Parking in La Postura

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“We are working to minimise the disturbance to residents and businesses”

Adeje council is carrying out work to double the amount of public parking spaces available in La Postura, in the town.

The large parking square, in the commercial axis, is being extended to offer more parking for residents, workers and shoppers, and is being carried out by the local department of works and services under councillor Gonzalo Delgado Díaz. Parking will continue to be free in the zone, and the work will also see the entrance to the parking bay improved.

At the moment there are between 80 and 90 spaces available, and that is set to rise to 170 and will include more spaces for those with cars adapted for special mobility needs. The councillor added that the plan will see the spaces “redistributed in a way that makes parking easier and more efficient”.

La Postura is located between two of the main arterial streets for Adeje town, the Avenida de la Constitución and the Calle Piedra Redonda, carrying a high percentage of traffic to and from the centre, “and for us it is vital that we carry out this work to improve parking in the zone”, said Delgado Díaz. He added that when the work was complete “there will be a new access to the parking zone from the Avenida de la Constitución which should improve circulation and will see the Constitución and Piedra Redonda connected by a new paved area making life easier for residents”.

The works will not just benefit drivers and pedestrians but is part of an overall improvement plan for the zone, with upgrades in the green zones and trees and plants along the streets to “reduce as much as possible any visual impact the new parking may have on the image of the area”.

The council are also working to carry out the work in as short at time as possible given the high volume of traffic using the zone daily and the busy commercial life in the area. “We are working to minimise the disturbance to residents and businesses and therefore are carrying out the work in as short a time space as possible and the intention is to finish before the pre-Christmas shopping campaign which begins at the start of November”.

The councillor ended by stating that the council was continuing to work to see an improved infrastructure throughout the borough given the financial boundaries in place. That includes ongoing work on the construction of a cultural centre in La Caleta and the amplification of the municipal cemetery and the Plaza de Tijoco.

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By The Seat Of Your Pants…

Recently I explained to a colleague just how the Irish are planning world domination. It’s not about rallies on the street, or stealthy assassinations of world leaders, coups or invasions.

It’s about pants.

Really and truly.

The Irish are not really concerned about who is sitting on the throne or seat of power, because the seat of their pants already probably belongs to Ireland, or the Irish, or at least the underwear was bought in a shop with Irish roots. And if the world is wearing your underpants you’re halfway to global dominations.

OK, maybe not. But if the people behind the opening of yesterday’s first Tenerife Primark shop get to run the next coup it will be fun and games all the way and a roaring success with the local public. And I bet loads of you didn’t’ know Primark was Irish. We like to just make ourselves comfortable without too much of a fuss. World domination is just an aside.

Santa Cruz mayor José Manuel Bermúdez said he had never ever been to an inauguration like it – and he even repeated it in a whisper to an aide after the official speeches, so we know he really meant it. Some of the credit, lots of it, goes to the people who run the huge and expanding chain of shops – now 39 in Spain, 269 world wide, with over 50,000 employees. But yesterday the star of the show was Breege O’Donoghue.

Breege has been working with Penneys/Primark for over thirty years, and still operates out of the Dublin headquarters. And rather than being a spring chicken she’s more of a mother hen, heralding all of her Primark chicks around, making sure old hands meet new, that all of the new team were well versed in the Primark philosophy, showing off her own perfectly appropriate three piece Primark trouser suit –“only €39”, dancing to the Carnaval sounds with vigour and energy that most of us could only envy, and then hopping up on stage to make the word-perfect opening address in Spanish, much to the delight of the hundreds attending the inauguration inside the shop as well as the Mayor who was infected by her enthusiasms and the delight of the crowds inside and outside that at last we have Primark in Tenerife.

Of course we’re never happy. English Time, almost by unspoken agreement with colleagues from other English language publications, were already laying down the ground work for Primark II in Tenerife, in the South if you please. We corralled whatever member of management we could find and gently bombarded them with 1,000+ reasons why the next shop has to be here in the South. Hopefully we got through. Certainly they were amazed to hear about the bus loads of shoppers who are booked to make the trip. Either way, we have our first Primark, and so the Irish campaign to rule the world through its underwear continues…

Mega Centre Go-ahead

Primark is one of the shops many of us would love to see in South Tenerife!

Primark is one of the shops many of us would love to see in South Tenerife!

Good news for consumers, though some smaller business and shops have their reservations – the go-ahead has been given for the construction of two new commercial centres in South Tenerife, one neary Siam Park, the other, which is being heralded as the biggest commercial centre in Europe once complete, on thewhat is known as the Tropicana site opposite Hipertrebol.

Understandably smaller shops and businesses fear the arrival of huge mega centres which could see them lose local business and customers, but it depends on how these centres are developed and managed. With good forward planning and an understanding of what the zone needs and how to achieve it it should really mean good news for all concerned.

The centre should be, when complete, a beacon in South Tenerife, a reason for our neighbours in the  north of the island to visit us, and to stay for the day.  Just think how often you decide to go shopping in Santa Cruz or La Laguna and decide to make a day of it – now the same can be offered here.  The new mega-centre is near a selection of beaches in Las Américas, La Caleta, Playa Paraiso and Callao Salvaje, will also offer a huge leisure selection – we are assuming children’s amusement centres, cinemas and other diversionary offers – and no doubt a varied selection of eateries and refreshment centres – OK, I mean bars and bistros! It will, of course, be a great bonus for the local tourist offer too.

So here’s our bit of advice, for what its worth.  Get the mix of shops right!  Those of us who live and work here are crying out for big stores like Corte Ingles, Decathlon, Alcampo, a Primark please, Leroy Merlin, Marks and Spencers or a Dunnes (they have yet to open a store in the Canary Islands – this could be their first), and that’s just for starters.  If the developers would like a bit of advice on what the ex-pat shopper based here in South Tenerife would like to see in the new centre, we’re ready to help. All they have to do is ask!