Adeje’s water on tap!

laboratorio municipal conmtropl agua Adeje (3)

In 2014 100 % of all water samples tested were approved for human consumption

The Adeje Municipal Laboratory, under the department of health locally, has released data alongside its annual report which emphasises the “important improvements in the quality of water in Adeje”. Adeje continues to be borough with the second highest number of tap water controls in the Canaries, just behind Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The report underlines that during the whole of 2014 not one single result showed that the water wasn’t meeting all the required standards. Altogether the laboratory carried out 236 analysis of consumer tap water. “Control of the quality of tap waters is a top priority for the Adeje council, as is meeting all the require standards and following the national and regional laws designed to guarantee that water from the taps is apt for consumption, healthy and clean for the people”, the report states. The excellent data is also a direct result of on-going inversion in the waterworks by the council and the water provision service, Aqualia Entemanser, in both the allocation of new installations such as the desalination plant in La Caleta.

The municipal laboratory continues to abide by the Royal Decree 140/2003 which regulates levels of smell, colour, turbidity, conductivity, ph., ammonia, coliform bacteria, e.coli, copper, nickel, iron, chlorine, etc. As well as these indicators, the lab also carries out tests on the water in different channels to determine levels of boron and chlorides.

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Regarding conductivity the tests show a marked improvement since 2008 with levels now below 1000 s/cm, which is considered to be a medium-high level of mineralisation. In Adeje in 2014 the level of water in home taps was, on average, at 250-700 s/cm.

Just over half of the samples tested were taken from private homes and the rest from installations and public buildings or commercial centres. Currently Adeje has 30 supply points, the most concentrated in the Las Torres zone supplying over 26,000 homes. Over three quarters of Adeje’s residents use water from a combination of sources – dams, water galleries, and desalination plants, with the remainder getting their water exclusively from dams and water galleries. And on-going improvements should see a series of improvements to current installations alongside the Aqualia-Entemanser company to homogenise water quality throughout the borough.