Dinner Lady!

benefit dinner amada pic

Last weekend Adeje councillor for social services and welfare Amada Trujillo Bencomo was one of the guests at a benefit dinner to raise money for children in need here in Tenerife.
The dinner was held in the Rincón de La Caleta restaurant with over 60 people taking part, and a dedicated part of the money raised is going to Amada’s department which is looking after the families very much in need in the borough.
The councillor said “this act of coming together of different individuals and businesses underlines the kind of commitment our society must have to the most vulnerable members of that society. On behalf of the council, and particularly my department I would like to thank everyone for their donations and congratulate the organisers”.
She continued, “while in other places there might be a lack of solidarity, here in Adeje we are blessed with the business community we have, who are always willing to extend a hand to those most in need, and with that in mind we invite them to continue to work alongside us in whatever way they can, in working together to improve the quality of life of those currently suffering”.
Also attending the benefit dinner was the well-known Spanish television presenter, Fernando Ramos, who was MC for the evening, presenting the acts which included performances from singer Adolfo Canela and comedian Juanito Panchín.
The sponsors of the event were: Discoteca Achaman; ESTASUR Cabo Blanco – Buzanada; Europull Piscinas Mi Gusto magazine. Donations or prizes for the raffle were also received from Para,; Dysled,; Elixir; Modas Konti; Multiópticas Orotava; Pekeñekos; Green Padel Club; Modas Yeyo; Viajes Guía Tour; Tabarua; Piel de Toro and E´2 salon.
The Tenerife Servicios y Ocio said that this week, once all the extra donations had been taken into account, they would be presenting a cheque to the Adeje social services department.

Helping Hands

adeje helping hands
Oasis restaurant, Hauche cafeteria and Optica Downes are three local Adeje companies who have actively worked with Social Services to help families in need in the borough.
The mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and the councillor for welfare, Amada Trujillo Bencomo, recently met with representatives from the three businesses in the council offices.
Optica Downes have been ready and willing to help people with discounts for those who need glasses but maybe cannot afford full price. Another plus here is that the optician speaks fluent English, so no need to worry about having to do an eye test in Spanish, or explain your particular problem.
Both the Hauche cafeteria and the Oasis Restaurant have been busy donating meals to families in need once a week.
According to councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo, these companies are actively helping to improve our society and work for a common good, helping those close at hand as well as institutions and organisations in the borough. This is one way of getting help directly to those who need it most.
For the mayor, this level of local assistance, “by which local businessmen and women in Adeje are working to help families most in need enriches our society; people helping people. Gestures of these kind make Adeje great”, he said, with people understanding the difficult times in which we live and the need for help at local level.
“I offer my sincere gratitude for this help and invite other companies to participate in this project, because helping others has its own rewards”, the mayor added.
Representatives of the three companies in question were unanimous in stating that they were delight to help, and to work towards a better society for all.