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Saturday November 25th Adeje activities suspended due to weather alert

The mayor has also ordered the closure of all municipal buildings tomorrow, except the local police and civil protection unit

The Adeje mayor, having been informed by the municipal emergency co-ordination committee (CECOPAL) of an official weather alert in place from midnight tonight (Friday/Saturday) due to expected high winds and rain, has taken the decision to suspend Adeje council organised activities from midnight tonight (00.00 November 25th) until further notice.

He has also ordered the closure of all municipal buildings tomorrow, except the local police and civil protection unit. The mayor has also asked hotel managements in the borough to make their clients aware of the current and overnight situation and the alert in place so that they may take appropriate decisions regarding activities and excursions planned for the weekend. He also asks that hotels request that visitors respect the instructions of the police and authorities in this regard and heed necessary recommendations.

Furthermore the local population are asked to be aware of the alert in place and take appropriate measures to protect themselves and their families, and if they require clarification or assistance to call the local police or civil protection unit ((922747206 – 922716508) or in the case of an emergency to call 112 or 012 for information.

The alert remains in place until further official notice from the regional security directorate.



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We are continuing the work we began 8 years ago, promoting local produce and gastronomy and the use of local produces in kitchens Adeje’s Degusta.Me works to bring that richness to everyone in the borough and beyond and to promote what is excellent in the borough as well as in the rest of the island through this festival of gastronomy which continues to have growing numbers of followers.
For almost the whole month of November Adeje’s restaurants will be offering the public their best and original recipes through a programme of events, with tastings, festival events, workshops for adults, families, and children.
We hope Degusta.Me is a cauldron of tastes and sensations which will properly promote the true gastronomy of the borough and show the true worth of our local establishments and the people who work in the sector, essential ingredients in our tourist offer.

(All events and workshops are in Spanish unless otherwise stated)
The full list of scheduled events will be publicised at the presentation of the Degusta.Me 2017 programme, including the Tapas Route and gastronomy workshops as well as demonstrations and exhibitions.

Using chocolate as a base the younger members of the family will have lots of fun creating a a range of gastronomy products.
When: Saturday November 11th, 10am – 1pm
Where: Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA)
Price: €10, includes chef’s hat, apron and cooking materials
Numbers limited (15), for 7- 12 year olds
Partner: ACYRE Canarias

Creating different dishes that are easy to prepare so that even the smallest members of the family can try their hand at cooking and surprise the family in the kitchen
When: Saturday November 18th, 10am – 1pm
Where: Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA)
Price: €10, includes chef’s hat, apron and cooking materials.
Numbers limited (15), for 7- 12 year olds
Partner: ACYRE Canarias

Surprise friends and family at parties by making these amazing alcohol-free cocktails – Cocktail Smoothies, Fruit Cocktails, fruit decorations
When: Saturday November 18th, 10am – 1pm
Where: Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA)
Price: €10, includes chef’s hat, apron and materials
Numbers limited, for 7- 13 year olds
Partner: Tenerife Barmans Association (ABT)

CHILDREN’S GASTRONOMY WORKSHOP “Cooking with the family”
Making different dishes where the family need to work together though the children take centre stage.
When: Saturday November 25th, 10am – 1pm
Where: Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA)
Price for a child and a family member: €10, includes chef’s hat, apron and cooking materials
Numbers limited (14 pairs), for 7- 14year olds with an adult
Partner: ACYRE Canarias

COOKERY WORKSHOP “Healthy Recipes”
Here we offer a selection of delicious recipes prepared especially for persons with cancer. The aim is to learn new healthier nutritional habits and contribute to an improved quality of life

When: 13, 14, 16, 17 November, 6pm – 8pm
Where: Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA)
For: Family members and other interested parties
Partner: Spanish Cancer Association (AECC)
Numbers limited, no charge, advance registration

Introduction to the world of tea, learning to appreciate the aromas, colours, tastes and textures
When: November 14th, 6pm – 8pm
Where: Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA)
For: Maitre D’s, sommeliers, baristas, waiting staff and all those who appreciate the taste of a good tea
Numbers limited: no charge, advance registration

