Going greener in Adeje

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The initiative will be used to help groups currently with no income

The mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, recently paid a visit to the ecological orchard and vegetable garden in Las Nieves, where a group of 20 people have been working and training in gardening and ecological farming. The initiative was developed as a way of targeting groups of individuals who currently have no access to an independent income.

The mayor, commenting on the project, said, “In a modern society such as ours we cannot forget our origins, where we come from. This particular project reinforces that as well as giving these individuals a future with new potential. We have opened some doors to employment for groups of individuals that are more vulnerable, people who can now look for proper work with the training and knowledge they require”.

The mayor continued, “this group of people have now put into practice all the theory they have learnt and have developed an ecological orchard and vegetable garden planted with different flowers, vegetables, herbs, etc, and in doing so they have contributed to the improvement of our borough”.

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For this reason the mayor said that “given the success of this project we are now considering extending the idea…and those people who have worked so hard to develop and maintain this plot may continue to work here”.

The initiative, collaboration between the council and the Cruz Roja, hasn’t just trained the group in agricultural basics, but also in the value and worth of local production. At the same time it has contributed to the improvement of the environment through the creation of greenhouses, gardens and orchards, etc. It works to preserve the environment, people can enjoy the local produce grown here and “we are helping people who need it most”, the mayor added.

During the training period the students – 14 women and 6 people with learning challenges – learnt about soil management, basic cultivation and use of ecological methods. There were also shown how to use farming implements, their maintenance and upkeep, and disinfection where applicable. Importantly too the group received instruction in the ecological methods of parasite and pathogen prevention and treatment. During the course students also received a grant of €200 a month.

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