Another reason to register on the ‘Padrón’!

V day, or B day is looming – that’s Vote day or Brexit/Bremain day, however you care to view it. The referendum vote to decide whether the United Kingdom remains a member of the European Union, is on Thursday June 23rd, and if you are a resident here and you haven’t sent your postal vote by now, unfortunately your deadline has passed.
Here in Adeje the FOCUS group recently hosted an information event about the vote and the potential fallout. Both our financial expert, Paul Montague and our legal expert José Escobedo did point out one thing that every non Spanish resident should make sure of, and that is that they are legally resident here.
If you are a fiscal resident in Spain, you are a registered resident in an EU country, so you will continue to have certain rights as such if the vote is to leave the EU. A fiscal resident means that you are registered as a resident and pay your taxes in Spain, and signing up on the ‘Padrón’ (resident register) is also and always important to making sure your daily lives here run as smoothly as possible.

Registering on the Padrón ensures that you have access to all the local council services, subventions and assistance that, as a resident, you are as entitled to as anyone else.  It’s easy to do, and the staff at the Adeje Town Hall front office will be delighted to help you.

oficina de atención al ciudadano  (19)

Confirming the ‘padron’

oficina de atención al ciudadano  (17)All of us non-Spanish EU members registered on the ‘padron’ or residential register in Adeje have received a letter during the summer regarding confirmation of data, and a few people have expressed concern.  There is no need to worry.

According to the people in the Adeje council the letter has been sent to everyone in an attempt to bring the register up-to-date and also remove people who may have signed on years ago but are no longer living here.  In fact continuing on the register here might prove a hindrance if you have or are moving back to your home country if you are applying for assistance or a pension for instance, as you will need to state that you no longer are resident in Adeje.

What the letter is asking you to do is to go along to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau in the town hall and bring original residency papers and passports with you to confirm the information in the original registration.  If you have changed your address this is the best time to update the information too, and you can also take the opportunity to confirm your intention to vote as an EU citizen in the forthcoming local elections.

If you or your children are Spanish citizens there is no need to confirm details – this only applies to non-Spanish EU citizens.