultural department also invites the homes along the street to decorate their balconies in traditional form to add to the atmosphere.


The Adeje romería has a long established tradition and every year both residents and visitors to the borough enjoy the day, happy to accept the offer of wine and food from the floats. Fun and tradition combine to make this a colourful family event. If you are driving to the town and are early enough you should be able to park near the health centre, or in the cemetery car park and walk up to the Calle Grande before the start of the events.


Viva San Sebastián

Adeje was buzzing with over 20,000 pilgrims yesterday as the small town of La Caleta hosted one of the borough’s most popular feast-days, San Sebastián.
Residents from the borough’s multicultural hub mixed with tourists – though the confused group of German ramblers looking at the bus timetable just outside the Church in the San Sebastián plaza were in for a long wait –and many people also brought their pets down for the traditional blessing after midday mass.
San Sebastián is one of Adeje’s patron saints and each year his feast day is celebrated through mass, song, and the hugely popular riding of horses down to the at La Enramada beach for a bathe as the statue of the saint is also carried down to the water’s edge. San Sebastián is one of the oldest fiestas in Tenerife and certainly one of the most original, and this year didn’t disappoint the thousands who were there to capture the special moments.
Adeje’s councillor for culture, Nayra Medina Bethencourt, said she was delighted with the participation of people from all over the island and beyond, adding that there was noticeably more pets and horse riders than last year. “The feast of San Sebastián has been celebrated here since the 18th century and has always been a celebration of harmonious co-existence. Every year more and more people come to seek the blessing and protection of our Saint. This is, without doubt, one of the most enjoyed fiestas in South Tenerife, and we are always looking ahead to make sure that future generations continue to celebrate the tradition”.
After the trip to the sea, the statue returned to the plaza and the blessing of animals took place, with dogs, cats, turtles, hamsters, birds and goats among the recipients.
This year the council also organised a tapas/pinchos competition among the restaurants providing food and drink during the festival, with the public voting. There was a draw, with stalls from Fañabé and Taucho both delighting the public’s taste buds.
Other participants in the weekend event included many small local traditional singing groups, and the stand for the Adeje Clean and Healthy campaign was also a draw, with information leaflets on the ongoing campaign available to the public in English, Spanish, German and French as well as presentation dog collars and reusable shopping bags,
Mention also has to be made of the excellent work done by all the local security forces. The police kept the streets clear with good humour and friendliness, and the work of the local Civil Protection unit on the beach was perfectly firm but sympathetic to the many members of the public who were jostling for best position as the horses made their way to the water.
All in all another great day for people and animals, and already looking forward to next year.

Riders To The Sea

san seb

On Monday Adeje celebrates the feast of San Sebastián, one of the most popular fiesta days in South Tenerife.

One of the many lovely things about living here is the perfectly acceptable combination of religious and popular festivities, and San Sebastián is no exception, After the solemn mass in the church in La Caleta on Monday, there will be the traditional blessing of the animals – and many people bring their dogs and other four legged friends to the plaza for the event, to join the sheep, goats, oxen, donkeys and horses there. Following this there is the highly anticipated and iconic riding of the horses into the sea at La Enramada beach, always a spectacle and usually with a surprise or two – last year a camel joined the equine wave.

Here are the events happening over the next day or two.

“SAN SEBASTIÁN, A TRADITION”. Open air exhibition with photographs from the borough’s archives. From 19th – 20th January.

“D’pinchos por San Sebastián” . Vote for the best ‘pincho’, which is a tapas on a cocktail stick. With the Adeje Fiestas Committee 2014. From 7pm to midnight.

6pm. Sung mass in honour of San Sebastián, Martyr.

7pm. Procession with the image of San Sebastián along the streets accompanied by the Municipal Band. On the return to the temple there will be a fireworks display.

8pm. G.F. La Diata
8.45pm. A.C. Imoque
9.30pm. Parranda “El Mesturao”
10.15pm. Group from the Adeje Folklore School
12 noon. Mass in honour of San Sebastián, Martyr, sung by the Santa Úrsula de Adeje parish choir. After mass the procession will take the usual route accompanied by the Adeje Municipal Band, culminating in the traditional blessing of the animals and then the horses and riders take a bathe in the waters by La Enramada beach.

6pm: Eucharist.


