Virtual Adeje!

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The Adeje councillor for finance Epifanio Díaz Hernández has released details of Adeje’s move to the ORVE, the ‘Oficina de Registro Virtual’, or Virtual Registry Office, part of the services offered by the national Ministry for Finance and Public Administration. The objective behind the move is to allow members of the public officially register, send and receive official documents electronically.

“This tool allows a communication between the different administrations which means that the citizen doesn’t have to re-present any documentation that is already registered in the system”, explained the councillor.

“We have joined the service because it offers speed and quality of service to the citizens”, he continued. “The biggest benefit of this virtual office is that all of the administrations – local, insular, regional – can interact telematically to process matters without the need for documentation to physically travel between two points with corresponding savings in cost and time”. The service can be accessed by members of the Adeje public at the Citizens Advice Office (Oficina de Atención a la Ciudadanía ,SAC), in the main Town Hall building.

Epifanio Díaz Hernández added, “the introduction of ORVE in the Canarias has been made possible thanks to the work of the Public Administrations department in realising that any move to improve the processing of matters of interest to members of the public is fundamental.

Adeje’s current online service has a very high usage rate; in 2013 nearly 2,000 people processed some form of official business online. 33 % of people looking for their travel certificate did so online and many others used the service to register their residency here too. The overall figure was a 238% increase in online use over the previous year, when only 837 online petitions were made, and already this year, particularly in the areas of sport and culture, the number of online operations has risen by over 50%.

One of the noteworthy things about the Adeje online service is that users can also use the service to present bills if they are service providers and officially present requests for a place in the Adeje Farmer’s Market – this service alone accounted for 17 per cent of the online traffic last year. And as the councillor pointed out, “none of these people had to actually come into the Town Hall to make their petition, saving them time and money… the online service means a saving for the citizen”.

Another move by the council’s technical development team has been to make sure the page now adapts to the format you are using – computer, laptop, tablet or phone – and the availability of personal assessment assistance which offers the user remote support via their computer using the Team View technology which, once authorised by the user, allows the council’s IT department access your terminal and suggest ways of improving the system operations. This service is operated with built in confidentiality and security guarantees. Once the connections is terminated the IT cannot re-access the user’s computer, further guaranteeing the security of each user.

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