Rinder and Mohino are the Adeje athletes of the year


Other winners were Aguilas Atlético, the borough’s football school, José Antonio Santana, CB Canarias and businessman Roberto Konrad

The III Adeje Sports Gala paid homage to the best sports women and men in the borough in 2016 with Alexandra Rinder, second in the world in bodyboarding, and Juan Carlos Mohino, Judo veteran world sub champion named as the borough’s athletes of the year. The awards were presented by councillors Epifanio Díaz and Adolfo Alonso.

The gala event opened with a hip hop performance from ‘Real Strong Crew’ and a promotional tourism video for Adeje, in which sport featured extensively. The night saw gospel singer Latonius perform and the municipal schools of rhythmic gymnastics also took to the stage.

Many of the borough’s other athletes and teams were also presented with awards for sporting service in 2016. Aguilas Atlético won the award for sporting prowess, the Capoeira Camuguere team for sport and social harmony, the Adeje School of football for clean play and the basketball side CD Canarias for best team.

Cabildo sports councillor Cristo Pérez, ex basketball player Juan Méndez, the beach volley Olympians Sixto Jiménez, Adrián Gavira and Pablo Herrera and swimmer José Antonio Santana also received awards. Businessman Roberto Konrad was named sports entrepreneur of the year, and artistic skater (twice world champion and five times European champion) Alejandro Fernández was also given special recognition. Eva Puzenko was the borough’s youngest athlete of the year.

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Alina puts them through their paces

Rhythmic gymnastics World Champion gives master class in Adeje

The Ukrainian rhythmic gymnastics champion Alina Maksymenko has been giving a series of master classes to young athletes here in Adeje. The visit was made possible by the Club Tenesay and the Adeje sports department.

Over 100 athletes of the sport in Tenerife travelled to the El Galeón sports centre in Adeje to take advantage of this opportunity to train with one of the world’s best in the discipline. Speaking to press after the first morning’s work, Alina Maksymenko said she was delighted to be in Adeje, “it’s my first time here and I am really enjoying it. All of the gymnasts here will learn a lot of new techniques and we will help them in their sporting development and to improve as athletes”.



Adeje sport’s councillor Adolfo Alonso, thanked Alina for her time and dedication. “We are privileged to have an athlete of this standing here with us”, he said also praising the initiative of the local rhythmic gymnastics club Tenesay for inviting her to train in Adeje, and their on-going commitment to sport in Adeje, “making this one of the most popular sports in the borough”, he said.


Sports & music weekend mix

adeje sports poster

Concerts, family Olympics, fun and leisure activities and lots of prizes throughout the weekend

This weekend Adeje council has organised Adeje Sport Music, a diverse two-day event on Friday April 17th and Saturday April 18th.
One of the headline events will be the family Olympics where teams of four, adults and children, will take on a series of challenges on Saturday, starting at 10am. Top prize is a weekend (half board) in the Warner Park in Madrid, courtesy of Halcon Viajes, as well as more some amazing prizes for the winning teams.

There is a huge range of events and open sporting activities taking place over the two days, among them a Rio challenge, with participants on linked exercise bikes hoping to clock up, between them, the 6,345 kilometres that separate Adeje and Rio de Janeiro, where the summer Olympics will be held next year. The bicycles will be in the Costa Adeje Centre for Tourism Development (CDTCA) with a kilometre counter linking all the machines.

Events kick off on Friday with a sports fair in the CDTCA followed the traditional Adeje school of music and dance Spring concert which will feature, among others, a performance by Roxy Rosario, who is currently appearing on La Voz (The Voice, Telecinco). This will be only a part of the 12 hours of sporting events taking place in both the CDTCA and surrounds, with spinning, Tai chi, yoga, games, health-related workshops, zumba, as well as bouncy castles for kids, etc.

The day draws to a close with a series of performances from the borough’s groups including the Tenerife Tigers, the EMMA dancers, the Capeoira Camugeré, the Hindu society and the Romanian Association followed by a prize giving ceremony.
Friday April 17

17:00h a 20:30h Sports Fair with company stands. CDTCA.

