Worth the wait!

Playa Ajabo
For those of us who have waited and waited and griped and knocked at doors for years to push for the comp
letion of the project, it is hard to believe that it is nearly a reality – but it is.
The beach in Callao Salvaje, Playa Ajabo, is looking more than good, with the parasols now in place, the restaurant open and even a lifeguard in place. However there is still work to do and the word from the council is that is is ongoing. There is a stretch of ground behind the new beach bar that is currently being flattened and tarmacced though it is still not confirmed whether this will be a pathway or a through road for cars to and from the beach. A problem with wáter pressure levels has meant that some of the flowerbeds cannot be properly maintained, so they may be redesigned to a more adaptable format.
So, work in progress, but what a difference to this time two years ago. And what’s really great to see, as a resident and parent, is that this is a family beach; the parents and kids of Callao Salvaje and visiting families own the beach and love the beach, and care for the beach, and so it should be. And in truth it really has contributed to a new sense of pride for those of us who live here, in Callao Salvaje, a place that every day is becoming more of a Des Res!