Enjoy workshops and showcooking with a range of gastronomic choices in the Adeje Farmers Market
When: Workshops on Wednesdays November 15th , 22nd , 29th 5pm -7pm, showcooking on Sunday November 26th 11am – 1pm
Where: Adeje Farmers’ Market, C/Archajara, Las Torres, Adeje
No charge, register for the workshops

Learn from experience with our seniors with workshops detailing the secrets of their delicious cooking.
When: Wednesdays November 15th and 22nd 5pm – 7-30pm
Where: Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA)
No charge, advance registration

Cocktails from the movies: The Big Lebowski, Sex in the city, Godfather II, Some like it hot…come along and find out how to prepare the cocktails made famous in these great films.
When: Thursday November 16th 5pm – 8pm
Where: Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA)
No charge, advance registration
Partner: Tenerife Barmans Association (ABT)

If you want to surprise clients or family learn a few alternatives to decorating your seasonal table and Christmas table settings
When: Monday November 20th 6pm – 8pm
Where: Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA)
Numbers limited: No charge, advance registration. Tasting at the end of the workshop
Partner: Students of the PFAE ResturAdeje

Enjoy this tasting in the restaurant that won last year’s Degusta.Me Tapas route popular vote, where you will be offered a combination to amaze the senses
When: Thursday November 16th 8.30pm -10.30pm
Where: Restaurante La Rambla, C/Grande, 7, Adeje
Price: €15
Numbers limited. Advance registration
Given by: Abona Denomation wine board

GASTRONOMY WORKSHOP “Preparing your Christmas menu”
Still wondering which dish to prepare this Christmas? With this workshop your decisions will be easier and you can surprise everyone this year!
When: Thursday November 23rd, 6pm – 8pm
Where: Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA)
Numbers limited: No charge, advance registration.
Partner: ACYRE Canarias

Enter into the amazing world of Canarian wine. Taste the best the region has to offer
When: Friday November 24th, 5pm 8pm
Where: Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA)
Price: €10
Numbers limited, advance registration
Given by: Abona Denomation wine board

Enjoy this tasting in the restaurant that won last year’s ‘Tapa de Oro’ where you will be offered a combination to amaze the senses
When: Thursday November 30th 8.30pm -10.30pm
Where: Taberna Amores, C/Nueva, 51, Adeje (Winner, Degusta.Me 1016 Tapa de Oros)
Price. €15
Numbers limited. Advance registration
Given by: Abona Denomation wine board

Don’t miss the theatrical menu on offer this month and enjoy the local gastronomy before and after the shows.
When: Every Friday in November (see festival programme on www.adeje.es)
Where: Adeje Cultural Centre
Promotion 2017: VIA the ZCA Adeje Centro APP capture your free ticket, or there’s a chance of free entry with your purchases. Take advantage of the discounts on offer in the restaurants in the area. See the list of participating restaurants who are part of the ZCA (Open Commercial Zone) Adeje Centre.

Demonstration of disgorging of sparkling wines, local gastronomy and wine tasting
When: Saturday 25th November, 9am – 4pm
Where: Altos de Trevejo Bodega, San Miguel de Abona
Price: €20 (includes transport, food and visit)
Numbers limited, advance registration
Partner: Abona Denomation wine board

The Tapas Route is back, inviting you to try the excellent Tapas prepared by participating establishments in Adeje, and allowing you vote for the best in different categories, so make sure you ask for your voting slip.
When: November 17th – 26th, during the opening hours of the participating restaurants/bars
Where: In the participating restaurants/bars
Promotion 2017: VIA the ZCA Adeje Centro APP capture your Tapa Gratuita outside and enjoy it in one of the participating establishments

If you want to enjoy the tapas and are going in a group or would like to join a group doing the route, sign up.
When: Fridays 17th and 25th of November, 7pm, welcome
Where: Leaving from the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA)
Registration: Sign up in the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA) until November 15th

