Conference For Life

confernce for life

The conference will be held first in English and then in  Spanish to allow as many people as possible attend and ask questions


This Friday September 26th renowned breast cancer specialist, Isabel Rubio Rodríguez will hold a special conference in Adeje as part of the ten events marking this year’s Walk for Life 10th anniversary. The conference will be in English and Spanish and starts at 6pm.

Organised by the Walk for Life, the Adeje council and the Spanish Cancer Association, the AECC, the conference is titled “Breast cancer today – towards individualised treatment”, and takes place in the Costa Adeje Centre for Tourism Development, the CDTCA . The first hour will be in English, from 6pm, the second in Spanish, from 7pm.

According to the Adeje councillor for health, Rafael Dolado García, “with this initiative we hope to offer a platform with an expert who can answer a range of individual questions about this condition.” He added, “the idea to hold the conference in two languages is so that there is a much wider spread of people reached, as we know breast cancer affects many people, most of them women, and it is vital that they learn about new advances in treatment”.

During the day there will also be an area set aside for private consulations and instructions in carrying out regular breast examinations with specialsits from the AECC and the Hospital Quirón Costa Adeje.

Isabel Rubio Rodríguez is a surgeon and co-director of the Breast Cancer unit at the Baselga Oncology Institute and has worked extensively in cancer prevention. She studied in Salamanca and and Badajoz and subsequently worked in Arkansas and Houston, Texas. Her specialist areas are in surgery related to breast cancer and investigave research into the sentinel lymph node, intra-operative breast ecographs, neoadjuvant chemotherapy and lymphedema prevention. She is also the co-ordinator for the breast cancer surgery wing of the Hospital Vall d’ Hebron de Barcelona and has published many research papers in national and international medical journals and books. She is also a member of a number of prestigious cancer associations.

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