Better Bus Service

adeje-reunion titsa (2)
During the week Titsa, the Tenerife bus company, met with all the mayors of South Tenerife in the Adeje cultural centre to bring them up to speed on plans to improve the bus service in the south.
Present at the meeting were the mayors of Adeje, Guía de Isora, Granadilla, Santiago del Teide, San Miguel and Vilaflor as well as Cabildo councillor Victor Pérez, the Cabildo transport director Manuel Ortega and the Titsa director Jacobo Kalitovics and colleagues.
Victor Pérez told the meeting that this was a reorganisation plan that would evolve over the coming years and was designed to increase efficiency in the service. It was the result of months of work looking at how best to meeting the increasing needs of residents and tourists, Particularly “given that in the recent decades there has been a huge increase in the local population and the network of streets”. He also assured that none of the existing bus stops would be removed during the reorganisation. Titsa will, according to the plan, increase its fleet with up to 22 new vehicles over the next five years, and release details of the changes when they are ready to be implemented.
The Adeje mayor, Jose Miguel Rodríguez Fraga congratulated Titsa for taking on the challenge of improving this public service to make it more modern and efficient. He said the service was moving towards “the services of other European areas where public transport has more users, and is more punctual offering a better service.” He said the service has to have a concerted approach to both tourists and residents, and to zones that might been, on paper, less cost-effective but with people who depended on a public transport service. “Both aspects are complementary”, he said, “because if the service isn’t efficient and isn’t’ cost-effective it cannot be concerted” and serve all the public’s needs.
The mayor also said he wasn’t’ in agreement with the ‘tourists vs. residents’ dichotomy that some people seemed to support when it came to arguing about public services, saying that the wellbeing of both groups was inter-dependent.