A double offer in Costa Adeje, inviting you to enjoy a different gastronomic experience offered by Food Trucks, with parallel activities, and the Insular Craft Fair
When: November 17th, 18th and 19th, 11am – 11pm
Where: Food Trucks – Salytien Plaza and the Insular Craft Fair, Troya path, Costa Adeje
Craft Fair, Food Trucks on tour – musical performances and lots of surprises
No charge
Organiser: Adeje Council and Tenerife Cabildo

The eagerly awaited Christmas fair with the chance to buy all you need for the season as well as enjoying a gastronomy offer, musical performances and children’s activities.
When: Friday December 1st, 5pm – 10pm, Saturday December 2nd and Sunday December 3rd, 10am – 10pm
Where: Parking, Adeje School of Music, Las Torres
Sale of Christmas products, children’s activities, food, performances
Tasting of Christmas foodie treats and chocolate for everyone (Friday, December 1st, from 6pm)
No charge
Partner: Adeje Open Commercial Zone (no charge for children’s play area)

Food festival for all the public where you can enjoy a huge variety of foods and wines from local bodegas as well as musical and family activities
When: November 9th, 4pm – midnight
Where: Calle Grande and Plaza de España
Musical activities, stalls for food, Christmas gifts, bodegas, children’s activities, surprises
No charge, tickets and ‘COPA DEGUSTA.ME’ vouchers in the gastronomy area
PROMOTION: VIA the ZCA Adeje Centro APP capture your free COPA DE CRISTAL outdoors or with your purchases in one of the ZCA Adeje Centro establishments, exchanging the voucher on the day of the event at the ticket sales point.

Zona Comercial Abierta Adeje Centro.
Asociación de Empresarios, Comerciantes y Profesionales de Adeje (AECPA).
Asociación de Barmans de Tenerife. (ABT)
Spanish Cancer Association. (AECC)
Asociación de Cocineros y Reposteros de Canarias (ACYRE)
Abona Wine Board

GM Cash &amp; Carry



Department of Economic Development and Employment Policies
Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA)
C/ Las Jarcias nº 4, 38670 Adeje – TENERIFE.
Tel.: 922 756 249 – 922 050 150 Fax: 922 775 506

Residents on the Adeje ‘padrón’ will be given preference in events requiring registration, thereafter places allocated on the basis of first come and fee (where listed) paid.

The programme is subject to change, consult the Adeje web page.






Have you found what you’re looking for?


TributoFest is on in Adeje’s Magma Arte & Congresos on November 4th

Tribute bands have become a subculture all of their own. What started off years ago as a way for friends to get together and celebrate the music of their favourite bands by playing their music, has become an important, and lucrative, part of the rock landscape, with many up-and-coming musicians gaining experience in tribute bands before launching their own careers. In fact, several bands, including Journey, Yes and Judas Priest, have found replacements for key members by turning to tribute bands.

Some of the best tribute acts sound more like the bands’ original line-ups than the actual band does these days — which is one of the main reasons they’re so popular. The top tribute acts in the business have become self-sustaining touring entities, keeping the classic-rock flame burning by performing the songs we all know and love to enthusiastic fans all over the world.

TributoFest is a series of concerts bringing some of the best tribute bands in Europe and the world, to Tenerife, for a night at Magma in Costa Adeje with 3 on each bill.

The next event, on Saturday 4th November, stars an amazing U2 tribute band, Elevation The U2 Experience, who have headlined festivals all over Europe to crowds of up to 30,000 and have the best look and sound-a-like Bono in the business, who has featured on all sorts of TV programs and channels.

This next concert also features Enzo as Bruce Springsteen, who does the most credible tribute to the Boss in the UK, and sounds more like Bruce Springsteen than Springsteen does himself! Also on the bill is Jay Francis’s tribute to the late great George Michael. Jay is based here in the South of Tenerife, but performs across Europe, and was fortunate enough to perform in front of George before his untimely death, and meet him. Having had the seal of approval from the man himself makes his show all the more special.

