Salt Carpets for Corpus Christi in Adeje


3,500 kilos of salt and 3,000 kilos of sand have been used to lay out and design the carpets

This weekend, June 21st and 22nd, Adeje’s main street will be closed to traffic from tomorrow (Saturday) morning until Sunday evening, as different collectives will be busy making individual salt carpets in advance of the Corpus Christi celebrations.

This is very much a insular tradition, making carpets from different natural materials, flower petals, coloured sand, or in the case of Adeje, coloured salt. According to cultural councillor Nayra Medina Bethencourt, “preparing and laying out these carpets has become an important meeting point for Adeje residents and groups, and over the years we have seen the quality of the carpets improve and this year there are some new designs to add to the collective traditions”. She added that the annual event was important in the promotion of harmonious co-existence, an integral part of Adeje’s multi-cultural population.

During the week the 22 different groups who will prepare the carpets have been in the Adeje Cultural Centre preparing their outlines – the smaller group carpets measure 3mX3m – and mixing the colours with the salt. Altogether 3,500 kilos of salt will be used in the elaboration of the carpets. 3,000 kilos of sand are also used to crease aisles between the carpets, with all the materials provided by the council.

The collectives and groups involved come from all walks of Adeje life. Religious groups from this and other parishes join with the local fire service, the Porteadores, Colegio Costa Adeje, the Tenerife Tigers Cheerleader group, the Halcones Baseball team, the Hindu collective, Beanky Ballet, EMMA school of dance and music, the local gymnastic group, the Adeje Folklore School, the Hotel Jacaranda, Cit del Sur, Asgote, and many more. The carpets have been designed by the groups themselves as this is very much ‘hands-on’ participation.


From 5pm tomorrow groups will collect their bags of coloured salt from the Adeje Cultural Centre and start laying out their carpet in their allocated spot along the Calle Grande, from the Parish Church all the way down, and along the parallel Calle Corpus. The groups will work until their carpet is complete. Security measures will be in place to make sure the carpets are undisturbed during the night and all day Sunday until the Corpus Christi mass is celebrated in the Santa Úrsula church at 6pm.
Taking part in the mass and the procession which follows will be the Hermandad del Santisimo, and local communion and confirmation groups, local political and town representatives, the Adeje municipal band and Adeje’s residents and visitors. The procession leaves the church and walks down the street, via the Calle Corpus, and over the carpets.

Members of the public are more than welcome to come along and watch the groups preparing the carpets and of course take part in the ceremony on Sunday.