Happy Streets 365 days



Adeje’s streets are going to be busier and hopefully happier as a result of the new campaign launched by the council yesterday. Happy Streets will see events happening all over the borough, particularly in the tourist zones of Costa Adeje, throughout the year, and the happiness should spill into the residential areas too.

The new campaign was launched yesterday, World Tourism Day, by Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, in the company of many local businesses in the Plaza Salytien. The mayor told press, “It’s fundamental that tourist destinations are constantly reinventing and renewing themselves if they want to continue to meet the changing needs of tourists and tourism. Today we present Happy Streets, and with this we hope to bring together cultural and leisure offers which will be developed in the tourist zones, helping us bring our culture and heritage closer to visitors. We are also well advanced in other areas of improvements for tourists, including the provision of free wifi for all in the Costa Adeje zone”, he continued.


The inauguration of Happy Streets saw many local representatives and businesses from South Tenerife present, and opened with a performance from the EMMA, the Adeje School of Music and Dance, and the Adeje Folklore group.

The Happy Street project itself will see performances and events happening along the street and in local bars, commercial centres, restaurants and other spaces with the added hope that local businesses will also see improvements, and subsequently create more jobs. The project has been designed by the department of tourism promotion in Adeje, under councillor Ermitas Moreira Garcia, with the collaboration of the Creventy company.

Happy Streets aims to offer some form of entertainment 365 days of the year, and encourage people to attend many of the larger cultural events already in the Adeje calendar as well. The programme will begin with the International Folklore Festival (Mayantigo Fest2016) which is taking place in the Plaza Salytien and the following weekend with the Oktoberfest, also in the Plaza Salytien, on October 7th and 8th.

The mayor stated that data shows that only 10 % of tourists who visit Costa Adeje go out onto the streets to explore and enjoy what’s on offer. “We might think the streets are busy but we need more people to come out, interact on a daily basis, live new experiences, meet new people, discover the other sides to Adeje and get to know the parts of the borough that makes it so different from other tourist destinations, in particular thanks to the people who live here and the natural surrounds”.


Happy Streets will also work to highlight the complementary offer such as leisure, restaurants and the commercial side of Adeje as well as more traditional and cultural attractions. From January 1st the full Happy Street programme will be up and running online, in five languages, with a high concentration of visual content showing what’s on offer. Club Happy Street will offer a loyalty programme allowing people sign up for events on particular days, take advantage of promotions, discounts and draws as well as receiving daily news updates.

As well as the launch of the Happy Streets launch, the Adeje council also celebrated World Tourism Day which this year took accessible tourism as its theme. The ‘Once’ organisation held a talk for many companies in the tourism sector outline the needs and requirements of visitors with special needs, be they mobility, visual or auditory.