Adeje Presented With ULL Gold Medal



Last night (Tuesday March 11th) the mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, received the University of La Laguna (ULL) Gold Medal during the celebrations of the 222 anniversary of the foundation of institution.

In the 222 years of the history of the ULL this medal has only been awarded 12 times. The presentation was made, in the university, by rector Eduardo Doménech, who said, “the presence of the ULL in Adeje is much more than a gift, it is an ongoing reality which lets us look to the future with increased hope”.
The regional president, Paulino Rivero, and minister for education José Miguel Pérez were also present at the official act, as well as members of the Adeje council and representatives of different organisations and collectives of the borough. During his acceptance speech the mayor made specific reference to these individuals and groups stating that without their efforts this would not have been possible.
As mentioned by the rector, who also singled out the dedication of the mayor himself to this project, the relation between the ULL and Adeje which began just over 20 years ago, was initially similar to that with many other borough corporations. However in the case of Adeje what was once a summer university has consolidated into a full time campus in South Tenerife, in place since the 2012/2013 academic year with students taking Tourism degree courses.
“Today we are preparing our young people for high levels positions in the tourism sector – up until now they were only applying for jobs lower down the scale”, said the mayor. He also spoke of the important role councils have to play in the education of their citizens, saying that this medal was “was a recognition of the work of councils. Boroughs, along with universities, play an important role in the liberty, progression and advancement of citizens…today there is a university campus in Adeje because a council pushed for it and there was a university open to the idea”, he added.
The mayor said the medal awarded to Adeje should be seen as an example to others that councils need to be on the front line on behalf of their residents. He said today’s society was focussed on the search for economic profit but the need for social profit and balance was also important and had economic value.