18:30h. Drug prevention workshop. CDTCA.

20:30h. Concert. CDTCA

Saturday April 18

09:00h a 10:00h. Master Classes inTai chi and Yoga. CDTCA.

09:00h a 10:00h. Register for Family Olympics. CDTCA.

10:00h a 13:00h. FAMILY OLYMPICS. Games zone, El Galeón

11:00h a 12:00h. Spinning Master Class Spinning. Avenida Palo Mayor

13:30h a 16:00h. Break.

17:00h. Health eating workshop. CDTCA.

16:00h a 19:00h. Children’s workshops El Galeón sports pavilion.

17:00h a 20:00h. Bouncy castles. Football grounds.

18:00h a 19:00h. Spinning Master Class. Avenida Palo Mayor.

19:00h a 20:30h. Zumba Master Class, El Galeón Sports Pavilion.

20:00h a 21:00h. Performances by dance groups on stage in the grounds of the CDTCA Traditional Russian, Tenerife Tigers, EMMA Dance troupe, Capoeira Camugeré collective, Hindu Community, Romanian Association, etc.

21:00h. Closing ceremony and prize giving).

Activities To Suit Everyone


Carreño Clemente: “the aim of sports tourism is to maintain the quality of the service”

Juan Antonio Carreño Clemente, expert in physical activities and sport and a professor at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, directed one of the Tourism and Sport courses during the Adeje Summer University, looking at the relationship between the two activities in the Canary Islands.

Carreño Clemente asked students to answer the question, “what is more natural – to go to a shopping centre or spend six hours in front of the television or go for a walk in the mountains or to a beach. Everything is relatively near in the Canary Islands, and one of the advantages we have is that to practise sport here we don’t have to travel 40 kilometres to do so. And given all the resources we have to hand right here, he told students “there are activities to suit everyone”.

Tenerife has, he pointed out, an important sporting culture and “the excellent weather conditions which attract people in the world of cycling, swimming and other sports. The short distances people have to travel between centres also means that someone can go from the sea to the mountain in just a few hours”, something practically impossible in other parts of Europe.

At the same time Carreño Clemente explained that these kind of advantageous conditions allow a diversification of the tourist offer on the island.” He said the people who visit Tenerife tend to be “sun seekers, athletes, the elite and those in search of spiritual renewal, thus one can design both a sporting tourism product and one that is designed to offer escapism on holiday”.

However he added that “tourists are very sensitive to price and there needs to be a competitive offer”, while maintaining quality services”.



The Jewel in the Surfer’s Crown

bodyboard poster

The president of the Canarian Surf Federation, Ángel Lobo, told press that “the La Caleta wave is the jewel in the Canarian crown for surfers”. He was speaking at a press conference to announce details of the V Bodyboard Championship round. The mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga added that he would defend and protect that ‘jewel in the crown”. The local councillor for sport Adolfo Alonso Ferrera was also present, and spoke of the good working relationship the council have with the federation at sporting and training levels.

The V Bodyboard Championship will take place, weather depending, over the summer months, during July, August and September. This competition has a high star rating level and contributes to the final ranking of those taking part and is relevant to the national circuit in 2015.

The categories in La Caleta are the Open ‘singular’ in which the surfer stays lying down on the board throughout the ride, and the ‘drop knee’ category. In previous years over one hundred surfers have taken part and the organisers are expecting the same high level of participation this year. Local riders can also participate in parallel competitions. More information is available from the federation web page: www.fcsurf.es.

Ángel Lobo thanked the Adeje council for their support saying it was “another example of Adeje’s backing for sport in general, and for surf and bodyboard events in particular. Adeje is an ideal place to practise these sports due to its geographic location”, he added.

The mayor said he was at the conference to add his personal support to the event, and as mayor too, “we give added value to sports along our coast, not too surprising perhaps, given that we are a tourist destination bordered by the sea. It is also important for the local population as it contributes to their health and well being”.

