Fund-raising and fire engine fun

This Saturday, October 3rd, the public are invited to view and enjoy a day out at the Adeje fire station from midday onwards.

The Adeje fire fighters are a volunteer force, and are raising funds to buy a new multi-lift truck. So this year’s “Oktoberfest” is the perfect setting and considering the dedication shown by this team, it’s a worthy cause indeed and will help them save even more lives. The truck in question costs two hundred thousand euros and will serve the south of the island.

During the day there will a range of family-friendly activities, food tastings, music, performances and a lot more, and no doubt there will be a chance for younger kids to see the inside of a fire truck and even wear don a fire helmet.
Councillor Ermitas Moreira García said “the volunteer fire fighters are an important part of the borough and serve at many municipal events ensuring safety and security. Their commitment to the South’s population is 100 per cent and they are always ready to respond to a call for help. Only a year ago they were the recipients of the Ganigo, a prize awarded by the South Initiatives Centre, for their dedication to the public. We ask everyone who can to come along on Saturday to have a fun day out and contribute with this Adeje group that has been serving Adeje for 27 years”.
The Adeje Volunteer Fire-fighters were created in 1988, one of the first volunteer force of this kind in Spain and their mission is to aid and assist in emergency situations. Over the years they have become an integral part of the Adeje community. There are currently 40 active members of the crew, and they have also now incorporated a young fire-fighters group made up of 15 teenagers, who can become full members when they reach 18 years of age.