As a result of ongoing roadworks being carried out by the Cabldo, part of the TF-82, by the Los Menores bridge beyond Las Rosas, will close today, August 31st and tomorrow, September 1st.

The closure will affect the following roads: From km 43 (link to Vera de Erques), to km 48.5 (link to the TF-1) on the days mentioned. There will be a provisional diversion via the TF-1, km 48.5 (Los Menores), although residents will have allowed access from the bridge zone. At km 43 the diversion will be via the TF-465 to the TF-1. There will be signposts advising drivers of the diversions.

Drivers and residents are asked to co-operate and take notice of all the diversions.

For more information contact the Cabildo roads division, 900 210 131.

Yield to safety!

avenida los pueblos

The aim of the plan is to improve road safety throughout the borough

The Adeje council, via the department of transport, traffic and road safety under councillor Andrés Pérez Ramos, is introducing a borough-wide traffic plan which will include improvements in the condition of the roads and pavements and lead to better and safer road conditions for all residents and drivers.

The councillor responsible said “we are working to improve and guarantee the safety of individuals, so it is important to upgrade the horizontal and vertical (upright) street signalling along frequently used roads and pathways, as well as ensuring that those less used are also in prime condition.

Among the scheduled works are the signalling in Playa Paraíso, Fañabé, Armeñime, Los Menores, La Postura, Los Olivos and the centre of Adeje town. Pérez Ramos added that very soon they would also be repainting in the Charco del Valle, El Galeón and Las Torres neighbourhoods”.
andres perez ramos
Another important inclusion in the plan is upgrading streets and roads for those with reduced mobility, with increased allocated parking throughout the borough, eliminating many impediments that currently exist, and improve access to pedestrian zones.

The councillor added that “the council counted upon the patience of the residents during the work who understood that these improvements are necessary to ensure as much as possible road safety in all the borough’s neighbourhoods, streets and avenues”. He explained that in parallel the council were also continuing with talks in schools to underline the importance of road safety to Adeje’s next generation of drivers and road users.