Sustainability in a limited space!


Rodríguez Fraga: “Hopefully we will be able to support sustainability, avoid any more pressure in terms of numbers in a limited space and work for a more equitable share-out of the benefits”

Among the important events that Costa Adeje took part in during the Spanish tourism trade fair, Fitur 2018 were diverse meetings and forums with professionals and representatives from the sector. Adeje mayor Jose Miguel Rodríguez Fraga was guest speaker at Fiturtech, organised by the ITH, the hotels technology institute. Also in attendance were the mayors from Spain’s main tourism zones and members of the National Tourism Alliance: Benidorm, Calvía, Lloret de Mar, Arona, San Bartolomé de Tirajana and Torremolinos. The moderator was Juan Molas, president of the ITH.

150 professionals were present at the round-table event, looking at “the differentiation, as a formula, in the repositioning of pioneer destinations”. Rodríguez Fraga used the opportunity to give a rundown of the main actions taken and challenges dealt with by Costa Adeje. One of the areas he gave particular emphasis to was the council’s concerns regarding sustainability, the need to ensure that there is no increase in pressure in what is a limited space and that the benefits accrued from tourism are more equitably distributed. “Adeje generates an important part of the island’s income, contributes to the economy in a major way, but the share-out is not properly reflected”, he said. The mayor says it was of primary importance that the share was more equitable because it is, he stressed, “fundamentally important that in a destination such as ours the local population sees that they benefit from the industry they work in, and do so via better services, higher wages and better working conditions, commitment to training and quality of service”. He added that local administrations “also have to work to ensure that this is the case and in that way more people will want to work in the sector giving of their best and being properly compensated for it”.

Regarding the development within the destination, Rodríguez Fraga was robust in his commitment to sustainability. “In Costa Adeje it is no longer a question of increasing the number of tourists coming here, but of maintaining the numbers while improving the offer and the quality of the destination”. Questioned about the new hotels being built in the borough and the reformation taking place around the destination, he said “in general we are not looking to build new hotels, what we are concentrating on is the modernisation of the existing hotels and the reformation of those that are obsolete. We are doing this hand-in-hand with a business sector that is very committed to this idea of readapting. Furthermore, for us the main objective is to achieve improved profitability, in turn creating more jobs with less pressure on what is a finite space.”

During the forum there was also an important discussion on the presence and role of new technology in the tourism industry and with this in mind Rodríguez Fraga voiced his interest, given that “innovations and the use of new technology can be useful in solving and dealing with problems in the sector, and has a lot to do with the overall sustainability within our offer and the future projects in the borough”.

11.2% of GDP
During the fair, in different debates that took place, one of the constant themes was the issue of legislation and the funding of local administrations in tourism boroughs. In this regard the eight boroughs that make upon the national alliance, with over 400 million overnight stays between them, generate 11.21% of the country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product), something that is not reflected in the distribution of funds by, among others, the Finance ministry. The mayor commented, “what concerns us is the fact that superior (national) administrations pass laws and impose regulations from above without taking into account the problems and the solutions that arise and are dealt with at local level often while lacking the proper resources to do so. Rodríguez Fraga, who is also president of the Canarian association of tourism boroughs, agreed that regulation was important but in a reasonable way and with rules and orders that were applicable and apt and that local administrations were given the tools to carry them out. “We are too used to the fact that they regulate too much and contribute too little”:

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Costa Adeje’s Happy Streets!



As part of their presentation at Fitur, the Spanish tourism trade fair, the Adeje council through the Costa Adeje Brand, launched the Happy Streets booking concept allowing people to buy a huge range of tickets for different events on one webpage.

Under the tagline, “Wherever you look, 360º of fun” the council detailed the creation of a web platform allowing visitors to look for information on events and book directly. The activites are both public (Council organised) and private and include cultural, music, sports and social happenings. The platform sees the Costa Adeje brand working with private institutions such as Siam Park, Hard Rock Hotel, Fara Producciones, Monkey Beach, La Terrazza del Mare, Le Club and Creventy.

“For us it is very clear that what is increasingly important and what is the main challenge for us is meeting the needs of a diversity of tourists, and coming up with a leisure offer to meet all needs and expectations”, said the Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, who has been attending Fitur with the borough tourism councillor Ermitas Moreira.

