H10 Hotel Agreement

FIRMA CONVENIO H10 HOTELS (5)Adeje sign agreement with H10 Hotels

The agreement is designed to assist in the creation of jobs in the borough
Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and the Human Resources Director for H10 Hotels Joan Martín Capel have signed an agreement to work together in the area of human resources and training projects. This agreement is a further sign of the level of cooperation between the two bodies to promote employment in the borough.

The mayor said, “Adeje is an important tourist borough and we hope that this agreement, which is an important tool, will help with the employability of our Adeje citizens looking for work. “

The mayor continued, “one of our (the council’s) strategies is to develop partnerships with public and private bodies that serve to create adaptive solutions to today’s reality. For that reason training and job placements are fundamental”.

Joan Martín Capel said “tourism is a basic element of the Spanish GNP (gross national product) – as a country we are a tourist destination. We have to prepare our workers, train and instruct them as an essential part of this economic tool, which is an important financial motor”.

The agreement is focussed on the management of human resources in hotels in the H10 group in South Tenerife. It will see the evolution of a number of training programmes and in parallel projects to improve employment opportunities in the borough, and pay special attention to groups that are on in danger of social exclusion or at risk of being left behind.

To ensure that the agreement is implemented properly both bodies will take part in a task force which will serve to monitor the operation and effeciency of the agreement which will be in place for a year, after which further evaluation will take place.

In conclusion the mayor said, “H10 is a company that is serious about its commitments and has done an exceptional job. We are in no doubt that it will continue along this path which links tourism zones and infrastructures with training, service and recognition of the dignity of employees and the work they do”.