Walk for Life date announced


The 2017 Walk for Life will take place on December 17th. The walk, now in its 13th year, brings together thousands of men and women, many of whom have been directly affected by breast cancer, and raises funds for a number of Spanish cancer associations, for family care, and research.

The event is organised by the Walk for Life organisation, led by Brigitte Gypen, and the Adeje and Arona councils. This week Adeje health councillor, Amada Trujillo Bencomo met with Gypen to start preparations for this year’s walk, though the organisation is active 365 days of the year, organising events, talks, workshops and much more to help individuals and families affected. There is also a Pink Room which was given by the Adeje council to the Walk for Life, and is based in the School of Security in Los Olivos.

Councillor Trujillo said, “There are many people affected by cancer who look forward to this event every year, and there are many more who want to help. And it’s very important to recognise all that happens around the Walk, and all that goes into the organisation of the walk, something the Adeje council is committed to on a permanent basis”.

Last year over 3.400 people took part – a new record for the Walk for Life – with almost €18,000 collected. The funds goes to the Association of women with breast cancer (Amate), the Spanish cancer association (ECC), as well as projects on investigation and research into possible cures.

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Almost €18,000 raised during this year’s Walk for Life




The annual Walk for Life, the ‘pink wave’ that united Adeje and Arona every year, brought over 3,500 onto the street last weekend and raised almost €18,000.

Money is collected via registration, donations, a raffle, and the sale of many related items, counted in the presence of an official notary and all the money raised goes the two Spanish cancer associations, AMATE and AECC, investigation and research into treatment, and the running of The Pink Room, a dedicated space in Adeje.


This year the route was from Compostela Beach, in Arona, to the Magma Arte & Congreso centre in Adeje, just under 4 kilometres, with live music and dancing at both locations. And for the first time there was also a race for life, with over 130 entrants running ahead of the walkers. The winner in the men’s category was Gilberto Mendoza Alvarez in a time of 12.06” and in the women’s category Adrienn Mozes who finished in 15.03”.


Following the runners a ‘gang’ of bikers set off, well decorated with pink ribbons, balloons, wings and teddies, and after them the main body of walkers, led by a steel band. Upon arrival there were refreshments and fruit free for all participants, and a raffle with a terrific range of donated prizes. There were a number of winning tickets unclaimed – more information on the numbers and prizes on the Carrera por la Vida /Walk for Life facebook page.


The organisers extended their thanks to the many public and private bodies who participated and donated to the event.

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Be part of the pink wave!


If you see a pink wave coming your way this Sunday, December 11th, the best thing to do is join in! It’s the annual Walk for Life, which takes place every year to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer. This is the 12th year of the event which always walks between the two boroughs of Arona and Adeje, and up to 4,000 are expected to take part.

The walk will leave from Compostela beach at 11am with TV presenter Pilar Rumeu Gutiérrez de Salamanca leading as this year’s honorary Marshal. The walk is 3.5 kilometres and will end at the Magma Arte & Congresos centre. Donations and registration monies collected all go towards research into breast cancer treatments and cures as well as support for patients and families via the Spanish Cancer Association, AECC and AMATE, the Association of Women with Breast Cancer.

From 10am on Sunday there will be different performances and events taking place to ‘warm up’ the walkers, so do get there early. There will also be refreshments along the way and a fun reception when the walkers arrive.

Registration and more information is on www.carreraporlavida.com,

Who will you walk for?



OnSunday December 11th the boroughs of Arona and Adeje come together again to Walk for Life.  The walk is now in its 12th year and works to raise awareness about breast cancer, support those diagnosed and their families through two Spanish associations, and raise funds for research into curing this disease.


The official presentation of the event took place this morning in the Regency Hotel Country Club with founder Brigitte Gypen, the Adeje and Arona health councillors Amada Trujillo Bencomo and Pura Martín Pérez, and television journalist and this year’s honorary walk Marshal, Pilar Rumeu Gutiérrez de Salamanca. Brigitte said, “This is a solidarity event which allows us raise awareness of breast cancer from a positive point of view, celebrating life.  We have a few surprises in store for walkers this year – last year there were 3,300 taking part, and we hope to better than this year”.


