Adeje 25 April 2018


i. We express the pain and sorrow of the people of Adeje and the public in general for the death of a mother and her child in our borough.
ii. We  condemn this act of violence, in particular as it has happened in a family setting,  especially when the victims come from such a vulnerable  part of our society, such as children.
iii. We express, as well, our recognition of the work carried out the by Guardia Civil, the volunteer fire fighters, the Arona local police, the red cross, the civil protection unit, the emergency services, and the Adeje local police who were first on the scene.
iv. We are declaring a period of official mourning in the borough of Adeje on April 25th and 26th.




  1. Dreadful that family conflict should end in deaths. Clearly there was little support offered by social services. I feel social services has let down their responsibility for child welfare badly in this instance . I am sure the broken and distorted Spanish legal system is also at fault here.
    I know people personally who gave been all but destroyed by the rubbish unjust family courts here in Tenerife. Let us hope that a good shake up and reconstruction of a social welfare system that is centred around family and child safety issues is implemented . My thoughts go out to the traumatised young child that escaped and raised a plea for help. So very sad that a family is destroyed in this way.

    • It is a truly tragic situation, my heart goes out to the whole family. I have seen reports which say the family were visiting from Germany; only the dad was resident here. Therefore I wouldn’t expect Social Services to be involved before this terrible incident

      • This is what appears to be the situation Dave, as the mayor said this morning, domestic violence respects no borders

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