A happier Christmas!

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Cruz Roja and Adeje council donate 20 family boxes which include Christmas fare

20 Adeje families received Christmas boxes from the Cruz Roja (Red Cross) in conjunction with the Adeje council this week.

These were boxes specially prepared for families in need at this time of year, with Christmas-based food products as well as some basic dietary staples. The donations were made as part of the on-going social services aid programme which is dedicated to helping those most in need throughout the year.

Present at the delivery, which took place in the Adeje Cultural Centre, were the Adeje councillor for social welfare, Amada Trujillo Bencomo and volunteer members of the Red Cross.

For her part, the councillor thanked the Cruz Roja for all the social assistance projects they are operating in the Adeje borough, and said that she was delighted that Christmas continues “to bring out the best in all of us”. She said these boxes “are of great help to the families here today and the council of Adeje is delighted to continue to work with the Cruz Roja in their work reaching out to the most vulnerable in our society”.

Glasgow Bhoys Are Victorious


Soccer Experience Tenerife
The 8th Annual Masters Soccer Experience Football Tournament was held in the Las Torres Sports complex on November 9th and 10th, with many ex-professionals from the English and Scottish premier leagues as well as local over-35 teams who play every week here in South Tenerife taking part.
Many of the invited players come from all over the world to take part in this annual event, to combine a weekend in Tenerife with some fun football, though on the second day, when the titles are at stake, the competitive edge is obvious.
During the second day of competition local cheerleading troupe the Tenerife Tigers also entertained the local crowd.
As in previous years, the local teams are well prepared for the visiting sides, but this year it was two teams of ex-professionals who won both trophies. The Nottingham Forest Mobsters won the Plate and the overall champions were the Glasgow Bhoys. Adeje Sport Councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera presented them with the cup on Sunday evening at the end of two days of sport and entertainment.
Tournament organiser Martin Tierney said he was delighted with the success of the tournament and thanked Adeje council for their ongoing support.

(Photos: Gerard Zenou)



Mayor Accepts Adeje Award

The mayor of Adeje José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, was in Madrid this morning to collect the City of Science and Innovation prize awarded by Spain’s Ministry of Finance.
Adeje will now form part of the Innpulsa national network which allows direct access to innovation and information projects, European assistance, help for small and medium enterprises in the borough, etc.
The mayor was accompanied by the Adeje councillor for local development Ermitas Moreira, and following the ceremony both were present at the first working day of Innpulsa with the Minister and other members of the network.
Mayor Rodríguez Fraga said it was “a huge honour to be in Madrid to collect this award on behalf of the people of Adeje”.  He added that is was a prize for the borough, “for its modern and innovate work. We join this network with the hope and expectation that we can continue to work on the front line.  One of the most important aspects of this prize is that it is not just a symbolic recognition, but also signifies Adeje’s acceptance into a network which will allow us to access the world of innovation, European assistance, offer help to small and medium enterprises, lines of credit…it brings a huge amount of momentum to the town”.
Adeje was the only town of its size (between 20 and 100 thousand inhabitants) in Spain to be awarded this prize, “and also the only tourist borough” qualified Rodriguez Fraga. In other town size categories A Coruña, Salinas (Alicante) and Puerto Lumbreras (Murcia) also won coveted prizes.
The Adeje mayor said, during his acceptance speech, that “we are facing the challenge of building the future, finding the right way to face the new changes which we meet daily, which make our lives more complicated, more dynamic. I accept this award as a recognition of important work done in the field of innovation, that has seen us deal with profound changes, in a borough that has transformed from being a mainly agricultural society of 6,000 inhabitants to a tourist destination with more than 50,000 residents of over 120 different nationalities.”
He continued, “recognition is motivational and aspirational, helping us advance, not just in the areas where the Council may be present but also in different sectors, in business, social sectors, trade unions…we are working to consolidate and maintain a healthy tourist destination in a very competitive world.”

Why did Adeje receive this award?
The Finance Ministry awarded Spanish councils, such as Adeje, who demonstrated levels of effort and commitment in I+D+i (Investigation + development + innovation), creating opportunities for strengthening and promoting science and innovation from a municipal platform.
The Council has invested in infrastructures that favour economic sustainability and sponsor growth in the borough based on knowledge and innovation. Adeje’s candidature also included initiatives, ideas and innovative projects which proved to the Ministry that Adeje indeed had accomplished the requirements of I+D+i standards, and that the contribution of the council in this field had led directly to the improvement of the production model on offer.
In the official documentation presented by Adeje a number of initiatives were mentioned, including Adeje Impulsa: Development Strategies; Factoría de Innovación Turística de Canarias (FITC); The Centro de Desarrollo Turístico de Costa Adeje (CDTCA) building; Innovation Project/Municipal Undertaking on Fibre Optics (VoIP, FTTH); Arena Geste; Escuela Taller Creativec; Jornada Adejetec; Programa Filae; Campus Universitario de Adeje; Proyecto Red NI2; Digitalisation of the towns archives; I+D+1 Programmes (Punto PAIT, FIPE, E-Communicae) and the WAF Architecture Prize for the Plaza de España de Adeje.
“As you can see, its a long list of projects and initiatives which, taken all together, are part of a strategy of developmental change undertaken in recent years by the council, and which today is bearing fruit”, concluded the mayor.


