“In the line of duty…”


The Adeje council has paid tribute to members of the National Police who have fallen while performing their duty to the public with the installation of a commemorative monument. The homage was unveiled on October 2nd, the day of the forces’ patron saint, the Custodial Angel.

The monument, located in Costa Adeje, also marks the restitution of a plaque which was placed there in memory of Victor García González who died in 1992 when he was shot in the line of duty. The plaque had been removed during works in the zone. The new monument names García González and extends the tribute to all members of the state security forces who have given the lives in the line of duty, saving others.


The mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, offered his sincerest thoughts on “this day, which is so significant, as we are remembering and honouring members of the National Police who have given their lives in service, and to all those members of the different security forces who have demonstrated their commitment and generosity every hour of every day, performing the most heroic deed of all, giving their lives”.

The mayor added that “we want to leave a permanent reminder of our love and gratitude to all of those who serve others by putting their lives on the line. This is more than a profession, it is a vocation. In difficult times, such as those we are experiencing at the moment, the presence of the police and security forces is vital and for that reason symbolic acts such as this one are also a way of passing on society’s recognition of that commitment.”


For his part, the Tenerife Sur Police commissioner, Carlos Ludeña Alonso, explained that the repositioning of this plaque honouring Victor Manuel García González who was the victim of “a terrible and cruel assassination in the act of serving the public as a member of the police force” brought together everyone in the Adeje council and saw the realisation of their promise to re-establish this monument that had been removed to facilitate local works. He also said that “the gratitude of all the people of Adeje was reflected in the monument which recognised the service the National Police gave to the public on a day to day. And for that my sincere thanks to the borough”.

Also present at the commemorative act were representatives of other security forces including the Adeje Guardia Civil, the justices of the peace, Adeje councillors and the artist who designed the monument, the Adeje-based sculptor, José Luis de León Torres.

Adeje Mayor Congratulates Security Teams

ADEJE-dia de policia local y reconocimientos temporal (1)

Policía Local, Volunteer Fire-fighters, Civil Protection, Traffic and Municipal Services

The different teams who work during emergency situations in Adeje – Policía Local, Volunteer Fire-fighters, Civil Protection, Traffic and Municipal Service – came together last Wednesday, an event at which Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, publically congratulated the teams for their work and for going beyond the call of duty in carrying out their respective duties.

During the meeting Mayor Rodríguez Fraga made special mention of the Policía Local, a body who, as a result of the recent storms, were unable to celebrate the feast day of their Patron, la Virgen de Guadalupe. In this regard the joint event was also marked by the presentation of an award of distinction to a member of the Policía Local for a clear act of bravery in which he went far beyond the call of normal duty.

The mayor reflected on the need for security, “we always need security, it’s always there, but at times we realise just how important the presence of the security forces is in public, for instance during the storms we lived through just a few days ago or the fire that touched all of us last year. This meeting of fraternal experiences also serves to remind us of the importance of public security and how necessary it is for our society today.”


Mayor Rodríguez Fraga paid tribute to the work of the Adeje Volunteer Fire-fighters who “since their inception, have been on the ball, unselfishly, though not without problems, put they have never abandoned their post and best of all is that they work in perfect synergy with the police, which makes their operations extremely efficient.”

The Adeje Civil Protection unit was also congratulated by the borough’s first citizen for “looking after people, protecting them, guiding them and always with a smile; they have developed into a body with great empathy for their surroundings and are a key element in assisting the public when and wherever they are needed”. The mayor also referred to the Civil Protection Volunteer Unit which he called “the friendly face of our security forces, men and women who have decided to help others during their free time, who are valued more and more every day and whose work at different events has been faultless.”

Adeje council Traffic personnel (signalling) and Municipal Services (operators and garden staff) were also recognised for their work throughout the recent storms, during which a group of persons were on call at all times. Their particular function was to clear roads of stones, mud, branches, etc, which had fallen due to the heavy rains and high winds, as well as keeping the borough’s communication channels up to date on the state of the roads and informed as to any danger points where particular attention was needed.

Finally the mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga said, “we are recognising the work of those people who are there at critical moments, who take risks, help, who wear themselves out to perform essential work, a duty that they have been entrusted with and which they carry out daily without hesitation, because they know that the security and wellbeing of society is an integral part of their responsibility and, therefore, they have to respond”.

