Los Menores, 5 June 2019

Due to road upgrades taking place along the TF-82, in particular the part linking Las Vetitas and Los Menores, the Tenerife Cabildo has said there will be some road closures by Los Menores tomorrow, Wednesday, from 8am until about 2pm.
Drivers will be redirected via the TF-1 with temporary road signs erected indicating the diversions in place.


El Puertito access closed

Due to on-going works on the new Armeñime roundabout, the access to El Puertito from the TF-47 will be closed for two weeks according to the Tenerife Cabildo who are overseeing the works. The access will be closed from tomorrow, November 15th, for an estimated two weeks. During that time visitors and residents will need to use the Playa Paraíso roundabout to access El Puertito.
The Cabildo are asking drivers and the public in general to respect all the diversions in place.

Over €5 million to be invested in street upgrades

adeje-mejoras calle unterhacing(5)

Over five millions euros is to be spent upgrading Calles Valencia and Unterhaching and the Avenida Los Pueblos.

The Adeje councillor for works and services, Gonzalo Delgado Díaz, said the streets in question were due for a major upgrade in the coming months. The cost, over five million euros, would be met jointly by the council, the Cabildo, the regional government and various padeje-mejoras calle unterhacing(7) adeje-mejoras calle unterhacing(3) adeje-mejoras calle unterhacing(2) adeje-mejoras calle unterhacing(1)rivate investors in the zone in question. He said, “we are continuing to work to keep the borough in the first division, and the renovation of our public spaces are vitally important, as much for our Adeje residents as those who visit. These works are very important for Adeje and are not just about keeping up appearances, but also improving the modernity and the adding to the commercial dynamic and fluidity of the area where tourism is the primary industry.

“We are meeting with residents and businesses in the zones that are to be affected….and ask for the patience and understanding of residents as, once finished, the results will be positive for everyone in the neighbourhood”:

The works will have various timetables as each zone has different needs and levels of renovations required, The council asks that business workers and residents take that into consideration as well as remembering that once complete thte value of the zone will increase which benefits all concerned.

Calle Valencia
The main aim in this zone is to reorganise the public spaces and green zones. The pavements and kerbs will be remodelled as will the park alongside, improving the urban area overall. Traffic and parking will be along one side with increased ease of pedestrian activity along the other with the plan being to redesign the street to better allow the flow of traffic and pedestrians.
Work along this street will cost an estimated €1,140,609.94. It will also see the existing kiosks integrated into the new design and install new greenery alongside the existing palm trees as well as installing new street furniture such as small wastepaper bins, benches,ets. Lighting will also be improved.

Calle Unterhaching
Given the location of this street, as the main road connecting to the Playa del Duque, the work will increase pedestrian access. The street is flanked by two commercial centres, the Plaza del Duque and the París, and has a huge residential and hotel population and is a vital tourist point. Two separate works are planned for here.
The first development will be by the meeting point of a number of pedestrial ways which give the area huge urban potential The plan proposes a transformation of the enormous parking space at the end of the street into an urban open space, pedestrianised. At the same time there will be a new access to parking constructed which will include a lift for persons with reduced mobility. A number of large pergolas are planned to give shade, as well as new garden areas and green zones and a children’s area.

The second part of the works along this zone will see a modificaiton of the garage ramps to increase pedestrian space, as well as increaseing the pavement between the Plaza del Duque commercial centre to the Playa del Duque beach. Here too new green zones are planned along the pedstrian walkway where the public can enjoy sea views.

Two way traffic will be kept here but street parking on the sea side will be eliminated to install a bicycle lane and on the other side space for taxis, commercial offloading, etc, rubbish collection, etc . .


Avenida de Los Pueblos
Along the Avenida de Los Pueblos the plan is to unite two areas that were the first to be part of the overall upgrading, the Avenida España and the Avenida Rafael Puig. The work should satisify those who are not dependent on cars, and local businesses and the local commercial axis as well as optimising the capacity for vehicles through traffic calming and redirection measures. The notion is also to promote an improved image of this very public space.

The plan will see increased space for pedestrians who will be able to walk through to the commercial zone, with reduced danger from speeding traffic. Extra green zones and shaded areas for the public are also planned and increased space for cyclists too.

Work is due to begin where the Avenida de los Pueblos meets the Avenida Eugenio Domínguez (at the end of the calle Rafael Puig) and the Avenida España. Pavement improvement,better green zones, shading, a bicycle lane along the sea side of the road, and new street drainage will be incorporated.

Lighting and telecommunication installations are also to be installed in keeping with the design along the Avenidas Eugenio Domínguez España. The Avenida de Los Pueblos is to be included in the City Gas network though it will be operated by GASCAN. The existing Transformation Centre will be moved to one side to allow a roundabout at the Avenida Rafael Puig intersection.

New street furniture will include benches, wastepaper bins, bus shelters. The roundabout at the top of Calle Gran Bretaña willbe removed and two new roundabouts relocated at either end. One of the accesses to the Hotel Iberostar will be removed to benefit pedestrians, and paved overpasses will also be built.


Toll road or motorway?

Should we pay as we go to guarantee the ring road is completed?

Should we pay as we go to guarantee the ring road is completed?

The latest proposal from the Tenerife Cabildo is to study putting a toll gate somewhere along the Tenerife ring road to finance the completion of the project.

According to sources the body’s vicepresident, Carlos Alonso, has said he is looking at the idea as a method of “advancing the work along certain sections of the work in progress that are paralysed”, as a public-private partnership.  If this were to happen it would be the first toll gate in the Canary Islands.

What do you think?  Is the best the way forward or an easy ‘out’ for central government?

Avenida upgrade for Playa Paraíso

MAYOR PLAYA PARAISOAdeje Mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, works councillor Gonzalo Delgado and Playa Paraíso councillor Amada Trujillo attended a meeting recently in the resort village to meet with residents and bring them up to date on the renovation of the Avenida Adeje 300.

The mayor told residents the council were investing in the area despite the crisis because it was important that all parts of the borough receive the attention required. He also said it was essential “that all of Adeje has an aesthetic continuity and that the different parts along the coast are linked”.  He added, “this will improve the quality of life for residents and tourists”.

Work on the project will begin in about two months and last about four, according to the council, during which, residents were assured, traffic would continue to flow as normally as possible, given that there is only one road through the resort.

The plan sees a complete upgrade of the pavement and green zones, with two roundabouts installed to help traffic pass with ease through Playa Paraíso, the first near the bank and the scond at the top of the lake. New parking areas areas are also included in the plan.