ADEJE-V prueba circuito canario de bodyboard (4)

Both Ángel Lobo and Adolfo Alonso stressed the fact that there was a very high level of Canarians doing well on the world stage in this sport. “There is no where else in the world that has such a high number of top class representatives in the sport – between 20 and 25 people from the Canaries. Perhaps its doesn’t have the kind of international recognition it should due to a lack of sponsors, but when international events take place here it is Canarians who are on the winning podium”. The sports councillor added that, for his part, he wanted to mention the two local surfers who were world class, “Diego Cabrera y Alexandra Rinder”.

Finally the mayor used the occasion to remind people of the high returns from investing in people in the sporting, cultural or social arenas. “This council group will continue to support and design these kind of initiatives even if new laws attempt to restrict us doing so, because we know that they have directly benefit the quality of life and well being of our residents”.

ADEJE-V prueba circuito canario de bodyboard (1)

Adeje signs agreement with CD Tenerife



This is part of an overall plan to develop football activities in the borough

The mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and the president of C. D Tenerife, Miguel Concepción Cáceres, signed a covenant on Tuesday June 24th to develop a series of sporting initiatives in the world of football in Adeje,

The agreement will complement other joint projects and together form the basis for a number of activities within the sport starting in the 2014-2015 season.

Commenting on the agreement the mayor said, “this is an important agreement which serves to regularise the relationship between CD Tenerife and the council. It’s not new – we have had a joint history with the club, which has brought positive results. This agreement will now work to help football clubs at basic levels and of course those who play.”

He continued, “here in the council we will continue to work for the sport, which we recognise as the backbone of co-existence too, and of personal development and the community.”

CD Tenerife president Miguel Concepción Cáceres said that through this agreement they could “bring the club closer to the other parts of Tenerife (outside the capital) which is vitally important and with this kind of agreement we can work with those starting out in the sport”. He added that he was sure in a very few years the club would be welcoming “with open arms” many young players who had come through what he described as Adeje’s excellent football school.

The primary objective of the new agreement will be to coordinate the work of the local administration and the club through training programmes and the promotion of football activities within the different categories that are taught by the Adeje Municipal School of Football.

At the same time the agreement will serve to assist in the promotion of players in Adeje, as well publicising the activities of the CD Tenerife side in the town through different activities, and sporting events, workshops, training days, sports campus, etc. The agreement also allows the use of the corporate image of both parties as well as sporting installations and municipal zones needed for the development of training and assessment activities in the sport.

To facilitate the evolution of different activities both parties may also seek funding, grants and assistance from third parties, private and/or public.

To guarantee the legality and transparency of this agreement, a joint commission has been established to oversee the projects and programmes that will be part of the agreement and make sure the right structures are in place to meet the requirements of the agreement.


Tourism and Sport


A different kind of holiday

During the last week of July as part of the XXII Adeje Summer University there will be a course on Tourism and Sport (in Spanish), looking at an alternative tourism offer. The course will be directed by Miguel Ángel Santa Turegano, a professor at the University of La Laguna. The classes will be held in the Summer University Campus, in Adeje’s Cultural Centre.

This course will last for 20 hours and offers two mixed (CLE and ECTS) credits. It will have a practical side and be applicable in a tourist destination such as Adeje. The evaluation will also see how participants can rethink the tourist offer given what they have learnt.

During the week students will have access to different essential elements to understand the new realities within the tourism offer. They will be working to clarify the relationship between leisure and sport in modern societies and the relevance of the growing demand for sports tourism. The course will also look at how this growing form of tourism is winning fans, alongside the other new form of holidaymaking, eco-tourism.

The course conclusions will be reached at through a round-table format where all of the week’s content will be discussed and debated.