Events detailed online include The Passion (the Good Friday street theatre on the town’s Calle Grande every Easter), concerts in Siam Park, the Children of the 80s gigs in the Hard Rock Hotel and happenings in popular night-time venues such as Monkey Club, Terrazza del Mare and Le Club. “We are offering different activities for all kinds of visitors, from those who are travelling alone or with a partner to families with children of all ages”, commented the tourism councillor.

Under the Happy Streets label visitors can chose the kind of event they are interested in. By visiting and clicking on the Happy Streets option they will have a menu to choose from, and can view the calendar of events planned throughout the year as well as buying tickets where and when they wish to.

During Fitur details of the XXVIII Rally Villa de Adeje Cicar were also presented with the news that the organisers will be working to include the circuit on the international stage. During the 2018 rally technical inspections will be taking place and if all goes well the rally could be a European circuit. Present at this event were Adeje sports councillor, Adolfo Alonso, the president of the Adeje Rally Poli Delgado, the director general of Cicar and the president of the Spanish automobile federation, Manuel Aviñó.





Fitur Festival will showcase Adeje entertainment


Costa Adeje is in Madrid today, as the annual Spanish tourism trade fair, Fitur, kicks off, and will be present in a number of different stands and dedicated spaces during the days of the trade fair.

Adeje is part of the new AMTC, the association of Canarian tourism municipalities and in this regard will take part in a number of meetings with travel professionals and tour operators.

One of the new sections to be introduced this year is Fitur Festival, an international stand which will include Costa Adeje who will present the Happy Streets programme, “360º of leisure for everyone”. The borough will also use this space to promote such diverse events such as the Easter passion play, the Children of the 80s concerts, Tenerife Fashion Beach Costa Adeje, the Rallye Villa de Adeje and much more.

These promotions will be happening in partnership with companies such as Siam Park, Hard Rock Hotel, Farra Producciones, Monkey Beach, Creventy and others. The main presentations will be from Wednesday to Friday using a huge LED screen, two meeting zones, a stage, touch screens and expo areas as well as local performers.

The Expo Vida company is at Fitur this year and there will also be a show cookery demonstration at the AMTC stand with chef Pablo Pastor, with the expansion of the Adeje gastronomy offer and its inclusion in the tourist ‘menu’.

The main business of Fitur takes place from today, Tuesday, through to Friday with Adeje representatives taking part in over 21 meetings and events, and the Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, will also be guest of honour at the Iberoamericana Tourism Ministers Conference (CIMET 2018).



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Coastal protection plan


From El Puertito to La Caleta 

The work involved in participating in the Madrid International Tourism Trade Fair, Fitur, is about much more than simply selling a destination and counting the economic costs and benefits; it’s also about promoting the protection of the elements which made the destination special, and in the case of Adeje there are natural assets of huge importance to the residents and visitors to Adeje. Tourism itself is a tool to improve the quality of life of those residents.


During this year’s fair the Adeje authorities have been meeting with a myriad of bodies, public and private, who are involved in future plans for the destination. One of those meeting, actually outside the confines of the trade fair hall, was in the Ministry of the Environment where Adeje mayor Jose Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, and the tourism, environmental and urban councillors, Ermitas Moreira, Esther Rivero, and José María Álvarez respectively met with the subdirector of public domains, Josefa Solenou, the head of concessions, Benito Carreras, and Ana García Fletcher, sub director of coastal protection.

Adeje presented their plans for coastal protection from El Puertito to La Caleta “outlining the need to evaluate the public zone conditions which exist to develop a plan whose main aim is to protect and regenerate the marine ecosystem of our borough”, said Esther Rivero. The delegation are hoping to persuade the coastal authorities to cede control of the zone to the council who will then introduce a series of programmes that will work to protect the zone and ensure a development that is 100% sustainable and in line with natural growth. The council had two associations with them to present the plan – the Asociación Océano Sostenible and the Fundación Loro Parque, represented by David Novillo and Javier Almunia,

According to the council the ministry representatives were very interested in the plans and the initial evaluation was very positive, said the mayor, who added that his conviction was that the department was well disposed towards the project, with future meetings to flesh out the proposal already scheduled.

The ministry was also visited by the Arona mayor José Julián Mena and the environment councillor José Luis Gómez, to discuss issues affecting our neighbouring borough, beach concessions, improvement of services and the regeneration of certain zones. Both boroughs continue to work in harmony on certain matters.


Q for quality
During last’s night’s proceedings at the fair, open to the public until Sunday, the Tourism office in Troya beach was awarded a Q for Quality Tourism, an award that recognised the excellent work carried out by the personnel who staff the office.

