Roxy, the ‘Voz’ of Adeje

“Did she pick Malu, did she pick Malu?” The question that was paramount on the morning after Roxy Rosario’s blind audition on La Voz from my eager young offspring?
First of all, I was totally taken aback that she knew who the judges were! (“Of course I know mum, it’s La Voz, I would pick Malu if it was me..”), and secondly I was still reeling from the blow-away power of the voice of Adeje’s latest La Voz participant Roxy who had three of the four judges turning around before she finished the first note of her song – and No, she didn’t pick Malu, she picked Alejandro Sanz.
Last week I had the privilege and pleasure to meet Roxy as she called into the English Time radio programme to chat about here experience on the programme and life as a working singer here too. Being on La Voz was, she said, “the second biggest thing that had ever happened to her after the birth of my child”.
So, how did she feel, when she finally got on stage to sing in the blind audition, after all the nerves, the waiting, the hoping, and of course the singing, when the first judge turned around….”I was soo so happy – but you have to keep singing”, she said. And of course she has dreamt of this moment, “but you also worry…what if they don’t turn around?”. But they did, three out of the four, and as any fan of the programme (same format as The Voice) knows, they then vie to get the singer into their team, so Roxy had to chose – and despite the fact that she loves the aforementioned Malu, she went with her hero Alejando Sanz.
Roxy’s first contact with La Voz was actually the result of a video sent, without her knowledge , to the organisers, and from there three auditions to this stage, and now she is off to the next round, the battle round, where she will be singing against other members of her team.
From Curaçao, the Dutch island off the coast of Venezuela, Roxy travelled a bit and was based in the Greek islands before arriving here a number of years ago. She landed in Gran Canaria but three months later says “it didn’t’ happen, so I said ‘let’s try Tenerife and that was seven years ago”. Like many emigrants she chose Adeje as her new home… “it really is a special town”. and has been a favourite on the circuit here in South Tenerife for a number of years.
Roxy has also been fine-tuning her voice with Rosa in the Adeje school of music and dance, “She’s just great, she is helping me with every aspect of my singing”, and of course the people in La Voz are probably wondering what kind of magic is at work given the calibre of singers (Ainhoa Aguilar a year ago, and now Roxy) we are sending them.
“It has changed my life already…it’s nice but kind of weird when people stop me on the street and they’re bombing me every second with messages online, it’s amazing”, says Roxy. She is also a great inspiration to others and encouraging lots more people to follow their dream. “It doesn’t matter if they laugh at you today, maybe tomorrow you’ll be laughing at them”.
Follow Roxy’s adventures on La Vox, online, on Facebook, or with us. We all wish her the best of luck in the next rounds and know she will do us soo proud.