The councillors referred to “the synergy between the two local councils of Adeje and Arona” as a key part of the success of this event and mentioned other ongoing projects that the Spanish Cancer Association and Amate are involved in with the Walk for Life movement throughout the year. They added that early detection, mammography, early treatment and less cuts to funding for the health service were also vitally important in the battle to reduce deaths from breast cancer.

TV journalist Pilar Rumeu Gutiérrez de Salamanca said she was honoured to be the Marshal for the walk this year, adding that journalists had very much a part to play in movements of this kind.

This year the walk will leave from Compostela Beach by the Avenida de la Américas, Arona, and follow the road (3.5km) to the Magma Arte & Congresos centre.  During the walk there will be refreshment stands where people can get a drink or piece of fruit. There is also a run for life planned.  More details on all this and registration details are on www.carreraporlavida.com .





























Today you, tomorrow me

The personnel from the Hotel Isabel Family, in Costa Adeje, have presented monies raised from a benefit dinner to the Walk for Life organisation and the Spanish Cancer Association

entrega recaudacion Hotel Isabel (1)

This week money raised by the personnel from the Hotel Isabel Family, in Costa Adeje, during a hugely successful benefit dinner on July 1st in the Adeje CDTCA, was handed over to the Walk for Life organisation and AECC, the Spanish Cancer Association. The total raised was €4,700, to be divided equally among both organisations.

Present at the handing over of the money were Brigitte Gypen, the Walk for Life founder, María Mercedes de Chávez and Inocencio Fernández del Castillo, from AECC as well as the Adeje health councillor, Amada Trujillo Bencomo.

The organisers of the meal expressed their delight at the success of the event, which saw over 300 people attending the dinner, under the banner The Colours of Life. The title of the meal was to reflect the different kinds of cancer that affect people today but also the importance of living in the face of such adversity. They added that while the idea had come from the hotel personnel, it very quickly grew in popularity as a way of helping others… “We need to go back to the old ways of helping each other, neighbours, friends, the ‘today you, tomorrow me’ idea”, they said. The evening was a great success, with raffle tickets running out before the evening was half way through, so many people were eager to donate and participate.

entrega recaudacion Hotel Isabel (2)
The money will be invested in cancer research and treatment. Today cancer is an illness that affects a growing number of people. Councillor Amada Trujillo; “According to the Spanish Medical Oncology Society (SEOM) cancer will affect one in every two persons born, but statistics are also showing us that the percentage of those surviving cancer has tripled in the last 40 years…thanks to, in principal, the new technologies and treatments which are less invasive and more efficient. That’s why it’s vital that we continue to invest, as medical discoveries, treatments and therapies translate directly into improvements in the quality of life for those affected.”

Studies also confirm the importance of early detection, which gives doctors a greater margin for treatment and to prolong the lives of the patients. In Spain the most common cancer affecting women is breast cancer and men is prostate cancer, and among both sexes colorectal cancer. Regarding survival rates, the SEOM says that the best results are being seen in breast cancer survivors as a result of research in recent years and in the increase in screening and early detection.

Walk for Life foundation to be established

This morning at a packed press conference to announce details of this year’s Walk for Life the mayors of Adeje and Arona, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and José Julián Mena Pérez, also announced the establishment of a Walk for Life Foundation that would mean a permanent infrastructure behind the event, now in its eleventh year, that has been organised by Brigitte Gypen and other volunteers.

The press conference heard from Brigitte herself, who is a breast cancer survivor, and who started the Walk for Life in Santa Cruz 11 years ago with a handful of supporters and a mission to raise awareness about early detection and intervention. “I felt lucky to have survived and wanted to do something”, she commented. Eight years ago the walk moved to the south of Tenerife and last year over 2,000 people walked and €28,000 was raised. This year “I am hopeful that 3,000 will walk”, she said. She paid tribute to the many women with cancer who walk, and those who find the kind of support and human interaction they need through the people they meet on the walk. She also welcomed the establishment of the foundation, “otherwise I could be facing divorce”, she joked.


José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, mayor of Adeje, said the Walk was very important as it “gives visibility to this cancer, something which affects many people. It also brings solidarity and help, two important factors, in particular here in the South, a tourist zone, a very international zone.” It is also,” he continued, “something that needs to be highlighted much more than just one day a year”. In this regard he had been pleased to see the Pink Room/Sala Rosa open in Adeje earlier this year, a space where cancer sufferers and their families can come to talk, meet, where the associations can stage workshops or invite professionals.


