Shop safely, shop in Adeje

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Under the slogan #YoComproenAdeje (I shop in Adeje), the Council reminds people that they always have a consumers office at their disposable

The Adeje Council, via the department of economic development and employment policies and the municipal consumers information office, has launched a campaign to promote responsible commercial activities in the borough.

Under the slogan #YoComproenAdeje (I shop in Adeje) the council is reminding people of the existence of the OMIC, the municipal consumers information office, who can help with consumer issues right here in the borough. “What we are also doing, alongside the promotion of local shops and businesses in Adeje, is letting clients know the pluses of shopping locally but also that they have an office here in the case of a difficulty with a purchase or complaint regarding a service”, said councillor Manuel Luis Méndez Martín.

During the summer, which coincides with the second sale season of the year, prices of products on offer can fall by up to 60% of the original price, and the local businesses have agreed to apply reductions in many commercial sectors.

The OMIC would also take this opportunity to remind people that this is just the time to avoid impulse buys and to make a list of what you need as well as a budget estimate before you go shopping. They also remind shoppers that any item for sale must show the reduced price and the original price. You are also reminded to keep receipts for everything