In 2018, TributoFest has some amazing bands and solo artists booked for more events at Magma Arte y Congresos in Costa Adeje, including the number 1 in the world official Coldplay tribute band, tributes to The Rolling Stones, Guns & Roses, Phil Collins & Genesis, Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran, and many more.

TributoFest is aiming to be an addition to some of the amazing original acts that come to Tenerife, not a replacement, but unfortunately the logistics and costs of these originals, make it impossible for them to come. So come and see the next best thing, with a concert experience comparable to the originals. So as U2 said in their song, TributoFest….Even Better Than The Real Thing!

For more information and tickets: www.tributofest.com or www.tenerifemagma.com, or listen to English Time on Radio Sur Adeje 107.9fm this Thursday from 1pm – 2pm for a chance to win tickets.

Department of Communications







Come to the library!

The Adeje public library, under councillor Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz, will celebrate International Libraries Day this October 24th, with a series of activities designed to encourage reading, and promote the space as a learning tool for the public. The activities are taking place in the library in the Adeje Cultural Centre.

On Tuesday March 24th at 5pm there will be a 3D pop-up story telling workshop for children from 5 years old upwards. On Wednesday October 25th it’s time for story-telling for younger children at 5pm, with music and creative games too, helping babies evolve their sensory, communicative and motor skills. Both these events are in Spanish. On Thursday October 26th at 6pm Felipe Ortín’s new novel, ‘Idus de Julio’ will be presented to the public.

“We are delighted to have these events taking place in Adeje in celebration of International Library Day, helping to promote reading and underlining its importance in the growth of a healthy society”, commented the councillor. “Early interest in books stimulates the mind, the imagination, helps the family and, we believe, is an investment in the future of Adeje”.

October 24th has been the date for the celebration of this important day since 1997, and was originally chosen to mark the destruction of the Sarajevo library during the Balkan war. People now chose the day to run events designed to remind the public of the importance of libraries as a meeting place, and a tool for learning and social harmony.

Department of Communications

Adeje hosting Brexit event

The event is open to the public, residents and visitors


Are you a British resident here in Adeje, in South Tenerife? Are you confused by Brexit? Have you some key questions you want answered?

Next Wednesday, October 18th, Tim Hemmings, deputy head of mission at the British Embassy, will host a public meeting at 12 noon, in the Adeje Cultural Centre. The event is open to all members of the public, residents and visitors.

The consul for the Canary Islands Charmaine Arbouin and the Tenerife vice-consul and permanent representative Helen Keating will also be in attendance. Adeje councillor for institutional relations Zebenzui Chinea Linares will inaugurate the meeting.

Stability of pensions, availability of health care, retirement rights, job and residential security are just some of the concerns that are voiced on a regular basis by residents.

The event is being held in the Aula Magna, second floor, Adeje Cultural Centre, and Mr Hemmings and the team will work to address the questions of British residents and visitors, many of whom own property here or live here for up to six months of the year and want to see how their rights may be affected.

No registration is needed to attend the event, but seating will be limited.


Department of Communications







All that jazz!

Adeje music lovers have a wealth of choice this weekend, and if jazz is your preferred choice, pop along to the plaza by the Salytien CC where you can hear Brazilian pianist Ivan Lins on Friday July 14th as well as Ella at 100 and on Saturday US singer Becca Stevens and the Ximo Tebar ‘Soleo’ Band. Both concerts are part of the Canarias Jazz & Más Heineken and start at 9pm.
Ivan Lins
One of the greatest Brazilian musicians around today, he developed and extended his musical career influenced by the genres with which he grew up, namely, jazz and its links with bossa nova & soul. A well-known pianist and great composer, he has written songs that have been adapted by other great contemporary musicians. Themes like O amor é o meu país and Madalena, recorded by Elis Regina, were some of his early successes.

