WTM: Challenges for Spanish Tourism

Adeje and Arona were represented by their respective mayors at the recent meeting of the ATM, the Alliance of Tourism Municipalities in Spain, held during the World Travel Market in London this week. Along with representatives from San Bartolomé de Tirajana, they constituted the Canarian presence at the group event.

The AMT was conceived in March of this year, creating a unified platform for tourism boroughs in the country to allow them work on common causes, exchanging information and experiences, and proposing and advancing strategies to advance the industry as a whole.  The group also work to defend quality in hotel infrastructure, leisure options, sustainability and the respect for the environs.

“The tourists who visit Spain chose to visit specific places where they expect certain services, a care and level of attention dealing with all including the very basic questions, and we need to make sure these destinations are in the best possible condition” commented José Miguel Rodriguez Fraga.  He said that by working together they could access regional and national governments and the European Union to explain to them the realities of the industry and create positive synergies to meet future challenges.

Arona mayor José Julian Mena added, “Our integration into the alliance is very important for Arona and the south of Tenerife as a zone.  Here we have 8 of the most important tourist destinations in Spain working together as a force, working to garner investment for the modernisation of infrastructures, technological advances, and the renovation and diversification of the tourism offer”, adding that this would benefit competitivity, economic growth, and job creation.


Mena also said that thanks to the presence of his colleagues from Adeje and San Bartolome de Tirajana, Tenerife and the Canarias has their own voice at the table, equal billing as leaders of the industry. And the Adeje mayor continued along these lines, saying that together they were working “to evolve, improve and renovate the offer in a very active manner.”

365 days to enjoy life



The tourism campaign, ‘365 days to enjoy life’ was part of the successful visit by the Adeje tourism department, as part of the Tenerife Turismo stand, at the recent World Travel Market (WTM) in London. According to Adeje’s tourism councillor Ermitas Moreira, following a series of very positive meetings, the firm conviction is that the numbers of British tourists visiting Adeje will continue to rise over the coming years.

Moreira and her team met with representatives from British Airways, Vueling, Monarch, Thomas Cook and TUI as well as conducting interview with local media outlining plans for the destination. As Moreira said, Costa Adeje has value due to “our beaches, the each access to nature zones, direct contact with the environment, gastronomy, not to mention new projects such as the opening of the Hard Rock Hotel in Playa Paraíso”.

Moreira added, “we played an important part in the presentations in London and took time to explain to the British press how we were improving our products and introducing new ones to the market, under the ‘365 days to enjoy life’ campaign”.

The most recent available data shows that the Canary Islands is due to see a rise in the number of British tourists by up to 20% by the end of this year, and the trend is set to continue into 2017. According to the regional department of tourism almost 5 million British visitors came to the islands in 2016, about one million more than last yea

Department of Communications

Brexit not deterring visitors


Costa Adeje travelling to London’s WTM

For another year Costa Adeje will be part of the Canarian stand at this year’s London World Travel Market (WTM), considered one of the most important tourism trade fairs internationally, from November 7th – 9th. And given the excellent high numbers continuing to arrive to the resort from they are looking forward to a positive reception.

“The main indicators within the tourism market are signalling a possible increase in British tourists to the Canaries by up to 20% in 2016 and that also reflects well for Costa Adeje with almost 90% of British visitors who come to Tenerife opting for the destination”, says Adeje tourism councillor Ermitas Moreira. According to the latest available figures from the regional government almost 5 million visitors arrived from the UK to the Canary Islands this year, one million more than last year.

“Historically Britain has been one of our key markets, continuing to visit, to fill the hotels, but our visit to London won’t be simply about working in this particular part of the sector. We will be developing important contacts with businesses, tour operators, and clients that will also be visiting from other parts of the world such as North America and the Asian markets”, said the councillor.

Costa Adeje is part of the Turismo de Tenerife platform which has prepared a busy schedule of meetings for the event. Moreira and her team will be in attendance in a number of working meetings with British Airways, Vueling, Monarch, TUI and Thomas Cook as well as meeting with journalists etc.

Given the market fears that were caused as a result of Brexit, Moreira has commented that “while we are not economists nor is our work that of analysing market tendencies, what is definite is that all the reports and data we have received so far indicate that we needn’t be too worried about what might happen with the UK’s exit from the European Union, and visitors numbers to date are encouraging optimism”.

The British market is vital for tourism and occupation levels in Tenerife and in particular in Costa Adeje, and this trade fair is hugely important in this regard. “With or without Brexit all of the agencies, administrations and private companies implicated need to make the effort to improve our offer on a daily basis as the British tourist needs to have reasons to choose this destination over others every year”.