Taucho Ethnographic days, June 21/22

The annual Taucho ethnographic days are working to rescue and celebrate the local heritage, during the celebrations of the ‘Virgen de Coromoto’. The sucess of the annual event is down to the work of a local team made up of residents of the area and Town Hall staff .  The event is now in it’s 9th year.  


Friday June 21st

El Almácigo Cultural Centre

8pm: Institutional event.  Conference on the history and tradition of Taucho and La Quinta, with Carmen Rosa Pérez Barrio, a doctor of history.

Showing of documentary, ‘Fiestas y Tradición. Taucho-La Quinta 400 años’

Homage and recognition of all of those who have contributed to the evolution of the local fiestas

Saturday June 22nd

Photographic exhibition of 400 years of fiestas and tradition

11am: Depart from Taucho to La Quinta

11am: Farm animal exhibition

12 noon: Sung mass in La Quinta, with Santa Ana group

12.30pm Photographers

1pm: Music and dance

2pm: Depart for Taucho along the streets of the village, with music and song

2.30pm: Taucho, fiestas

Representations and scenes in the streets of Taucho with A.C. Imoque and the residents of Taucho

Opening of local bars, music and dance

Display of Canarian wrestling

6pm: Presentation of documents from the Adeje archive, photographs of fiestas gone by

6.30pm Inauguration of an ‘allegorical’ mural in the Taucho plaza

7pm – midnight, Dance in the Taucho place with Toke Latino.

A taste of honey, cheese and wine

Wine, cheese and honey will be the main ingredients of the X Taucho Ethnographic Days

The 10th edition of the Taucho Ethnographic Days, a celebration of local traditions and skills, is taking place from June 15th to 21st. The year wine, cheese and honey will be at the centre of celebrations, ingredients that always find pride of place in the homes of the Adeje midlands.

“With these ethnographic days a varied and full programme of events is on offer to the public dealing with wine, cheese and honey. This ‘meeting’ with our traditions is part of the conservation of our past undertaken by the people of Taucho, who, every year, have voluntarily given of their time and energy, and have opened their doors to the visiting public”, commented heritage councillor Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz.

In the last ten years the Taucho Ethnographic Days have become something of a cornerstone for the preservation of traditions. Events will begin next Friday, June 15th, at 7pm, with the official inauguration of a photographic exhibition of ‘fingerprints of our past’. This will be followed by a talk on the Guanche families.

On Saturday June 16th at 10am there will be a circular ‘route’ from Taucho-El Grillo- Aponte- La Quinta-Taucho. Interested people should register online www.adeje.es. On Sunday from 11am there will an exhibition of traditional wine presses after which local residents will display traditional skills in the making of wines, cheese and honey, in the main town square. There will also be sheep shearing, candle making from beeswax, a gofio workshop and bread making.

Later on the Imoque cultural association will ‘perform’ a re-creation of days gone by in the Taucho plaza, and the Tío Victor ‘cantina’ will open from 3pm for a taste of local wines. Sunday will also host artisan workshops with 26 different participants offering products for sale.

On Tuesday June 19th there will be a traditional cake making workshop, on Wednesday a gofio, cheese and honey workshop and at 7pm a visit to the Tierras de Aponto bodega. The programme concludes on Thursday June 21st in the Club el Almácigo with a talk by Carlos Cólogan Soriano and music from “Trío Alba Chávez”.

Department of Communications

Adeje walks, paths and landscapes…


From June 17th to 22nd the village of Taucho, in Adeje, celebrates the local fiestas in honour of the Virgen de Coromoto
The Adeje village of Taucho, in the upper reaches of the borough, will celebrate the VIII Taucho Ethnographic Days. The theme this year is ‘walks, paths and landscapes’ and events are organised by the local fiestas committee and the Adeje department of heritage under Councillor Juan Desiderio Afonos Ruiz. The celebrations are part of the festival in honour of the Virgen de Coromoto, patron of this mountain hamlet.

VIII jornadas etnograficas

“The programme has been put together by a team made up of the local fiesta committee, the neighbours of Taucho, the Asociación Cultural Imoque and the El Cardón group, who, together with the council, have made this event a reality”, said Councillor Desiderio.

The progamme of events begins on Friday June 17th in the El Almácigo Recreation and Cultural Centre, at 8pm with an inaugural act and a dedication to the men and women who have changed the landscape locally. There will be a conference led by Victor Martín, professor of geography from the University of La Laguna, and the showing of a documentary, “Adeje walks, paths and landscapes…Homage a Don Román Álvarez Fraga, the man who changed the countryside”, with music from the Asociación Cultural Imoque.


On Saturday there will be an ethnographic route taking in the walks, paths and landscapes, with residents of the hamlet and music, and a photography exhibition mounted by the Adeje department of heritage. In parallel local hand-made products and crafts, wine, cheese, Vilaflor cakes and biscuits, bread and honey, will be on sale to the public. There will also be a as a sheep-shearing display and a cattle show, a traditional dance in the Tio Victor bar with music from the Los Alzados group, and lots more.

Let’s get cereal!

One of the most interesting events in the Adeje summer cultural calendar are the ‘Ethnographic’ days in Taucho, normally featuring a series of events that focus on a particular aspect of the village’s past, with recreations of customs and lifestyle habits from days gone by.

This year cereal is in the historic spotlight and will take centre stage in the mountain region from June 19th to 25th with events organised by the Taucho festival commission and the Adeje council, including documentary films, a presentation of books by Daniel Fernández Galván and Gabriel Rancel Gonazález and an exhibition of photographs.
On Saturday June 20th there will be an ethnographic trail, leaving from the Plaza de La Quinta, with many local families taking part and hosting those guests who will attend. This will finish with music, theatre and story-telling.
For many though it is the living exhibitions that the village organise so well that are the main attraction, with local residents, a huge number of whom are from families that have lived in Taucho for generations, taking part, in costume, recreating the way of life from the region’s past. This year that will take place from 10am on Sunday June 21st showing the local way of life at the start of the 20th century when cereal was harvested and processed by hand. The milling and preparation of gofio, the Canarian toasted grain, will also be part of the day.

cereal poster
The full and fascinating programme of events is available online (http://www.juancenteno.es/?noticia/1816/las-vii-jornadas-etnograficas-de-taucho-versaran-sobre-la-cultura-del-cereal).