Alert: High Temperatures

The regional department of health has advised that we are in an level 1  yellow alert situation for high temperatures for today and tomorrow, July 9th and 10th.


  • Protect yourself and your family from the sun and the heat
  • Stay in places with protection from the sun for as much of the day as possible. In the house keep blinds down if possible to keep the interior fresh
  • Open windows at night to keep fresh air circulating
  • Use ventilators or air conditioning if available
  • Be aware of the possibility of extreme temperature changes entering or leaving some premises
  • Avoid direct sunlight outdoors. Use a parasol or cap, light loose clothing
  • On the beach or by the pool stay under a parasol
  • Drink a lot of water and if you are out and about make sure you have water with you
  • Never leave children, older people or pets in a closed vehicle
  • Avoid long stints of outdoor physical exercise during hottest time of the day. Reduce any physical activities during these hours
  • Eat light regular meals, and take water-based drinks with mineral salts, eat fruit and vegtables to help replace salts lost through perspiration
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks, very hot foods and calorie-heavy foods
  • Help others, visit those who are older or sick who live alone
  • If you are taking medication consult your doctor if you think they may affect your body-temperature regulation
  • If you need help or information call 012


Adeje suspends municipal activities

The Adeje Council have activated CECOPAL, the municipal emergency action plan, given the state of Maximum Alert that has been declared by the Canarian Government. This is due to the strong winds forecast for tomorrow, February 28th.. Therefore the Adeje council has ordered the suspension of municipal activities and the Farmers Market, the municipal crèche, the centre for disability, the school of the music and the cemetery will close to the public. The regional government have also announced the cancellation of classes in primary and secondary schools as well as the University of La Laguna classes so the Adeje campus will also be closed tomorrow.

In general the public are asked to avoid unnecessary journeys and take all precautions for their personal safety and the security of their home.


Reading The Signs

Yellow alert in Tenerife courtesy of MeteoAlarm

Yellow alert in Tenerife courtesy of MeteoAlarm

Given the fact that there is a weather alert announced for tomorrow here in the Canary Islands, it’s worth taking a quick look at what the different colour alerts mean.
These codes have been designed by the MeteoAlarm network of European national forecasters ( with the intention of having a pan-European warning system and today most European countries, including Spain, the UK and Ireland, are members of the network and use these codes.
Here is a summary of the important alert colour coding.
The weather is potentially dangerous. The weather phenomena that have been forecast are not unusual but require your attention if you intend to practise activities exposed to meteorological risks. Keep informed about weather conditions and don’t take avoidable risks.
Wind: mean speeds 50-65km/h.
Gusts: 90-110km/h.
Rain: 30mm-50mm in 24 hrs.

The weather is dangerous and unusual meteorological phenomena have been forecast. Damage and causalities are likely to occur. Be very vigilant and keep yourself updated regarding weather conditions. Be aware of the risks that might be unavoidable. Follow any advice given by the authorities.
Wind: mean speeds 65-80km/h.
Gusts: 110-130km/h.
Rain: 50mm-70mm in 24 hrs.

The weather is very dangerous. Exceptionally intense meteorological conditions have been forecast. Major damage and accidents are likely, in many cases with threat to life and limb over a wide area. Keep frequently informed about changing weather conditions and risks. Follow orders and any advice given by authorities under all circumstances and be prepared for extraordinary measures.

Wind: mean speeds in excess of 80km/h.
Gusts: in excess of 130km/h.
Rain: 70mm or greater in 24 hrs.


Weather Alert – Adeje Municipal Activity Suspended

The mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, following a meeting this morning with local security services, has activated the local municipal emergency protocol (CECOPAL) ahead of the predicted weather alert.
He also announced the suspension of all municipal activities, and school classes, for tomorrow. Furthermore, official council buildings will close – this includes the CDTCA, the borough’s creche, senior citizen and disability centres, cultural centres, etc and the council’s administrative offices too. Local police and civil protection will be on full alert during this time.
The mayor advised residents of Adeje to remain calm and and said “we have activated the CECOPAL protocol to ensure we can respond in the best and fastest possible way to the situation and coordinate with the security and emergency services. People should remain calm and avoid going out where possible and take all available precautions.
The Adeje department of tourism has also been in touch with all of the hotels in Adeje to keep them informed regarding the weather situation and the preventative measures they should take, such as the cancellation of excursions and outdoor activities. They have also recommended that tourists be advised to remain in their hotels during the emergency period.

The headquarters of CECOPAL is in the Las Torres Security Centre and can be contacted by calling 922 71 65 08. Members of the public can also call 112 for any matter of concern,
The general recommendations issued by the regional government in the case of high winds and heavy rains are to keep doors and windows closed to shut out currents. Remove objects from terraces and balconies, avoid trips/camping, don’t use elevators and avoid any road trips if possible.