The History of a Cemetery

Adeje’s heritage councillor, Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz has written a history of the Adeje cemetery, which throws up some interesting facts, cultural and cross cultural.
Prior to the early 1800s there was no cemetery here but in 1813 burials within a town were forbidden, so an area needed to be allocated for this purpose alone. There was wrangling among local nobility and the church over who should pay for such an area, and the cemetery took until the 1830s to be completed and received an official blessing in June 1837.
The councillor, during his research, has come across a document from 1876 in which the parish of Adeje asks permission for a plot of land to be set aside for “non-catholic burials”. The request was denied by the powers that be at the time, as, they said, in a town as small as Adeje, with a population that was almost completely Catholic, the presence of non-Catholics was too insignificant to merit such a decision. Interestingly enough, those non-catholic plots that did exist in Tenerife were known as ‘Cherchas’ from the English word church.
Another possible link to parallel cultures comes from the relating of the customs among Canarians, The Dia de Finados, or Day of the Dead, falls at this time of year too, and it was not uncommon for adults to get together to serenade the dead in song, often singing a favourite tune of a deceased family member, meanwhile the children would go from house to house looking for seasonal fruits like chestnuts, almonds and sultanas and raisins. Treats indeed!

cemetery plans cemetery plans2
If you would like to read the article in full (in Spanish); http://www.adeje.es/esp/vercontenido.asp?id=4848

Adeje Fiestas Fun

adeje-fiestas patronales  (2) adeje-fiestas patronales  (4) adeje-fiestas patronales  (1)

This weekend sees the local Adeje fiestas really take off, with a host of events scheduled from Friday to Monday, which is a local fiesta with schools and many businesses closed.

On Saturday from 9am the Cross event takes place – you can sign up on the morning with categories from junior to senior, with races from 10am.

On the same morning there is also an exhibition of classic Volkswagen cars in the car park in front of the town’s main post office.

From 6.30pm on Saturday evening there will be performances from different local bands, and later on the main parade up the Calle Grande from 8.30 with lots of local groups, dancers, cheerleaders, fun and famous figures taking part not to mention an estimated 96 kilos of sweets to be handed out. The evening ends with music and dancing in the Plaza de España with the Orchestra Sensación Gomera.

Sunday is the day dedicated to the  Virgen de La Encarnación with various religious events taking place and a procession through the main streets of the town.

From 10pm the Plaza de Espana will enjoy a tribue concert by Esther Ovejero to Cavela Vargas, with the Wamampy orchestra bringing the evening’s events to a close.

Monday October 14th is a local holiday and is Dia de Santa Ursula. From 11am there will be children’s activities bouncy castles, and attractions in the plaza.  At six o’clock there will be a decade of the rosary and a mass in honour of Santa Ursula, followed by fireworks.

That evening promises a lot of laughs with a festival of humour in the Plaza de España:

Adeje is Financially Stable

Adeje's Mayor, Jose Miguel Rodriguez Fraga and the Finance Councillor, Epifanio Díaz Hernández

Adeje’s Mayor, Jose Miguel Rodriguez Fraga and the Finance Councillor, Epifanio Díaz Hernández

The Adeje council have just announced that the borough has officially entered a period of financial stability, and tomorrow will vote to repay almost half of a credit loan. The council will pay back €3 million of a €6 million loan, cancelling out a large part of the borough’s debt.
According to the mayor Jose Miguel Rodriguez Fraga the cutbacks made throughout all the departments have seen the council bring the borough back to stability a year ahead of plan, and he says that they can now start to look at improving a number of local services. “Measures taken were effective, from better control of spending in all areas, the suspension, for instance, of Sunday rubbish collection, use of more efficient energy methods, reducing in leasing arrangements, the elimination of health insurance for administrative workers etc. The cuts were worth the effort and have allowed us achieve our economic objectives and guarantee fundamental services as well as now improving others.  These might not fall into the category of ‘essential’ but  we see them as very important because they are the backbone of our co-existence within the borough, services related to sport, culture or training” the mayor commented.
While the mayor mentioned his satisfaction at the good economic showing of all the council’s departments he said he was particularly pleased with the behaviour of Adeje’s residents, with a very high local tax payment rate.
According to the borough’s finance councillor, Epifanio Díaz Hernández, the early payment of half of the loan will save the council over €807,000 in interest payments.


