Travel Broadens the Mind!

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Adeje’s department of education is helping to fund student trips

The Adeje department of education, under councillor Andrés Pérez, say that about 300 students have benefited from financial assistance in travel and what is termed ‘social tourism’ as part of the academic cycle. This initiative, which has been ongoing for a number of years now, allows the council “work in conjunction with the borough’s education centres to help fund different trips which have stated social and educational objectives”, said the councillor.

To avail of this particular travel grant students have to be signed up on the Adeje ‘padron’ (residential register) for at least six months and currently studying in one of the borough’s public schools, among other conditions. Pérez says, “the help the council is happy to give to this kind of project is not a new initiative. We firmly believe in any assistance we can offer to our young people in getting to know other cultures, a branch of learning which is fundamental to their personal development”.

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The councillor added that “the young people who take part in these trips become mini-ambassadors for our borough, and we are hoping to see these kind of initiatives continue for the school-going population as they give young people a different view of the world in which we live”.

In parallel the Adeje department of education is also working in partnership with the AMPAS (the schools’ parents associations) to assist in transport costs, etc, where and when necessary.

This year students from all the borough’s primary schools – Adeje, Las Torres, Armeñime, Fañabe, Tijoco and Los Olivos – have been involved, as well as representatives from the secondary schools in Los Olivos and El Galeón. Places visited included Asturias, Lanzarote, La Palma, Italy and Barcelona.

The council has also cooperated with the Comenius programme which works to reinforce mobility within Europe and partnership between different education centres across the continent. During the last academic year students from the borough took part in Comenius-sponsored visits to Poland and Manchester.



Tackling Truancy

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Adeje will be the headquarters for the “I Forum To Improve Coexistence and Prevention of Truancy” organised by the Tenerife Cabildo, the University of La Laguna and the eight South Tenerife councils.
The forum will work to unite different initiatives within the education community to offer a specialised service to benefit students in each zone. The campaign will also call upon support from the regional department of education and FECAM, the Canarian Towns Federation.
There will be two classroom sessions each of five hours duration and another online session of 25 hours. The classroom sessions will take place in the Adeje cultural centre on November 28th 2013 and January 22nd 2014 from 12 midday to 2pm, and among those in attendance will be those involved in truancy, education, coexistence, youth and citizen participation programmes. The participation of members of the public and teachers from the primary and secondary cycles as well as heads of schools. Those involved in working with families and young people are also invited to take part.
Adeje education councillor Andrés Pérez Ramos remarked that “in Adeje we are constantly looking for solutions that won’t just benefit our own borough, but society as a whole. The creation of this forum will allow us improve the extent of attention we are paying to students and, importantly, will help us create a network with those working directly within the field of promoting coexistence.
Pérez Ramos added that it was important to work together in this regard, establishing joint criteria so that needs could be better met. He also said that it wasn’t the first time that councils from South Tenerife were working together for a common educative aim. “This is something we do frequently as we all understand that our mission is to find workable viable solutions to the different problems that arise when tackling school truancy and promoting harmonious coexistence in our schools and centres”.
To take part in these training days (which will be held in Spanish) you must register via email, You can also call 922.317.947 for more information, from 9am to midday, and registration is free.


Gadgets and Gizmos!

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Adeje Council is sponsoring a gadget competition in schools in the borough

To mark the festival of San Andrés and as part of the ongoing recycling campaign, Adeje council is encouraging children in local schools to take part in a ‘cacharro’ competition.
A ‘cacharro’ is a gadget or gizmo, toy or model, which in this instance should be made from recycled materials, cans, boxes, etc. The competition is co-ordinated by the council’s education department. Children can submit their entries at their local schools between November 15th and 28th.. Prizes will be school material valued at €40, €25 and €15. The feast day of San Andres, on November 30th, is traditionally celebrated here with children making as much noise as possible dragging string with empty cans or pots and pans tied together.
All children who are currently studying in Adeje’s public schools can take part, and all the projects should be made from recycled materials. This year one of the aims of the campaign is also to promote family participation, so parents are encouraged to help the children in primary schools as much as they like. Students in secondary schools should work individually.
Initial selections will be made by teams at each of the participating schools, and a maximum of 12 finalists from each centre can go forward for selection. After the voting, all the finalists will be on display at the Adeje Cultural Centre.
More details and the rules of the competition can be found on the Adeje website,

Education Grants

The Adeje department of education under Andrés Pérez Ramos has announced the granting of up to €50,000 in aid for university students and those undertaking professional training programmes.
According to Perez Ramos Adeje council takes equality of education among its young people very seriously adding that the council felt that a solid education was the best way for the borough’s youth to enter the labour market in the future. He added that while other administrations may be cutting education budgets, here in Adeje there was increased emphasis on access to learning for all. “Education”, he said, “contributes to equality of opportunity and is indispensable for a democratic society”.
Grant aid will made available in the areas of transport, accommodation, buying books and study materials or fee payments. Applicants must be registered residents of Adeje and have been for at least one year, and studying in a public education centre in Spain. Grants of €400, €600 and €900 will be given those who qualify for aid, taking economic and academic conditions into consideration.
You will need to bring a copy of your DNI or residency certificate, your matriculation and certificate of marks given from the centre in which you are studying, documentation indicating earnings within the family, monies paid out in mortgages or rent, etc.
If you wish to apply or find out more, visit