Renewable Energies and Employment


Fernando Lahoz: “renewable energies could create a huge number of jobs in the archipelago”
One of the courses taking place during the Adeje Summer University is looking at renewable and efficient energy in the Canary Islands. Directed by Fernando Lahoz Zamarro, University of La Laguna professor and Sergio Fabián León Luis, the course aim is to give students a general vision of current renewable energy strategies and realities at a regional and global level, and look at possible future developments.

During the opening session the course director, Fernando Lahoz, made special mention of the search for clean energy to take the place of petrol, whose time is almost at an end, he said. The students were given scientific date to analyse existing alternatives.

Lahoz stressed the benefits of using renewable energies for the Canary Islands, not just in terms of the environment, but also for the economy, “Renewable energies as well as being sustainable and clean generate jobs…and can offer excellent employment opportunities for people with science and technology qualifications”, he said.

The Hydro-Wind centre in El Hierro is also being studied by those taking the course. As Lahoz told the class, “we have become a talking point for the whole world. El Hierro has become an excellent example at international level and is the first Canary Island capable of self-sufficiency in energetic terms”.

There was a huge interest from students in this particular course, and in fact the Summer University organisers had to increase the numbers of places on offer from 40 to 50.