Helping Hands

adeje helping hands
Oasis restaurant, Hauche cafeteria and Optica Downes are three local Adeje companies who have actively worked with Social Services to help families in need in the borough.
The mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and the councillor for welfare, Amada Trujillo Bencomo, recently met with representatives from the three businesses in the council offices.
Optica Downes have been ready and willing to help people with discounts for those who need glasses but maybe cannot afford full price. Another plus here is that the optician speaks fluent English, so no need to worry about having to do an eye test in Spanish, or explain your particular problem.
Both the Hauche cafeteria and the Oasis Restaurant have been busy donating meals to families in need once a week.
According to councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo, these companies are actively helping to improve our society and work for a common good, helping those close at hand as well as institutions and organisations in the borough. This is one way of getting help directly to those who need it most.
For the mayor, this level of local assistance, “by which local businessmen and women in Adeje are working to help families most in need enriches our society; people helping people. Gestures of these kind make Adeje great”, he said, with people understanding the difficult times in which we live and the need for help at local level.
“I offer my sincere gratitude for this help and invite other companies to participate in this project, because helping others has its own rewards”, the mayor added.
Representatives of the three companies in question were unanimous in stating that they were delight to help, and to work towards a better society for all.


Daniel’s Room

daniels room1Jonay and Rebecca live in Callao Salvaje, and to many seem to be a perfectly happy married couple. Happily married they are, but there is one thing missing – their son.
This couple have suffered many disappointments and set backs in their struggle to have children so after years of set backs decided to adopt, and decided to opt for an international adoption.
The process is a long and frustratingly slow one, with six months needed just to get the initial approval from the regional government. They were questioned and assessed as a couple, outsiders decided whether they would be fit parents or not, their home was visited, checks carried out, but they put up with all the probes and questions knowing that it was for a good reason. And finally, last May, after two years of officialdom and waiting, they were told that a boy residing in an orphanage outside Siberia could be their future son.
Travelling from Tenerife to Madrid, Madrid to Moscow and then flying up to Siberia took its toll, but at the end of the journey was the promise a week in the company of a young boy, two and a half years old, who took to them almost immediately and they to him. The week flew by and leaving with very difficult indeed – Rebecca said she cried at each leg of the journey that took her farther and farther away from the young boy. But they were consoled by the fact that hopefully now it was just a matter of time before they could return to Russia to bring their boy home.
They returned, with difficulty, to their daily lives waiting for the call that would give them a date for the final court appearance in Russia. It was approaching, and Jonay was buying their tickets to fly over at the end of September when the bombshell dropped. The agency told them to hold on bookings as there was a problem, a big problem. Spain, it would appear, failed to renew the adoption agreement with Russia at the end of August and all adoption processes between the two countries have been stopped. They were going nowhere for now.
Devastation, heartbreak, despair. But this couple don’t take problems lying down, and within days the pair had gone online and discovered there were about 500 couples throughout Spain in a similar situation. They joined the campaign and began a whirlwind round of interviews with local media as well as urging people to sign an on-line petition http://www.change.org/es/peticiones/urge-la-firma-del-convenio-de-adopcion-entre-españa-y-rusia, as they hope that will bring extra pressure to bear when the two countries sit down to renegotiate the treaty on October 4th.
They and the other couples don’t want special treatment, they just want to bring their children home. If you see the petition online, please do sign it and join the voices asking for help to make this happen.


Yummy Adeje

The Degusta.Me, or Taste Me campaign is underway in Adeje with a terrific tapas route (63 restaurants are taking part), and displays and offerings of the featured products of cheese, honey and gofio at commercial centres this weekend.


Adeje wins Science and Innovation title


The award-winning Plaza de España in Adeje

The award-winning Plaza de España in Adeje

Adeje is the only Canarian region to have been awarded the title of “Science and Innovation Town”, a distinction issued by the national Economic Ministry this week.
The title recognises those Spanish councils who have worked particularly hard to use innovative methods to improve their overall character and offer within the professional and IT marketplace. According to Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, this title, only given to four Spanish regions overall, “is mertited and recognises the time spent on renovating and using innovative means” to upgrade the region. The mayor said that the introduction of fibre optic cables into all of the municipal centres and the digitilisation of the town’s archives were just some of the examples of the way the borough was moving with the times.
The title is given to towns and regions that have sucessfully applied the I+D+I (Investigation+development+innovation) concept and are creating opporunities for the use of science, new technology and innovation as an integral part of the town and borough’s operations. The other three regions to receive the title are A Coruña, Salinas in Alicante and Puerto Lumbreras in Murica.
The mayor has also recognised the excellent advances in this area by both pri
vate and public companies and businesses in Adeje. Among the borough’s achievements and campaigns that contributed to the awarding of the title were Adeje Impulsa, the CDTCA, the municipal fibre optic installation plan, the Creatic workshop, the Adejetec open days and the WAF architectural prize for the redesigned Plaza de España.