Christmas Schedule of Events in Adeje 2013

adeje christmas calendar
Friday 29th of November
6pm. BLESSING OF THE NATIVITY SCENE, El Galeón Residents Association
Adeje Municipal School of Music

29th, 30th of November and 1st of December
5pm -10pm. CHRISTMAS MARKET in Las Torres, Christmas products, food, workshops, musical performances, donation of non-perishable goods, and posting of children’s Christmas letters.
6pm. Celebration of the FIESTA OF SAN ANDRÉS with street activities. Avenida Ayya (Las Torres).

Saturday 30th of November
Celebration of the FIESTA OF SAN ANDRÉS with different activities in Armeñime, La Hoya and Fañabé. Organised by the Comisones de Fiestas.

1st and 15th of December
El Mirador Commercial Centre

Tuesday 3rd of December
4.30pm. Blessing of the Senior Citizens Nativity in the Senior Citizens Centre, Adeje Cultural Centre.

Thursday 5th of December
En la Calle Grande
5pm – 12 midnight, CULTURAL ACTIVITIES, theatre, music, sports, donation of non-perishable goods and posting of children’s Christmas letters, “Adeje vive la Navidad” (Adeje celebrating Christmas).
5pm – 12 midnight. CHRISTMAS MARKET.
5.30pm Workshops, balloon modelling, bouncy castles, face painting…
7.30pm. CHILDREN’S SHOW, Christmas musical event with Komba Producciones.

Friday 6th of December
10.30am – 7.30pm. CHRISTMAS MARKET, Asociacion de San Juan, in the Asociacion de San Juan centre.

Saturday 7th of December
7.30pm. CONCERT with the Adeje Municipal Band, ‘Celebration of Saint Cecilia’. Free entry. In the Convent San Francisco.

Friday 13th of December
5pm – 10pm. CHRISTMAS MARKET, Plaza Cesar Manrique.
5.30pm. Workshops, balloon modelling, face painting and bouncy castles, donation of non-perishable goods and posting of children’s Christmas letters.
5pm – 12 midnight. II Donation of food and toys, La Caleta Residents Association, La Caleta Sports Complex
7pm. Blessing of the Nativity Scene of the Parish of San José, Parish of San José (Los Olivos).
7.30pm. THEATRE, with the Clownbaret Co. with the show, BLANCO SARTÉN.

Saturday 14th of December
5.30pm. The Aftersun group stage their work, TEATRO INFANTIL (CHILDREN’S THEATRE) ‘El traje nuevo del Emperador’ (The Emperor’s new clothes). Entry €5 adults, €3 under 12s. Adeje Cultural Centre Theatre.

Sunday 15th of December
11am. Walk for Life in collaboration with the Spanish Cancer Association and Women with Breast Cancer Association.
Departs: Magma Arte & Congresos

Monday 16th of December
9pm: CAROL SINGING with the Boleros de Armeñime, Armeñime.

Tuesday 17th of December
9pm. Celebration of the DAY OF HOPE and the blessing of the Nativity Scene at the La Viña hermitage (congregation of the Sisters of Martha and Mary).
10pm. CAROL SINGING with the Adeje School of Music Folklore Group. Calle Grande.

Wednesday 18th of December
6pm. CHRISTMAS PLAY by the children’s catechism group.
7pm. Mass honouring the 25th anniversary of the Parish of the Resurrección del Señor (Armeñime).

Thursday 19th of December
Participants: Adeje Municipal School of Music, Borough Folk Groups, Adeje Municipal Band, and Ballet Beanky. Plaza de España.

Friday 20th of December
5pm – 10pm. CHRISTMAS MARKET Costa Adeje
In the Salytien Plaza.
7.30pm. THEATRE ‘Luces y Sombras de la Navidad (Christmas Lights and Shadows), Asociación San Juan.
Youth Centre

Saturday 21st of December
Nexsport Club, El Galeón.
8.30pm. Living Nativity Scene, Tijoya Residents Association. Plaza del La Hoya.
9pm. The Aftersun group present CABARET SHOW ‘EL VARIEDADES 2’ (VARIETY SHOW 2).
Adeje Cultural Centre Theatre
Entry €8, youth and senior citizen card holders, €5.

Monday 23rd of December
Callao Salvaje

Friday 27th of December
Adeje Cultural Centre Theatre
Entry, a toy or €5

Saturday 28TH of December
8.30PM. GOSPEL CONCERT in the Convent of San Francisco. Entry free

Wednesday 31st of December
11pm. NEW YEAR’S EVE with the Wamampy Orchestra and the Hermanos Chavéz group. San Sebastián, La Caleta.

Friday 3rd of January
8.30pm. BURKA THEATRE CO. stage the work BOCACHO DE RISA
Adeje Cultural Centre Theatre.
Entry free.