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Adeje Domestic Violence Campaign


Throughout the months of October, November and December the Adeje council has been running a series of workshops and training on domestic violence issues, prevention and help, for council staff members, associations and local groups.
This week the mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, the councillor for welfare Amada Trujillo Bencomo y the councillor for equality Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz attended the closing session of the months long programme, which was held in the local Integrated Security Centre, ESIADE. During the event a representative of the Local Police assisted at the talk given by Patricia G Ojeda a sociologist and expert in equal opportunities.
The integrated programme was funded by the regional government, the Canarian Equality Institute, the Social and Socio-Health Institute, and the Tenerife Cabildo, through the Mirabel programme. It was designed to upgrade the level of awareness, the visibility and public sensitivity to domestic violence.
Mayor Rodríguez Fraga said, “public institutions have a particular responsibility in this regard, and we must report, prevent and condemn aggressive behaviour and discrimination against women. The different actions undertaken over the past few months have been an excellent opportunity to analyse in the right way how to protect and help those victims of this social scourge”.
He said that the Adeje local government would continue to work on prevention of domestic violence as of primary importance, promoting initiatives based on the implementation of equality-based local politics; “because what is want is that we continue to build a fruitful present and an enriching future that will benefit everyone”. The mayor also stressed the importance of the Local Police’s role in the prevention of domestic violence and their readiness to take action when and where it was needed.
The councillors for social welfare and equality said the project had seen a definite increase in the awareness among people of this “serious problem that affects our society. During these three months quite a few welcome initiatives have been developed by different Adeje groups, such as the video created by a group of young people for social networks, or the art exhibition of works by pupils from the IES Adeje. The Mirabel programme has also strengthened the lines of communication between institutions and teams who specialise in working with victims and children in this situation”.
The talks and workshops concentrated on three areas. Firstly, professionals who intervene directly with victims of domestic violence, among them borough employees, those working with minors, health workers, police, family intervention, etc. The second focus was in the educational area, with training for teachers in primary and secondary schools, and the third area of concentration was parents associations with parallel talks taking place for social and borough based organisations.
Workers in communications were also invited to take part and examine how they reported on issues of domestic violence.

Reporting Crime


Don't leave caution at home

Don’t leave caution at home

Reporting crime

In recent days a number of people have been talking about an increase in petty crime and muggings in Callao Salvaje and other parts of the borough. While there has been an parallel increase in the police presence in many zones, they, obvioulsy, cannot be everywhere all the time.  Here too is an extract from a recent press release from the British Embassy in Madrid.

Tourists heading for an Easter break by the Mediterranean are being warned to look out for their valuables when visiting busy urban areas.

British Consulates in Spain are reporting rising trends in the number of street crimes involving stolen passports, money and other valuables. A stolen bag leads to frustration, extra costs and lost holiday time as tourists deal with the consequences.

Dave Thomas, Consular Director for Southern Europe, said: “Unfortunately we have seen increases inpickpocketing and distraction thefts. We urge holidaymakers to keep an eye on their belongings at all times. We want to reduce the numbers of British visitors who come to us for help over stolen passports and belongings, so they can get on with enjoying their Easter breaks instead of spending their precious holiday time in our consular offices”.

The three main methods used by city criminals are:

· Pickpocketing on public transport and in busy areas.

· Distraction techniques (asking victims for help or directions, spilling something on clothes and offering to help).

· Unattended bag / handbag snatchingin hotels, restaurants, cafés, airport and train stations.”

While we are not one of the Med zones, unfortunately at peak holiday times, like Easter week, petty theives take advantage. 

If you are a resident here and a victim of crime, it’s important that you report it to the local authorities. You should also go to the citizens advice centre in the Adeje town hall and fill in a complaint form, particularly if you have witnessed a crime rather than been the victim.  Alternatively you can make your statement online, via the Adeje Ayuntamiento webpage, go to the Sede Electronica section and fill in the form (in Spanish for the time being) that appears when you click on the Quejas y Sugerencias box down the left-hand side.

At the end of the day be as careful as you would be at home, and don’t take unnecessary risks with your cash or travel documents if you are on holidays and remind visitors to do the same.  If you are going to the beach just take a little bit of cash, leave your credit cards at home, and don’t wander around with bags open or bulging wallets sticking out of back pockets.