The Arona mayor José Julián Mena Pérez said the Walk for Life, growing in size every year, was also about integration. “This is an event that everyone can take part in and is something that promotes human values and health”. He added that the council were always available to offer the institutional help needed, and having listened to the words of survivors “it is important to emphasise that we are all with you and here to offer the help of this administration”.


Alejandro Martínez, ex-ACB league basketball coach, and the first Walk for Life Grand Marshal has become well known for encouraging support and respect for those with breast cancer within the world of sport. In the past he has encouraged referees to use pink whistles and players to wear pink-framed sunglasses. He thanked Brigitte for inviting him to be the first Grand Marshal of the Walk for Life, adding that unlike sport, in this fight “there are no rivals, and the fight against cancer was something we have to work on every day of the year”. And he repeated a message underlined by Brigitte, that one of the most important messages is that of the importance of auto-examination and early detection in saving lives. “I hope that for the 25th anniversary there won’t just be 3,000 walking, the whole island will be walking”, he concluded.


The Walk for Life will start from the Magma Arte & Congresos centre at 10.30 and will take the coast road, ending up almost 5 kilometres later at the Plaza del Pescador in front of the Los Cristianos Cultural Centre. There will also be a number of stops along the way and a bus for those who might not be able to complete the walk on foot. Entertainment before and after the walk is guaranteed and there will also be a raffle with, says Brigitte, “incredible prizes”. Monies raised go to research and Amate (association of women with breast cancer) and the Spanish Cancer Association, both of who work directly with people affected with cancer and their families. You can take part by turning up on the day (a small donation is appreciated) though organisers do advise turning up before 10am to




Martínez is first honorary marshall of the Walk for Life

alejandro martinez

The Walk for Life, now in its 11th year, will have a ‘marshall’ or ‘padrino’ in Spanish – Basketball legend Alejandro Martínez.

Full details of the walk will be announced on Wednesday December 9th at a press conference in the Hotel Paradise Park in Los Cristianos where the Walk for Life founder Brigette Gypen and the mayors of both Adeje and Arona will be present. The walk has always unified the two boroughs, with the thousands of walkers making up the pink wave walking from one borough to the other, alternating departure and arrival points, every year. The regional government’s public health director general Ricardo Redondas Marrero will also be present.

Alejandro Martínez, has been very active in the promoting the fight agaisnt breast cancer within the sport of basketball and in October persuaded the ACB league referees to use pink whistles during matches throughout Spain. The idea was well received and given that, and other parallel campaigns, he was the perfect choice as the Walk for Life marshall for 2016. Martínez has been named the League’s top trainer on a number of occasions. Brigitte Gypen praised his awareness-raising campaigns, saying “attitudes such as he is demonstrating are exactly what is needed to support people going through extremely difficult times and also help visualise the issue and spread the message that we can fight against this cancer”.

This year’s walk takes place on Sunday December 13th leaving from the Magma Arte & Congresos centre to Los Cristianos, and organisers invite participants to arrive early – probably by 10am if possible – to register and enjoy the pre-walk atmosphere. You can also register in advance online at carreraporlavida.com.

Swim for life success

The first in the 10 events to mark this year’s Walk for Life was a huge succes.

The swim for life was held in the Adeje-based Tenerife Top Training centre with more than 170 people taking part, with cancer associations benefitting from funds raised – almost €2000.

Thanks to all those who pariticpated and to the organising bodies, the Walk for Life, Tenerife Top Training, the Adeje Council, the Rotary Club Tenerife Sur and Club Tenerife Masters. The organisers also thanked the Tenerife committee of swimming referees, the generousity of Azulón Events-Pablo Pastor who organised a giant paella for everyone after the event as well as Coca- Coca-Cola, Dorada, Fuente Alta and McDonald’s.

Salida 25 marip. fem.

The competition saw swimmers race in different styles at different lengths – 25 m., 50 m. and 100 m. There were a number of relay races in which all the swimmers took part and an Aguagym class with Tenerife Top Training’s, Teresa Guarino

A great day, fun and fund raising, to start the ten-event countdown to the Walk for Life, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.


Tasty Weekend Planned

adeje-degustame en plaza españa (3)

As Adeje’s gastronomy month continues, this Saturday the public can enjoy a taste of what’s great during a DegustaMe (Try me) event in the Plaza España.