Saturday 4th of January
8pm. II Christmas Adeje Veterans Football Tournament
Municipal Football Stadium.

Sunday 5th January
Municipal Football Stadium (El Galeón).
7.30pm. PARADE WITH THE THREE KINGS, with lots of special guests from the world of children’s cinema and television. Calle Grande (Adeje).

Mass times over Christmas/New Year
Tuesday, 24th December
5pm. Parish of the Virgen Milagrosa (Tijoco-La Hoya)
7pm. Parish of San José (Los Olivos)
11pm. Callao Salvaje Church
11.30pm. Parish of Santa Úrsula Mártir (Adeje)

Wednesday, 25th December
10am. Parish of La Resurrección del Señor (Armeñime)
11am. Parish of Santa Úrsula Mártir (Adeje)
12.30pm. Parish of Nuestra Señora del Campo (Fañabé)
6pm. San Sebastián Church (La Caleta)

Saturday, 28th December
5pm. Parish of the Virgen Milagrosa (Tijoco-La Hoya)
6pm. Parish of Santa Úrsula Mártir (Adeje)
7pm. Parish of San José (Los Olivos)

Sunday, 29th December
10am. Parish of La Resurrección del Señor (Armeñime)
11am. Parish of Santa Úrsula Mártir (Adeje)
12.30pm. Parish of Nuestra Señora del Campo (Fañabé)
1pm. Callao Salvaje Church
6pm. San Sebastián Church (La Caleta)

Tuesday, 31st December
5pm. Parish of the Virgen Milagrosa (Tijoco-La Hoya)
6pm. Parish of Santa Úrsula Mártir (Adeje)
7pm. Parish of San José (Los Olivos)

Wednesday, 1st January
10am. Parish of La Resurrección del Señor (Armeñime)
11am. Parish of Santa Úrsula Mártir (Adeje)
12.30pm. Parish of Nuestra Señora del Campo (Fañabé)
1pm. Callao Salvaje Church
6pm. San Sebastián Church (La Caleta)
Sunday, 5th January
10am. Parish of La Resurrección del Señor (Armeñime)
11am. Parish of Santa Úrsula Mártir (Adeje)
12.30pm. Parish of Nuestra Señora del Campo (Fañabé)
1pm. Callao Salvaje Church
5pm. Parish of the Virgen Milagrosa (Tijoco-La Hoya)
6pm. San Sebastián Church (La Caleta)

Monday, 6th January
10am. Parish of La Resurrección del Señor (Armeñime)
11am. Parish of Santa Úrsula Mártir (Adeje)
12.30pm. Parish of Nuestra Señora del Campo (Fañabé)
1pm. Callao Salvaje Church
6pm. San Sebastián Church (La Caleta)


Tourists Enjoy Adeje Romería

Adeje said Adios to the locals Fiestas yesterday with a colourful Romería enjoyed by thousands who lined the main street to see the floats and agricultural carriages pass by with hundreds of Adejeros and visiting participants in traditional dress.
Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga said it was a “splendid event with high levels of participation and a lot of foreign visitors and tourists which we value greatly as we welcome their participation”. He added, “this is a delightful fiesta and a day which is full of giving by the Adeje community, displaying Canarian hospitality at its best, sharing the produce of the land with everyone”.
The mayor of the Galician town of Riveira, which is twinned with Adeje, who was an invited guest to the event, said he was very pleased to be here taking part in a festival that was emblematic of the culture and traditions of the area, and was proud to take part in traditional Canarian attire.
The traditional parade of agricultural floats attended by different local groups, who offered passers by samples of local food and drink ended at the Santa Ursula church where there were musical and dance homage to the Virgen de la Encarnación, Santa Úrsula and San Sebastián.
A fitting end to a very successful and eventual two weeks of celebrating what is both traditional and modern about Adeje.

Adeje Fiestas Fun

adeje-fiestas patronales  (2) adeje-fiestas patronales  (4) adeje-fiestas patronales  (1)

This weekend sees the local Adeje fiestas really take off, with a host of events scheduled from Friday to Monday, which is a local fiesta with schools and many businesses closed.

On Saturday from 9am the Cross event takes place – you can sign up on the morning with categories from junior to senior, with races from 10am.

On the same morning there is also an exhibition of classic Volkswagen cars in the car park in front of the town’s main post office.

From 6.30pm on Saturday evening there will be performances from different local bands, and later on the main parade up the Calle Grande from 8.30 with lots of local groups, dancers, cheerleaders, fun and famous figures taking part not to mention an estimated 96 kilos of sweets to be handed out. The evening ends with music and dancing in the Plaza de España with the Orchestra Sensación Gomera.

