Council changes for new term

new council team
The Adeje mayor this morning announced a series of departmental changes which will be the format the the new council will take over the next four years, with some changes too in councillor allocations.
Under the main department of the president of the council sees Carmen Rosa Gonzalez Cabrera work with José María Alvarez Acosta in Urban Development and Esther Rivero Vargas continues in Environment where she has done a terrific job so far.
Manual Luis Méndez Martin takes over at the department of Development and Job Creation, Sustainability and Training while Ermitas Moreira García moves to Tourism, Innovation and Accessibility with Andrés Pérez Ramos in charge of Beaches, Transport, Traffic and Road Safety. Epifanio Diaz Hernández, who has overseen the excellent budgetary management of the council in recent years, takes on a re-designed department of Good Government, Security and Taxes.
Amada Trujillo Bencomo, who headed Social Welfare, moves to head a new project department for the next four years, Health Protection and Quality of Life, with Carmen Lucia Rodriguez del Toro working alongside her looking after Disability and Equality policies. Adolfo Alonso Ferrera’s department is now Creative Development, Sports and Information, with Desiderio Afonso Ruiz staying in charge of Libraries and Artistic/Historic Heritage, and Zebenzui Chinea Linares in charge of Youth and Fiestas.
Finally, Social Welfare and Attention to Diversity will be led by Isabel Fernández González with Cristina Fuente Carballo taking over Attention for Senior Citizens.
Announcing the new areas the mayor, Jose Miguel Rodríguez Fraga commented that the backbone of the borough continues to be tourism and all areas will see some of their work dedicated to constantly ensuring the tourism offer is the best possible one. He also made particular reference to the pact at regional level between the PSOE socialists and the Canarian Coalition party, with health and social services falling under the PSOE umbrella, and in particular the promise to complete the South Hospital and concentrate in improving health services in general. “For socialists the commitment to health and education is fundamental”, he added.