His best known composition internationally is Love Dance (Lembrança), which has been performed by Sarah Vaughan, George Benson, Diane Schuur, Nancy Wilson & Kenny Burrell. He has also worked with other greats including Quincy Jones, Ella Fitzgerald, Manhattan Transfer, Take 6, New York Voices, Sting, Diana Krall and Barbara Streisand.

In 2005 he recorded Cantando Historias, a CD & DVD, a compilation of many of the hit numbers during his career, but with new arrangements and the participation of various guest artists. He won two Latin Grammy Awards; one for Album of the Year and Best MPB (Best Brazilean Music), one of the very best of the Academy. Also in 1981, the song Dinorah, Dinorahwon a Grammy award for Best Jazz Instrumental, and in 1982 the song Velas, recorded by Quincy Jones, received the same award. In the year 2004 he recorded with Sting and won a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal with She Walks This Earth. Then in 2009 he won the Latin Grammy Award for his album Ivan Lins & The Metropole Orchestra.
In 2015 Ivan celebrated his 70th birthday and 45 years of his musical career; he released an album titled América Brasil, in which he re-recorded old melodies which hadn’t been quite that prominent or had been recorded by other musicians.

Becca Stevens
Brooklyn (New York) based singer-composer, multi-instrumentalist Becca Stevens, built her career drawing upon elements of pop, indie-rock, jazz and traditional Appalachian folk music. Hailed for her unique ability to craft exquisite compositions both for her own band and for other artists, like the legendary David Crosby, singer José James and classical pianist Timo Andrés; she has toured the world with her band and collaborated with artists, such as Brad Mehldau, Esperanza Spalding, Billy Childs, Ambrose Akinmusire, Jacob Collier, Vijay Iyer and many others.

During her short career she has received numerous accolades and excellent reviews by critics, being described as “the best kept secret” of popular contemporary music. In April 2015, her third album, Perfect Animal, produced by engineer Scott Solter and released by Universal Music Classics, consolidated her place as one of the great current jazz artists.

Becca’s new album, Regina, released in March 2017, features creative and performance collaborations with prominent & promising young artists, like Laura Mvula & Jacob Collier, and the legendary David Crosby. It was produced by Troy Miller (who has also collaborated with artists of the calibre of Gregory Porter, Laura Mvula, Amy Winehouse) and co-produced by Michael League of Snarky Puppy.
Regina is a tribute to strong women in literature, music, science and history.
Becca Stevens says of the album, “it’s the story of my life. I grew up in a house filled with opera and banjo tunes, majored in classical guitar in high school, studied composition in college in a jazz school, and in New York City I am surrounded by every musical sound you could possibly imagine. I love and am inspired by good music, no matter the genre or where it came from.”

Ella at 100
“Ella At 100”, The Latin Side of Ella Fitzgerald is a tribute to her voice & music, marking the centennial of the singer’s birth. The work is done in a Latin tone and key for a sextet formation with original arrangements by Rayko León, a Canarian pianist, composer & arranger who has been a member of and collaborated with a number of groups & artists, like Mestisay, Gran Canaria Big Band, Canaribe and the late timple player José Antonio Ramos.
This tribute is a completely novel project, not only in the Canary Islands but worldwide; the fact being that there isn’t a group in existence that boasts a complete repertoire of Ella Fitzgerald with Latin versions.
Ximo Tebar ‘Soleo’ Band
Ximo Tebar was born in Valencia in 1963, and began playing the guitar at the age of seven. At seventeen he decided to turn professional and since then has performed in concerts and recordings in Spain, Europe and America, leading his own group or accompanying prestigious soloists like Johnny Griffinn, Benny Golson, Joe Lovano, Tom Harrell, Tete Montoliu, Anthony Jackson, Lou Bennett, Lou Donaldson, Louie Bellson, Joey DeFrancesco, Jan Ackerman, etc.
He has participated in most of the most important jazz festivals in the world and is the Spanish musician who has won the most awards in recent years, the most outstanding among them being four consecutive ones – Best National Jazz Soloist & Best Group, given by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and RTVE, and then the Jazz Award New York in 2007.