It is predicted that up to 100, 000 people will visit the trade fair this weekend. And while the majority of the members of the public who attend are from the Madrid area, each year, organisers say, more and more people travel longer distances to attend and find out about the holiday destinations on offer. Many of those are expected to visit the Costa Adeje and Arona stands.

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Costa Adeje preparations for Fitur


Costa Adeje will have its own stand at Fitur, the Spanish Tourism Trade Fair

Adeje mayor: “We want to stamp our own identity on the event while still part of the overall package, as we are part of Spain, the Canaries and Tenerife”

Costa Adeje will present the main strategies for the destination for 2017 during FITUR, the international Spanish Tourism Trade Fair. Announcing details of the plan to the press, Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and tourism councillor Ermitas Moreira García explained the new offers the destination would promote at the fair as well as stressing recent data proving the excellent economic state of the destination and how it is maintaining its position as one of the best locations in Spain in terms of hotel/hotel-apartment occupation and tourism excellence.

The Costa Adeje stand at Fitur, which takes place in Madrid from January 18th – 22nd, will be alongside the Arona stand. “We will have our own individual presence but beside the Arona stand – we are the two big destinations in Tenerife” said the mayor. For Rodríguez Fraga the individual stands don’t, in any way, signify a separation of Adeje from the overall promotions for Spain, the Canary Island and Spain – “we are all under the same umbrellas”, he added. “Each destination had the right to promote their own initiatives, their momentum, to highlight the things that make the destination different and special”. During Fitur Adeje representatives will also be integral to Tenerife Tourism events and meetings.

Regarding the work alongside Arona, the two boroughs worked together on joint offers last year too – “this level of co-ordination with Arona is very important. Geographically we are united, and the effect on the tourist is the same”, said the mayor. “We need to work together to gain the loyalty of our visitors and compete against other destinations”.

Costa Adeje is recognised as a good investment destination too, constantly renovating and improving its tourism infrastructures, public and private, always encouraging innovation and adapting to the changing needs and wants of the visitor. “We have made important changes to public infrastructures and taken on private plans to improve the quality of the destination”, said the tourism councillor Ermitas Moreira, adding that “there is a high level of investment in the destination which has been very important in improvements to Costa Adeje, bettering the offer and helping us move in the right direction. We are talking about investment in the region of 100 million euros from private entities, added to public funds earmarked for the coming years”.

The mayor said the work the team would be undertaking during Fitur would be “intensive…we have a lot to offer and a lot to outline. We are a modern strong destination, one of the most profitable and most popular in Spain”.

Moreira said that the lines of promotion during the fair would include the nature offers, outdoor sports and leisure. “While of course we are a holiday tourist destination we have terrific natural, heritage and cultural strings to our bow, which are also part of our holiday destination, as it is much more than simply sun and sea”. Costa Adeje will present an app that offers three dimensional virtual reality and 360º images of the area, showing the many sides of Costa Adeje.

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Costa Adeje: Meeting the demands of 21st Century Tourism


Ermitas Moreira, tourism councillor and mayor José Miguel Rodríguez outlining details of the Fitur promotion today

Ermitas Moreira, tourism councillor and mayor José Miguel Rodríguez outlining details of the Fitur promotion today

Costa Adeje is the Nº1 tourist destination in the Canaries and fourth in Spain in terms of economic returns for its five-star hotels

A continued commitment to the strategy that has seen the Costa Adeje destination become a showcase at regional and national levels for tourism is how 2016 has begun, with new challenges ahead to consolidate the work done to meet the demands of 21st Century Tourism. This will be done by combining the existing offer in the borough alongside an exciting range of newly opened tourism niches with a stated expansion until 2020.

In Costa Adeje, when we mention 21st Century Tourism we are not just referring to traditional tools associated with the market, and those which are using new technologies, complementary offers and tourism feedback. Already Adeje can look at its position as one of the leaders in the tourism trade in attracting investors and promoting the concept of ‘total tourism’ with an offer that emphasised, among other things, care for details, quality of services and looking after clients’ needs to the ultimate level.

Now, when we refer to 21st Century Tourism we are using the term to cover the continuation of a quality and luxury service but combined with sustainability, respect for the environment, and controlled growth and a global offer which will attract tourists of all types, from solo travellers to couples to those in search of the perfect family get-away. In that regard a strategic plan is now in place with 2020 as the end date, with many of the new projects already becoming reality.

