Adeje couple take on La Gomera- La Caleta swim



Cristina Ibáñez and Alberto Moreno, both from Adeje, will set off tomorrow from La Gomera to attempt the first male/female open sea crossing without the aid of a wet suit or any flotation devices. In the past the swim has been successfully completed by professionals such as David Mecca, the open-sea world champion swimmer.

The couple, who are hoping to also enter the Guinness Book of World Records, will set off at 4.30am on October 12th from La Cueva beach, in San Sebastián, the La Gomeran capital, and are scheduled to arrive at La Caleta in Adeje on Saturday October 14th at 6pm.

The couple are professionals in related fields. Alberto is a swimming coach and Cristina a marine biologist. They are, they say, “big fans of the sea and sea sports. Our usual sport is non-competitive open sea swimming”. They have said that they hope the swim will help to emphasise the importance of “caring for our natural and cultural resources for the economic and social wellbeing of our community and to help in the conservation of those resources”.

Throughout the swim the couple will be monitored by maritime protection crews.