Palm tree problem

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The Adeje councillor for the environment, Esther Rivero, has assured that “the 10,000 palms trees that belong to the Adeje council in the borough are, in general, in good health”. She was commenting after two trees were felled in Armeñime last Friday.
According to the council of the two trees that were chopped down in Armeñime, two Phoenix Canarinensis, one had fallen on top of a car parked on the verge of the road, and the other was infected with a beetle that had come from the banana plantation behind the adjoining wall.  Neither tree was infected with the palm weevil borer (Diocalandra frumenti) which can kill trees in months. Furthermore, sources from the council said that while “we have always cared for and treated these palm trees, there are most likely privately owned, part of the banana plantation, and not actually a public responsibility”. They added that the council have also treated five more palm trees on the same side of the road to make sure they remain healthy.