Those interested in signing up for the course can get more information at www.uvadeje.es or via the Adeje Cultural Centre, Calle Príncipe Pelinor, S/N 38670 – Adeje, Tel: 922 756 246 or at the University of La Laguna, Vicerrectorado de Relaciones Universidad y Sociedad Calle Viana, 50 – San Cristóbal de La Laguna Tel: 922 319 616

Scaling the Heights in Adeje

The Adeje sports department has organised a series of training days on the climbing wall to ensure that people are shown how to use the installation properly.
Sports councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera has organised the training programme along with the Canarian School of Mountaineering and the Abinque Mountaineering Group aimed at educating people in the correct use of the wall, located in the grounds of the El Galeón sports pavilion. The course will also present certificates to those who complete the course in “proper use and maintenance of the installation and scaling methods”.
The councillor said, “during these training days we will train a group of people who will then be in charge of the development and use of the climbing wall, or ‘rocódromo’. With this in mind we have asked experts such as Javier Martín Carvajal, and José Francisco González to run the course”.
Alonso Ferrera added that in Adeje all the sporting schools and courses that were running in the borough have trained professionals in charge “so we can ensure that anyone learning or practising a sport in Adeje is under the supervision of a professional from the relevant sector, which is a quality ‘plus’ and a guarantee from a sporting point of view”.

The training course for the climbing wall will be in two parts, theoretical and practical. The first part will outline the different kinds of climbing walls currently being used, how the structures are constructed, panels and screws used, etc. This section will also look at different problems which can arise, and how to carry out proper maintenance.
During the practical section those attending will get to know the two structures in El Galeon and the kind of materials used. They will learn, on site, all the relevant aspects of their construction and maintenance. The students will also be assessed and taught methods or climbing and security during the climb. This will be followed by a series of climbs of differing difficulty and solving various problems which could arise during a climb

Adeje’s Sporting Stars

It was a very busy sporting weekend here in Adeje and as well as concentrated efforts on the pitches there was fun off the pitches too.
On Saturday the Club Ademi Tenerife were in action against a team from the Spanish peninsula. This wheelchair team showed their true form and were winning from the first basket against BSR Cocemfe Puertallano and never let up the pressure. This was a first division game and the home side showed why there are one of the toughest side in the division. The match was played at the Costa Adeje school, with cheerleading from the Tenerife Tigers.
The Tigers were in action the next day too at Tijoco, where they train. They were invited to cheer for local baseball side Halcones de Adeje – and this could be a ‘match’ made in heaven. The two teams sport the same colours and there was a real unity between the two groups, with some great performances by the Halcones and a sparkling after-match show by the Tigers. Against teams from Granadilla and Gran Canaria, the Halcones were triumphant too, but there was much applause and medals for all the players.
Amanda Lambert, the Tigers coach and owner, was also surprised and delighted to be presented with an award by the Adeje councillor for sports Adolfo Afonso Ferrera for the troupe’s support of Adeje teams, and local Tijoco councillor Esther Rivero was also on hand to cheer on her local sides.
Great to see such a multicultural sporting selection in our borough, and there will be more baseball and cheerleading action in two weeks in Tijoco.


Everton F.C. in Adeje

ADEJE-evertone liga inglesa de futbol en el tenerife top training (5)

Fifth placed Everton were in Adeje last week undergoing a five day intensive winter training session in the Tenerife Top Training club.

According to club sources the ‘away’ training session was to help the team recover from a gruelling four-game glut, as well as preparing physically and mentally for the rest of the season.

Everton are currently coached by Spaniard Roberto Martínez who congratulated Adeje for the excellence of its sporting installations and for the warm welcome the team received during their stay.

Councillors for Sport and Tourism, Adolfo Alonso and Rafael Dolado, respectively, alongside T3 owner Roberto Konrad, paid an official visit to the team and talked about the importance of having such a training facility in Adeje and the excellence of the climatic conditions as well as the installations.

Roberto Martínez said “the south of Tenerife is an ideal location for pre-season training as well, and it’s important that it augments capacity to allow more teams at this level to train here.”.

This is the second time that Roberto Martínez has chosen T3 for a winter training session, given that in Everton’s home town the weather conditions mean outdoor training is virtually impossible.