Sunday is the day dedicated to the  Virgen de La Encarnación with various religious events taking place and a procession through the main streets of the town.

From 10pm the Plaza de Espana will enjoy a tribue concert by Esther Ovejero to Cavela Vargas, with the Wamampy orchestra bringing the evening’s events to a close.

Monday October 14th is a local holiday and is Dia de Santa Ursula. From 11am there will be children’s activities bouncy castles, and attractions in the plaza.  At six o’clock there will be a decade of the rosary and a mass in honour of Santa Ursula, followed by fireworks.

That evening promises a lot of laughs with a festival of humour in the Plaza de España:

Southern Belles…

As part of the Adeje local fiestas the Miss Sur contest will take place in the Plaza de España, just beside the church at the top of the Calle Grande, on Friday October 18th. Yesterday the contestants posed for photographs for local press at Siam Park in the company of Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, cultural councillor Adolfo Alonso, Siam Park owner Christoph Kiessling and the event organiser Sandro Pérgola.
This is the second year the event will be held in Adeje. The mayor said that last year’s event had been a huge success and very popular with the public, “and we are delighted to welcome back the event as part of our local celebrations that are taking place at the moment”. He added that the competition was perfectly designed to fit in to the theme of the fiestas this year, Tradition and Modernity, as well as continuing to promote Adeje as a top quality tourist destination.
“These are not just beautiful young women, they are students, workers, professionals striving to succeed. This competition will also open doors for them in the competitive world of fashion and teach them about working in a team”.
Sandro Pérgola, the Miss Sur organiser, thanked the local administrations of Adeje, Arona, San Miguel de Abona, Santiago del Teide, Fasnia and Güímar for their co-operation as well as Siam Park, Shark, Bualá, Fraya, Dolores Cortes, Helidream Canarias, Grupo Gomasper, Centro Comercial Gran Sur, Mirador de El Galeón, Dreamplace Hotels, Spa Vitanoba, Océanos Combustibles, Bar El Cine, Gourmetland, Esquivel Bus, Flipper Uno, Damiroal, G & G Agencia Publicitaria, la Cueva Gráfica, Me lo quedo, Soy Digital, Radio Sur Adeje, Joa Rubio fotografía, Vivo y Rene, Óscar Cabrera, Peluquería Arsal, HD Producciones, and Sonoplus Canarias and Grupo Camia, the travel agency which has donated a Mediterranean cruise as the top prize for the winner.
Unlike many other beauty competitions Miss Sur also acts as a promotional platform for the different boroughs in South Tenerife. In the case of Adeje the candidates have participated in a report on the delights of Costa Adeje which will be shown during the competition and subsequently on local television throughout the islands.
Miss Sur 2013 takes place on Friday October 18th, in the Plaza de España, starting at 9pm, and is open to the public at no charge. The 19 candidates, representing the southern boroughs and private companies are Yosleidi Luis, Coraima Afonso, Fiorella Trevisani, Luciana Hurtado, Lorena de Souza, Celia Torres, Jessica Hernández, Nidia Delgado, Yasmina Toali, Nieves Lugo, Sophie Abreu, Vaittiare Álvarez, Paula Arzola, Erika Montañez, Dahiana Romero, Jodie Ariu, Karina Baracka, Ylenia Padilla and Gabriela Oliveros.
More information about the competition and the 19 candidates at y


Traditions and Modernity

fiestas patronal

The following is the list of events taking place in Adeje during the 2013 Municipal Festivals

Friday September 27th
7pm IV Adeje Gastronomy Festival, “”
Centre for Development of Tourism Costa Adeje (CDTCA)

Friday October 4th
6pm Mass and presentation of the Restored Painting of the Image of the Rosary
Santa Úrsula Parish Church
8.30pm Concert, Beselch Rodríguez, “Timple Band”
Music with timple
Adeje Cultural Centre Theatre €6

Saturday October 5th
6pm Celebration of th e Eucharist and traditional descent of the Virgin de la Encarnación
Followed by the raising of the banner for Mary
Santa Úrsula Parish Church
8.30pm 25 Anniversary of the Adeje Municipal School of Folklore and Group
Exhibition hall, Adeje Cultural Centre
Tuesday October 8th
6pm Solemn Triduum: Eucharist and Offering
The elderly, infirm and health care workers.
Santa Úrsula Parish Church

