Southern Belles…

As part of the Adeje local fiestas the Miss Sur contest will take place in the Plaza de España, just beside the church at the top of the Calle Grande, on Friday October 18th. Yesterday the contestants posed for photographs for local press at Siam Park in the company of Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, cultural councillor Adolfo Alonso, Siam Park owner Christoph Kiessling and the event organiser Sandro Pérgola.
This is the second year the event will be held in Adeje. The mayor said that last year’s event had been a huge success and very popular with the public, “and we are delighted to welcome back the event as part of our local celebrations that are taking place at the moment”. He added that the competition was perfectly designed to fit in to the theme of the fiestas this year, Tradition and Modernity, as well as continuing to promote Adeje as a top quality tourist destination.
“These are not just beautiful young women, they are students, workers, professionals striving to succeed. This competition will also open doors for them in the competitive world of fashion and teach them about working in a team”.
Sandro Pérgola, the Miss Sur organiser, thanked the local administrations of Adeje, Arona, San Miguel de Abona, Santiago del Teide, Fasnia and Güímar for their co-operation as well as Siam Park, Shark, Bualá, Fraya, Dolores Cortes, Helidream Canarias, Grupo Gomasper, Centro Comercial Gran Sur, Mirador de El Galeón, Dreamplace Hotels, Spa Vitanoba, Océanos Combustibles, Bar El Cine, Gourmetland, Esquivel Bus, Flipper Uno, Damiroal, G & G Agencia Publicitaria, la Cueva Gráfica, Me lo quedo, Soy Digital, Radio Sur Adeje, Joa Rubio fotografía, Vivo y Rene, Óscar Cabrera, Peluquería Arsal, HD Producciones, and Sonoplus Canarias and Grupo Camia, the travel agency which has donated a Mediterranean cruise as the top prize for the winner.
Unlike many other beauty competitions Miss Sur also acts as a promotional platform for the different boroughs in South Tenerife. In the case of Adeje the candidates have participated in a report on the delights of Costa Adeje which will be shown during the competition and subsequently on local television throughout the islands.
Miss Sur 2013 takes place on Friday October 18th, in the Plaza de España, starting at 9pm, and is open to the public at no charge. The 19 candidates, representing the southern boroughs and private companies are Yosleidi Luis, Coraima Afonso, Fiorella Trevisani, Luciana Hurtado, Lorena de Souza, Celia Torres, Jessica Hernández, Nidia Delgado, Yasmina Toali, Nieves Lugo, Sophie Abreu, Vaittiare Álvarez, Paula Arzola, Erika Montañez, Dahiana Romero, Jodie Ariu, Karina Baracka, Ylenia Padilla and Gabriela Oliveros.
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