Liverpool FC in Adeje winter training

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Tenerife Top Training, the prestigious sports training centre in Adeje, is currently hosting a selection from Liverpool FC who are here with their trainer Jürgen Klopp.

Representatives of the club were present this morning at a press conference to inaugurate some new additions to the T3 centre, including a second football pitch (natural grass), a Crossfit Box and a Free Motion Bikecentre. Also present were Cabildo president Carlos Alonso, the Tenerife sports councillor Cristo Pérez, Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez, the borough’s sports councillor, Adolfo Alonso and the Belgian consul, Nille Van Hellemonty. T3 boss Roberto Konrad and Ashotel’s Jorge Marichal were in attendance as well.

The Flemish swimming federation, Vlaamse Zwemfederatie, are also here training and all observed a minute’s silence this morning to remember those who died in the recent terrorist attack in Brussels.

The additions to the T3 centre will serve to consolidate it’s position as one of Europe’s most important top training centre for professional and top amateur athletes and teams.


Everton F.C. in Adeje

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Fifth placed Everton were in Adeje last week undergoing a five day intensive winter training session in the Tenerife Top Training club.

According to club sources the ‘away’ training session was to help the team recover from a gruelling four-game glut, as well as preparing physically and mentally for the rest of the season.

Everton are currently coached by Spaniard Roberto Martínez who congratulated Adeje for the excellence of its sporting installations and for the warm welcome the team received during their stay.

Councillors for Sport and Tourism, Adolfo Alonso and Rafael Dolado, respectively, alongside T3 owner Roberto Konrad, paid an official visit to the team and talked about the importance of having such a training facility in Adeje and the excellence of the climatic conditions as well as the installations.

Roberto Martínez said “the south of Tenerife is an ideal location for pre-season training as well, and it’s important that it augments capacity to allow more teams at this level to train here.”.

This is the second time that Roberto Martínez has chosen T3 for a winter training session, given that in Everton’s home town the weather conditions mean outdoor training is virtually impossible.