Wednesday October 9th
6pm Solemn Triduum: Eucharist
Santa Úrsula Parish Church

Thursday October 10th
6pm Solemn Triduum: Eucharist and Offering
Young people, educators, parents and religious teachers.
Santa Úrsula Parish Church

Friday October 11th
9pm Night Clay Pigeon Shooting
Municipal Shooting Stadium, Taucho
10pm, Gala Night, Adeje-80
Plaza de España
Midnight Street Party with music from “La Clase Aparte”
Plaza de España

Saturday October 12th
9am Street Races open to the public
El Galeón
9:30pm Fiesta Weekend Tenerife 2013
Exhibition of Classic Volkswagen Cars
Parking beside Post Office
6.30pm Bands Competition
Plaza de España
8:30pm Traditional Parade with Floats
Calle Grande
11pm Street Party with music by the Orquesta Sensación Gomera
Plaza de España

Sunday October 13th
6pm Civil Procession with the Municipal Banner
From the Town Hall to the Iglesia Matriz
6.30pm: Solemn Eucharist and Offering
From the different parishes
Santa Úrsula Parish Church
Procession of the Blessed Image
Carried by the bearers of the Virgen de la Encarnación and accompanied by religious and civil authorities, members of the Hermandad del Santísimo, the Mujeres Adejeras con la Virgin collective and and the Adeje Municipal Band
10pm Show with Esther Ovejero “Tributo a Chavela Vargas”
Plaza de España
Midnight Street Party with Orquesta Wamampy
Plaza de España

Monday October 14th
11am Children’s Event
Bouncy Castles, shows and workshops,
Plaza de España
6pm: Holy Rosary
Santa Úrsula Parish Church
6.30pm Solemn Eucharist in honour of Santa Úrsula
Sung by the Santa Úrsula Parochial choir
Santa Úrsula Parish Church
Procession of the Blessed Image
Accompanied by the Adeje Municipal Band, the clergy and authorities
10pm Gala night with humour from Eloisa, Yanely and Lili Quintana
(En Clave de Ja)
Plaza de España

Tuesday October 15th
6pm The story of Adeje through the eyes of its women
A visit to the Casco Histórico de Adeje
8pm Inauguration of the Exhibition “Stanislaw Lem y la Ciencia Ficción”
A social-cultural event by the ARKA collective
Adeje Cultural Centre
8pm 42nd Roque del Conde Football Tournament
In Triangular Format, C.D. Águilas, Fañabé C.F. y C.D. Armeñime.
Adeje Municipal Football Ground

Wednesday October 16th
8pm Senior Citizens Festival
Adeje Centro Cultural Theatre
9pm 42nd Roque del Conde Football Tournament Final
Adeje Municipal Football Ground
Thursday October 17th
6.30pm Children’s Festival l
Plaza de España
10pm Art Factory
Plaza de España

Friday October 18th
6pm Meeting with Riveira
Roundabout Calle Palo Mayor
9pm Miss Sur Competition
Plaza de España
11pm Street Party with Alto Standing
Plaza de España

Saturday October 19th
10am – 4pm Sport on the street
Plaza de España
3pm Rally Slot Villa de Adeje
Adeje Youth Centre
6pm Mass and union with La Gomera
Homage to the Virgen de Guadalupe
Santa Úrsula Parish Church
7.30pm I Villa de Adeje Wrestling Match
Plaza de España
9.30pm XXIX Villa de Adeje Folklore Festival
25th Anniversary of the Adeje Municipal School of Folklore and Group
Plaza de España

10:00 – midday Livestock Fair
El Cerco
11am Pilgrim Mass
Santa Úrsula Parish Church
1pm Romería y Offerings to the Municipal Patrons
Calle Grande
Followed by
Big Street Party with Kimbara and the Orquesta Korinto Band
Plaza de España


Armeñime Fiestas 2013

Thurarmeñimesday July 18:

6pm – 8pm.  Children’s games, bouncy castle, face painting
9pm – 1am. Junior Gala

Friday July 19:
12:30pm:Card and domino competitions,
9pm  Adult Queen Gala.
11pm – 4am: Street party and dancing with Isidro y alto-Standing.

Saturday July 20:
11am Music in the plaza with a paella tasting competition
11pm – 6am Street party and dancing with Sensación Gomera and alto -Standing.

Sunday July 21:
7.30pm: Mass and procession through the streets of the town, followed by fireworks and the arrival at the square accompanied by singer Isidro performing un Ave-María.
11pm -4am: Sumer Band Orchestra and Adrián Mora, presentation of trophies and new commission.