The Adeje department of tourism is looking at the overall offer in terms of different ‘worlds’ to be visited, and bearing in mind the business side of the tourism sector too, recognising that tourism is and continues to be an essential economic motor creating wealth and jobs locally contributing to local well-being and quality of life. In this regard Adeje is recognised as one of the administrations working to keeps the bureaucratic wheels moving, with licences for small businesses granted, on average, within 7 days, and for large projects within 30 days. Costa Adeje has also maintained its position with Exeltur as one of the most profitable tourist destinations in Spain, leading the sector in the Canaries with a 15.4% RevPar (index of profit per room per day). The borough has also registered a rise in those working in tourism of 3.2% this year, with almost 13,000 employed in the sector.

The world of the family is one of the important ‘worlds’ within the offer, with Siam Park now acknowledged as one of the best theme parks globally and Aqualand with awards at national level. The challenge to upgrade and improve the family offer continues and up-and-coming hotel projects will see exciting new offers on the horizon with an increased number of 5-star establishments.

Sport and nature form another ‘world’ of tourism here in Adeje. Already institutions such as the T3 training centre are internationally acknowledged as among the best. New projects in the natural world, on land and at sea, with the opening of Marine classrooms, reclaiming the seabed, and the developing of ‘green-belt’ connections in the midlands and upper reaches of the borough will see interesting new tourism offers, allowing our visitors enjoy a destination that offers a natural sustainable line from the sea to the mountains, passing through some cultural and heritage sites worth stopping for.

The world of luxury is already established too, and with controlled growth will continue to expand, with projects such as the Puertito de Adeje which will see a fusion of luxury, family, natural, sustainable and sporting tourism in one incredible location. In parallel we enjoy a healthy businesses and commercial sector which grew further in 2015 with the opening of Siam Mall, already a hugely successfully innovate shopping experience. All this and more guarantees that Costa Adeje has a bright future ahead.

The Adeje councillor for tourism Ermitas Moreira has previously held the post of economic development in the borough and is well placed to see the need for a healthy work:tourism ratio. “We depend upon who visits us and the investments made by small, medium and large businesses to ensure that tourism is a source of shared wealth for the borough and this has worked so far in terms of job creation locally”. However for Moreira the current figures “are good but not good enough. We have to keep working along the same lines to ensure that our economic motor continues to generate more jobs each day and that is one of our chief objectives over the coming years”.

José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga
The mayor of Adeje will lead the borough’s delegation to Fitur, the Madrid based International Tourism Trade Fair 2016 taking place next week (January 20th 24th), an event he described as “an excellent tourism showcase” and where municipal delegations will come together under the Turismo de Tenerife banner. “For us Fitur is an opportunity to promote our brand of tourism, the thinking behind what we do as a destination, a destination that is dynamic, with a strong identity, as well as encourging more tourism for the island of Tenerife and the rest of the Canary Islands.” He added that one of the challenges next week would be to recapture the national market as well as maintaining the numbers from other countries, “and we will be presenting new promotional tools”, he said.

Regarding the Costa Adeje development plans, he says “we are not simply in a process of renovation of all the sector has to offer, we are adding new contents to the offer which will be launched globally, working to ensure Costa Adeje remains a world leader in the sector”. He says he is convinced that the “concept of 21st Century Tourism perfectly defines what we want – nothing more than to be able to offer a destination with all the characteristics that we have worked to consolidate in recent years in terms of quality, excellent service and a 5-star hotel and leisure offer in conjunction with the important elements of sustainability, controlled development and an offer where the human factor, culture and heritage, play key roles. He paid special attention to the pivotal role human values play too in tourism in Adeje, and how the needs of the visitor were at the centre of any development plans as well as the needs and futures of those working in the industry here.

“We have always worked responsibly and with respect and let no-one think we are sitting back on our laurels in a self-satisfied manner, assuming ‘job done’. On the contrary, while we value what we have achieved we now have to work hard to maintain and constantly improve the Costa Adeje tourism offer”.

During Fitur the mayor will attend a range of strategic meetings with sector representatives. He will also receive a prize from Preferente magazine for his dedication and commitment to tourism. He will take some personal satisfaction in the award, but in principal says it is “in recognition of work done, work we have all undertaken and carried out in Costa Adeje for Tenerife tourism, and for tourism in the Canary Islands and Spain.

