Adeje’s folklore is alive and well


This month the council have celebrated two folklore group anniversaries

The Santa Ana Seniors group and the Adeje Municipal Folklore group have been celebrating 25 and 30 year anniversaries respectively. Since they came into being both groups have worked to rescue, promote and enhance traditional Canarian folklore values as well as restoring celebrations to local calendars, underlining the importance of tradition in the history and development of the borough.

The two groups have been very successful and have counted about the excellent participation of many members of the public and cooperation from the Adeje council. This year the Municipal Folklore group, founded in 1988, celebrate 30 years in existence, and in recent years have won the Adeje Gold Medal and a Ganigo, awarded by Cit Sur for groups and individuals who contribute to tourism quality.

The group have released four records, staged many original performances and travelled nationally and internationally, promoting the history and traditions of the borough.

Santa Ana, named for the patron saint of the Adeje senior citizens, is a group of older residents who come together to learn, share and prove that age is no barrier to continuing to enjoy life. They have released two records, and are regular participants in the more important Adeje events annually.

Department of Communications