VI Imoque Festival in San Sebastián


The festival is taking place next Saturday, June 8th, from midday

The Imoque Cultual Association is organising their 6th annual festival, which is taking place this Saturday, June 8th, in the Plaza San Sebastian in La Caleta, from midday. The aim of the festival is to underline the importance of Adeje’s cultural traits and traditions. This is an event that has consolidated the collective Adeje memory in a way that brings a modern public together annually.

The Imoque Cultural Association works hard to maintain and recover many of our older skills and traditions of yesteryear, memories that have formed part of the borough’s ethnographic archive, working to keep alive processes and traits that are lost or are on the point of disappearing.

During the day there will be a myriad of things to do and see, including a craft fair, tasting of local produce, a demonstration of ‘salto del pastor’ (the shepherd’s leap), Gomeran music, folkore of La Graciosa, Canarian wrestling, an exhibition of different breeds of dogs, and lots more.

The festival is open to the public with musical performances scheduled from ‘Parranda los Toledo’ and the Imoque Cultural Association.

The Imoque Cultural Association is supported by the Adeje council, who are dedicated to activities and groups dedicated to the rescue and preservation of local heritage and traditions.

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Food, folk music, fun…

V Imoque Festival in San Sebastian

The Imoque Cultural Association, formed in Adeje in 2013, will host a festival tomorrow (Saturday June 9th) in San Sebastián, a showcase, the association says, for the borough’s cultural roots and heritage.

The association has worked, since its inception, to keep and promote Adeje’s traditions and folklore. Tomorrow’s event will see a display of indigenous animal breeds with the collaboration of local farmers as well as hosting craft and artisan stands, food stalls and Canarian folk music and dance.

The Imoque festival is an excellent meeting place for residents, visitors, lovers of folk music and craft, and also works to bring together those who live here with those who see our borough as their top choice holiday destination.

Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, councillor with responsibility for creative development in the borough, says, “the work that this group, and similar associations, is carrying out, reflects the commitment the people of Adeje have to their traditions, and here in the council we are very happy to support this drive to recover our cultural roots”

From midday tomorrow there will be an arts and crafts fair and food stalls with local products as well as local animal breeds on show. At 12.30 people can enjoy a demonstration of different cultural activities, a workshop on gofio (toasted grain) with the H10 Gran Tinerfe chef Esteban Gómez. The afternoon will also feature sheep shearing, Gomeran whistling, Canarian wrestling, and much more.

Event will run throughout the day with music, dance, food and drink until 11pm.






Step back in time with Imoque



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This Saturday enjoy folk music and dance in the Plaza San Sebastian in La Caleta

As part of the Adeje ‘Creativa’ two-month long programme of cultural events in the borough, the Imoque folk group are hosting a festival of music and dance in the San Sebastían plaza in La Caleta, harking back to the 1920s. Entry is free.

Adeje councillor for creative development, Adolfo Alonso Ferrera says, “With this Creativa programme we have brought together a host of cultural, musical, educational and sporting events taking place throughout May and June”. He continued, “The council is always delighted to support particular initiatives which reflect who we were and are, symbols of our identity. The work and performances of so many different groups, bands, orchestras, and associations made up of residents of the borough have helped us revive our culture, fundamental for the health of our society”.


This year the III Imoque Festival is divided into two parts, the first, courtesy of the Imoque group, reflecting life just after the end of the First World War and the changes in society with the introduction of the car, the cinema, photography and the growing influence of the press. The second part of the evening will be with the Grupo Gaida from Lanzarote with folklore from today showing the influences of recent decades on Canarian music.

The Imoque Festival is made possible by the help and support of the Adeje Council, the Los Alzados de San Juan de la Rambla family, Grupo Gaida from Lanzarote, the San Juan de la Rambla Council, the Canarian Government, the Tenerife Cabildo and the people of Adeje.

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