The stars of the month, local cheese, gofio, wine and honey, will be present in the plaza from 6pm, and the councillor for economic development, Ermitas Moreira García, says the activities this weekend are being held in conjunction with Adeje Impulsa, Turismo de Tenerife and Saborea Tenerife. Other local products and producers will also feature in the event as well as local restaurants and bodegas, collectives and groups from the Adeje Together 10/10 campaign that the council is currently running.

foto degustame 3 adeje-degustame en plaza españa (2)

Among the establishments and groups taking part tomorrow are the Tenerife celiac association, the Ghe Pel Ling Canarias Buddhism centre, the Adeje Muslim Community “al-Ihsan”, the Tenerife Sur Hindu Community, the Tenerife Barmen Association a Zumba master class with Patricia Chiquiar, Show Cooking with Chef Pau Bermejo from Baobab Suites and Frack Chefs. There will also be a puppet show, a flash movie, face painting, and lots more for all the family.

foto degustame 2 cartelmuestradegustame adeje-degustame en plaza españa (7)
The Walk for Life/Carrera por la vida will also have a stand in the Plaza with information about the upcoming events, merchandising and forms to sign up and take part in some or all of the events planned this year to mark the 10th anniversary of the event that raises awareness and funds for breast cancer.


Adeje Marks International Women’s Day

equality councillor desiderio, brigitte, alcalde

Last weekend the Adeje Council presented the XI Abinque prize to Brigitte Gypen in recognition of her work as founder and organiser of The Walk for Life/Carrera por la Vida

Last weekend the Adeje Council marked International Women’s Day with a number of different events, including the awarding of the Abinque Prize which went to Walk for Life organiser Brigitte Gypen. The award was made at a special gala dinner in the presence of 250 people.

The Mayor of Adeje José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, congratulated the winner and paid tribute to her work over the years which have had such a positive affect on the local population. He said “to continue the march towards a society that is equal it is important to recognise the work of people who contribute to the betterment of our society. In the case of Brigitte Gypen we have a woman who is a defender of humanitarian work, and who helps women suffering from breast cancer and their families.”

Rodríguez Fraga continues, “we celebrate International Women’s Day, and we too, the men among us, must also be involved in this initiative because in the fight for equality everyone, men and women alike, have to put their shoulder to the wheel”. The mayor of Adeje also congratulated the work of the department of Equality and councillor, Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz.

For her part Brigitte Gypen said she was “delighted with prize which was, she said, an incentive to continue the work and the fight against breast cancer. This project was born out of a desire to help all those who have this disease..we want to ensure that they don’t feel alone in their fight.”

She added, “our main aim is to continue to increase early detection, encourage improved investigation, raise awareness among the general population that this disease knows no class, creed or colour boundaries and of course all the help we get is welcome”. She ended her acceptance speech by reminding people that this year will be the tenth Walk for Life and said they were preparing a very special event indeed.

The Adeje School of Music were also involved in this year’s ceremony, as one of their students, the young singer Luke Towler, surprised Brigitte Gypen with a live rendition of Walk for Life, the song he wrote that is now the anthem of the movement, much to the delight of the award winner, Luke’s mother Julie who was at the gala dinner and is herself a breast cancer survivor, and the audience in general. There was also an audio-visual presentation early in the evening which paid tribute to the work of Brigitte and all the individuals and organisations who have helped the Walk for Life become the event it is today.

Mujeres Adeje Creativa
There were other events taking place to mark International Women’s Day, one of which was the “Mujeres Adeje Creativa” collective, which brought together over one hundred female artists who came from all over the island – La Orotava, Santa Cruz, La Laguna, Granadilla, San Miguel, Santiago del Teide, Arona, Guía de Isora and of course Adeje. Students from the Adeje art courses organised annually by the Adeje People’s University also took part as well as students from the Los Olivos occupational centre.

The exhibition, on show in the Adeje cultural centre until March 26th, displays works in a number of disciples, painting, sculpture, wood, materials, crafts, photography, etc. The centre is open to the public from Monday to Friday from 8am to 9pm and entry to the exhibition is free.

The centre also hosted a talk on ‘Women in art by women’ given by art historian Elisa Falcón Lisón, looking at the central place of women in art over the different periods.

walk for life volunteers at the dinner brigitte and luke towler brigitte