Mayor Accepts Adeje Award

The mayor of Adeje José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, was in Madrid this morning to collect the City of Science and Innovation prize awarded by Spain’s Ministry of Finance.
Adeje will now form part of the Innpulsa national network which allows direct access to innovation and information projects, European assistance, help for small and medium enterprises in the borough, etc.
The mayor was accompanied by the Adeje councillor for local development Ermitas Moreira, and following the ceremony both were present at the first working day of Innpulsa with the Minister and other members of the network.
Mayor Rodríguez Fraga said it was “a huge honour to be in Madrid to collect this award on behalf of the people of Adeje”.  He added that is was a prize for the borough, “for its modern and innovate work. We join this network with the hope and expectation that we can continue to work on the front line.  One of the most important aspects of this prize is that it is not just a symbolic recognition, but also signifies Adeje’s acceptance into a network which will allow us to access the world of innovation, European assistance, offer help to small and medium enterprises, lines of credit…it brings a huge amount of momentum to the town”.
Adeje was the only town of its size (between 20 and 100 thousand inhabitants) in Spain to be awarded this prize, “and also the only tourist borough” qualified Rodriguez Fraga. In other town size categories A Coruña, Salinas (Alicante) and Puerto Lumbreras (Murcia) also won coveted prizes.
The Adeje mayor said, during his acceptance speech, that “we are facing the challenge of building the future, finding the right way to face the new changes which we meet daily, which make our lives more complicated, more dynamic. I accept this award as a recognition of important work done in the field of innovation, that has seen us deal with profound changes, in a borough that has transformed from being a mainly agricultural society of 6,000 inhabitants to a tourist destination with more than 50,000 residents of over 120 different nationalities.”
He continued, “recognition is motivational and aspirational, helping us advance, not just in the areas where the Council may be present but also in different sectors, in business, social sectors, trade unions…we are working to consolidate and maintain a healthy tourist destination in a very competitive world.”

Why did Adeje receive this award?
The Finance Ministry awarded Spanish councils, such as Adeje, who demonstrated levels of effort and commitment in I+D+i (Investigation + development + innovation), creating opportunities for strengthening and promoting science and innovation from a municipal platform.
The Council has invested in infrastructures that favour economic sustainability and sponsor growth in the borough based on knowledge and innovation. Adeje’s candidature also included initiatives, ideas and innovative projects which proved to the Ministry that Adeje indeed had accomplished the requirements of I+D+i standards, and that the contribution of the council in this field had led directly to the improvement of the production model on offer.
In the official documentation presented by Adeje a number of initiatives were mentioned, including Adeje Impulsa: Development Strategies; Factoría de Innovación Turística de Canarias (FITC); The Centro de Desarrollo Turístico de Costa Adeje (CDTCA) building; Innovation Project/Municipal Undertaking on Fibre Optics (VoIP, FTTH); Arena Geste; Escuela Taller Creativec; Jornada Adejetec; Programa Filae; Campus Universitario de Adeje; Proyecto Red NI2; Digitalisation of the towns archives; I+D+1 Programmes (Punto PAIT, FIPE, E-Communicae) and the WAF Architecture Prize for the Plaza de España de Adeje.
“As you can see, its a long list of projects and initiatives which, taken all together, are part of a strategy of developmental change undertaken in recent years by the council, and which today is bearing fruit”, concluded the mayor.