30 years keeping Adeje safe



During a series of events yesterday afternoon (June 24th), the Adeje Council led by mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, recognised the sterling work that has been done by the Adeje Volunteer Firefighters since their formation 30 years ago. Following an institutional act there was a parade down the Calle Grande to the newly named “Plazoleta de los Bomberos” (small plaza of the Firefighters) where the statue, sculpted by Canarian artist, Pedro Gómez, was erected.

The Adeje mayor said, “we are celebrating the existence of a particularly special group of people who have been invaluable to the South of Tenerife in its most recent phase, who were born out of a social need in an emerging destination who needed to be able to rely on nearby help in the case of emergencies, and to meet the demands of a complex society who need to know they are secure”.


He continued, “the firefighters are a group of citizens who came together as a volunteer force and, over the years, have won the respect of the local population for their dedication and commitment, their strength, their willingness to take risks for others, and who have shown us the need for unity between towns”.

The president of the Association of Volunteer Firefighters, Michael Mendoza, expressed his “gratitude to the Council and the people of Adeje for this gift…this plaza reflects who we are, and what we want to bring to the society we live in. We are a group of volunteers who wish to assist our neighbours in matters of health, strength and unity, and we count upon your help to be able to do that”.

During the past week there have been a number of different events taking place in the borough with the Firefighters celebrating their 30th anniversary including a medal ceremony with their fellow brigade members in Unterhaching (Germany) with whom they have a special historic relationship. There were medals of honour awarded to José Rodríguez Sempere and Ricardo Müller Picháida (RIP) and to Carlos Paulsen Rivas and the mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga.


The Adeje’s Volunteer Firefighters were formed in 1986 and since then their mission has been to help and assist at emergency situations in the South Tenerife. They have played an important part in the growth of the borough of Adeje and have been key players in important moments, including the battle to contain the forest fire of 2012.

The brigade, men and women, is based in their station near the main Adeje roundabout and is part of the island network covering the island of Tenerife, which now incorporates nine volunteer forces and five professional bodies all working under one central command.

The Adeje’s Volunteer Firefighters have been active in over seven thousand interventions since their foundation, and have been decorated on a number of occasions both regionally and nationally.


Adeje Mayor Congratulates Security Teams

ADEJE-dia de policia local y reconocimientos temporal (1)

Policía Local, Volunteer Fire-fighters, Civil Protection, Traffic and Municipal Services

The different teams who work during emergency situations in Adeje – Policía Local, Volunteer Fire-fighters, Civil Protection, Traffic and Municipal Service – came together last Wednesday, an event at which Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, publically congratulated the teams for their work and for going beyond the call of duty in carrying out their respective duties.

During the meeting Mayor Rodríguez Fraga made special mention of the Policía Local, a body who, as a result of the recent storms, were unable to celebrate the feast day of their Patron, la Virgen de Guadalupe. In this regard the joint event was also marked by the presentation of an award of distinction to a member of the Policía Local for a clear act of bravery in which he went far beyond the call of normal duty.

The mayor reflected on the need for security, “we always need security, it’s always there, but at times we realise just how important the presence of the security forces is in public, for instance during the storms we lived through just a few days ago or the fire that touched all of us last year. This meeting of fraternal experiences also serves to remind us of the importance of public security and how necessary it is for our society today.”


Mayor Rodríguez Fraga paid tribute to the work of the Adeje Volunteer Fire-fighters who “since their inception, have been on the ball, unselfishly, though not without problems, put they have never abandoned their post and best of all is that they work in perfect synergy with the police, which makes their operations extremely efficient.”

The Adeje Civil Protection unit was also congratulated by the borough’s first citizen for “looking after people, protecting them, guiding them and always with a smile; they have developed into a body with great empathy for their surroundings and are a key element in assisting the public when and wherever they are needed”. The mayor also referred to the Civil Protection Volunteer Unit which he called “the friendly face of our security forces, men and women who have decided to help others during their free time, who are valued more and more every day and whose work at different events has been faultless.”

Adeje council Traffic personnel (signalling) and Municipal Services (operators and garden staff) were also recognised for their work throughout the recent storms, during which a group of persons were on call at all times. Their particular function was to clear roads of stones, mud, branches, etc, which had fallen due to the heavy rains and high winds, as well as keeping the borough’s communication channels up to date on the state of the roads and informed as to any danger points where particular attention was needed.

Finally the mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga said, “we are recognising the work of those people who are there at critical moments, who take risks, help, who wear themselves out to perform essential work, a duty that they have been entrusted with and which they carry out daily without hesitation, because they know that the security and wellbeing of society is an integral part of their responsibility and, therefore, they have to respond”.

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