Rainbow flag to fly again

The Adeje Equality Council will re-hoist the Rainbow flag in the Plaza Pedro Zerolo

The flag has disappeared twice since the plaza was inaugurated


The Adeje Equality Council will re-hoist the Rainbow flag this week, a decision approved unanimously by the council at their monthly meeting. The flag normally flies over the Plaza Pedro Zerolo, but was stolen. “This is the second time this symbol in an Adeje public space has been stolen, for personal use or perhaps for homophobic reasons, either way it is an act of vandalism. The flag is an important symbol, representing the fight for equality and respect for the LGBTI community” remarked the Equality Council spokesperson Yésica Galdón Rodríguez.

The flag will fly again, from this Friday, May 17th, which is also the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia and many different local social and cultural associations have been invited to take part among them the LGTBI Algarabía group. As well as hoisting the flag, which takes place at 7pm, a manifesto will be read, among other participatory events.
“We in the Adeje Equality council are fighting against demonstrations of hate which do not belong in a modern society, a society which respects diversity, a society like Adeje. We understand that this was an isolated incident but we won’t let that stop the on-going campaign for visibility and respect for everyone regardless of sexual orientation” commented Galdón Rodriguez, a member of the council.

The flag and the plaza, memorials to Pedro Zerolo
The rainbow flag was first flown in this Adeje plaza on April 26th 2016, during a Town Hall event celebrating memorial to Pedro Zerolo, as a posthumous celebration of the life and work of this politicians and defender of human rights and equality.

Since the 1970s the rainbow flag has been a symbol of pride, gay, lesbian and trans pride, with the different colours representing the diversity in the LGTBI community.