“Our goals are renovation, but we have chosen a path ahead, a stake in the future, based on quality, the training of personnel in the sector as something mandatory and this is how we will be judged competitively, and we must also work to ensure that the wealth created by tourism continues to benefit all those who live and work in Adeje for the betterment of our society. We can all commit to quality – the workforce will have to make an extra effort in terms of training and adaptation, businesses will have to create jobs and top quality products and society in general will see the improved quality of life that tourism can bring. This is the stage upon which we build a tourism offer that is both exceptional and competitive”, assured mayor Rodríguez Fraga.

Adeje Initiatives at Fitur


Adeje Council, hotels and tourism specialists have had a busy few days in Madrid during Fitur, the highly important international tourism trade fair.
Just some of the news coming from the capital includes word that the Sheraton La Caleta will redecorate all of its rooms from March of this year. According to the commercial director, Gloria Dibb the project is part of the hotel’s commitment to change and innovation, to offer something new to clients, especially given the fact that, according to Dibb, “more than 50% of our visitors are return guests”. During 2013 the Sheraton La Caleta amplified their mini-club to a maxi-club and built tennis and padel courts.
The hotel Jardín Tropical has also been exploring ways of offering a more personalised service to their clients and during 2013 invited travel agents from all over the world to visit the establishment and help them improve the offer. Sales director for the hotel Alicia Bugallo, explained how one of the changes has been to switch the traditional reception desk for a number of smaller individual tables for client comfort and personalised attention, saying that renovation was the key to continued success. She added that other upgrades took place in the rooms, communal zones, the lobby bar, wifi areas, new sales points and a chill out terrace.
Away from the hotels, Dayli Tours will be introducing a series of guided tours to Adeje’s historical town centre. Director Rolf Fuchs, also at Fitur, said they “The cultural visits will include a talk about the history of Adeje from the Guanche era, a visit to the Convent, the Santa Úrsula Church, the Casa Fuerte, and a small tapas route to a few restaurants in the centre of the town who have indicated their interest in the idea”. The visitors will also have some free time in the town to shop, dine or discover more of the delights of Adeje for themselves. Fuchs said the tours were due to begin once agreements had been signed with a number of tour operators and a few logistical details had been ironed out, but would definitely be under way during the year.
Along the coasts, both the Adeje council and the different tourism companies working in the borough have stressed the urgent need for the new Coastal law allowing beach-based activities to be implemented. Tourism councillor for Adeje Rafael Dolado, who said he has been in touch with the department regarding the new law, indicated the changes will mean “increased assurance for economic activities along the beaches and tighter legal controls. We are hoping for clarification regarding how this will allow the development of different activities which will now be allowed and that processing of event applications will be done with ease.”
Roberto Ucelay, from one of the companies responsible for services along Playa Fañabe said “the issue of beaches is hugely important and we hope that when they decide the law more activities that complement night time leisure activities for the destination will be permitted”.
Both the Adeje tourism councillor and another South Tenerife businessman, Javier Cabrera, also present at Fitur, emphasised the importance of ongoing upgrading within the destination, as well as regenerating obsolete zones and continuing to ensure the safety of visitors.

Adults Only!

Adrián hotel represetatives at Fitur

Adrián hotel represetatives at Fitur

Daniel Adrián, one of the people responsible for the Adrián Hotels chain, has confirmed that the hotel Colón Guanahaní, in Costa Adeje, is to become an ‘adults only’ hotel.
Adrián confirmed the news at the Spanish Tourism Trade Fair, Fitur, in Madrid, earlier today. He said that the four-star establishment would close from May to July to allow renovations and some changes to take place to adapt to the new concept, adding that families and in particular children, were still more than welcome in the chain’s other hotel in the borough the Hotel Roca Nivaria.
Looking back over 2013, Adrián said “2013 was a record year, and our main markets – the English, German, Belgian and Russians, increased numbers in the summer. Regarding the national market, Adrián hotels deals with a small number of clients and that has remained steady. Looking at 2014 we expect the figures to remain positive. However we have to always be aware that the future isn’t guaranteed and must be aware and not rest on our laurels because trends can change overnight”, he added.
Referring to low prices in other destinations, Daniel Adrián said they couldn’t compete with some cheaper destinations given the low cost labour availability in some countries, “that’s why we can compete in terms of quality of the product and not just in terms of the hotels but in terms of the overall quality of the tourist destination. There is still a lot to do”, he said.
The chain of hotels he represents offers “a ramblers programme and we also develop excursions around the island. We don’t just sell sun and beach, we sell much more as the interiors, the walks such as the Barranco del Infierno are spectacular”.